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Lily Rose Evans had a problem of enormous proportions. She was officially out of denial, and had reluctantly accepted the fact that she was crushing on a Marauder.

The Marauders. Hogwart's most infamous quartet, and for good reason. All four boys were notorious for their charm, smarts, Quidditch talents, tendency to pull outrageous pranks and, of course, their extraordinarily good looks. Well. Only three of the four were particularly handsome. Peter Pettigrew was irritating and rather rat like in appearance, in Lily's (somewhat biased) opinion. This may or may not have had something to do with the fact that he had spent the last six years taking the last buttered croissant at the Gryffindor dining table before Lily had a chance to take it. He still had his fair share of admirers, though. They all did. However, Lily wasn't usually one to jump on the crush bandwagon. She preferred sweet, romantic, shy guys to outrageous pranksters- but no one could deny the Marauder's appeal.

Sirius Black, for example, was fawned over by almost every girl-and several guys- at Hogwart's. However, only a select few earned his affections in return. It was easy to see why Sirius was so beloved. He had both the appearance and demeanor of a pure heartbreaker. He was charming, smooth talking, witty, and exceptionally brilliant, though that particular trait was usually overlooked due to his laziness when it came to school work. Most obsessed over, though, were his looks. He was certainly gorgeous, with his gracefully long dark hair, piercing silver eyes, and elegant features. Sirius was widely considered the best looking of the Marauders- but not in Lily's book.

Then, of course, there was James Potter. Lily sighed as she thought about James, but not in a heart-wrenching romantic way. No, Lily's sigh was one of pure annoyance. She had actually liked James once. He had been her first real crush, and she'd liked him for an extremely long time- from the beginning of first year to the end of fourth year. They had been friends at that point. Lily wasn't used to being friends with boys, but James had been different- sweet, funny, and not as dim-witted as most boys. She had soon found herself enchanted by him, hopeful that he felt the same way about her. But when they returned to Hogwarts for their fifth year, James had been different. At first, Lily was delighted that he seemed have feelings for her, but she quickly noticed that James had changed, and not for the better. The new James was, without a doubt, the most arrogant, idiotic git she had ever encountered. True, he was practically a genius, a natural at every subject, but he used his talents mercilessly against everyone who got in his way! However, most girls saw him as so irresistible that they were oblivious to his faults. True, he was very handsome- ink black hair that was adorably messy, toned muscular build from Quidditch, and twinkling hazel eyes that were only made sexier by his wire rimmed glasses- but that wasn't the point! Lily couldn't stand him, and she particularly hated his annoying habit of asking her out every time they met. It reminded her painfully of the time when she was young and naïve- the time when she would have jumped at the chance to date James Potter. But that time had long since passed, and James was not the one Lily wanted, though he certainly wished he were.

The fourth Marauder was Remus Lupin. He was so much quieter that than the others that he was sometimes forgotten, but Lily was sure that she would never forget about Remus. In fact, some of her favorite things about him were the traits that others complained about- he preferred a good book to a good prank, and, Lily hoped, a classy, intelligent female to the first blonde bimbo to walk by with a short skirt and a nice arse. Needless to say, it was Remus with whom Lily was infatuated. She smiled broadly, daydreaming about his shaggy dirty blonde hair, quick and warm smile, and amber eyes. He was gorgeous, but that wasn't really why Lily liked him so much. Unlike the other Marauders, Remus was…sensitive. That was an extremely cheesy way of putting it, but it was true. Remus actually cared about a girl's personality more than her… other assets… so Lily hoped, at least. Remus Lupin, she decided as she neglected the half-completed essay on her lap for an intricate doodle of a heart, was practically perfect.

Just as Lily was getting to the good part of a lovely dream about marrying Remus, her best friend, Marlene McKinnon, violently shook her out of her slumber.

"Hmm?" Lily sighed, sitting up reluctantly, "What?"

"Lily!" Marlene groaned, " If you do not get your skinny arse up within the next five seconds, we are going to miss the feast."

"Feast?" Lily frowned, still groggy from sleep. "Oh, right, dinner. Well, then. I suppose we'd better get going then, haven't we?" she said quickly, sitting up.

"Yes, we should," Marlene narrowed her eyes suspiciously, "Why were you sleeping anyway? It's five-thirty in the evening. You don't even sleep at night."

This was certainly true- Lily was not the type to sleep in the late afternoon. Quite the opposite actually. Lily's admirers would call her 'vivacious' or 'lively', but less kind observers, most commonly her best friends, preferred the terms 'hyperactive' and 'insane'. It was all true- Lily was a restless person if there ever was one. She had danced seriously in her eleven years in the muggle world, and had a lot of trouble sitting still for more than five minutes, never mind laying down for hours on end. It was the one thing that teachers disliked about Lily Evans- her short attention span and tendency to fidget incessantly. The only rule she had ever constantly broken was the mandated curfew. Sleeping was low on Lily's priority list.

Dreaming, however, had become pretty important.

Down in the Great Hall, Remus Lupin sighed, waiting for Lily Evans to show up so that James could carry on with his latest "brilliant" scheme to win her over. Sirius had come up with this one, which pretty much guaranteed disaster- while most girls would easily fall for the trick, Lily was certainly not like most girls.

Lily Evans- loved by all, pursued by one. She was easily the most beautiful girl at Hogwarts. Everything about Lily was warm- radiant. She was adored by most of the schools male population, but one extremely zealous suitor more or less scared the others away. All of Lily's admirers were aware of James Potter's crush- obsession- and the more observant ones were also aware of the fact that James had absolutely no chance with her. However, these same semi-intelligent boys were extremely aware of James's height- 6'4- and the fact that he was one of the most brilliant and accomplished wizards in sixth year. He had made it pretty clear that he wouldn't hesitate in using these advantages against any and all challengers. Never the less, Lily had a very long list of admirers, beginning with James Potter's name written in huge, flashing, glitter letters. A less obvious name on the list was that of Remus John Lupin.

That's not to say that Remus's infatuation with Lily was any less intense than James's- it wasn't. Remus was crazy about Lily- had been since first year. He loved everything about her- she was beautiful, of course, but it was also her brains and her attitude and that certain brilliance that was so maddeningly attractive.

He would never admit to any of that, of course. Not because he was scared of James, like most of the guys were, but because James was his best friend. Remus scolded himself for even having these feelings for Lily when James had made it clear that he was head over heels for her ages ago. And it's only a matter of time before she feels the same was about him,he thought gloomily.