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A Never Ending Dream

By: Dark Kagome

Chapter 1

" I love you Kagome." a handsome hanyou pull Kagome into his chest and held her tight.

"I love t-" beep beep beep!!! The alarm clock rang, Kagome sat on her bed and press the button of her alarm.

"A another dream of him" Kagome got out of bed and head straight to the bathroom brushing her teeth. As she finished brushing, she stared at her mirror deep in thought. 'why do I always have a dream about Inuyasha? I know me and him can't be together…' Kagome washed her face just to wake up from her thoughts. "Because he's with Kikyo." She sighed, she didn't like her because Kikyo thought she was the most popular girl in school and thinks every guy wants her. NOT! Kagome went to her room, put her uniform on, brushed her hair and left for school. Rin and Sango waited for Kagome outside of her house.

"Good morning Kagome!" yelled Rin.

"Hey Kagome!" yelled Sango. Kagome came down the steps and waved.

"Hey Sango, Hey Rin" She said as she hugged both of them. The three friends walked to school together. Rin and Sango were talking about their boyfriends Sesshomaru and Miroku, while Kagome was behind them thinking about the dream she had last night. 'It felt so real, I actually felt his arms around me.. Ahhh.. but why I can't stop thinking about it?' Rin and Sango stopped talking and noticed their friend not saying anything, she looked rather down. Rin spoke up.

"Umm... Kagome is there something wrong?" Kagome was woken up by her deep in thoughts and stared at Rin.

"Wrong? No there's nothing wrong I'm…just thinking that's all no need to be worry." Kagome gave them a fake smile. As true friends that they are, they know there is something wrong.

"You had a dream of Inuyasha again didn't you?" Sango said as she place a hand on her shoulder. Kagome couldn't say no because she knew they wouldn't stop bugging her about it until they got an answer.

"Yeah I did, I don't know why I keep dreaming about him." She paused for a moment and took in a deep breath.

"I dreamt that we were in a place like a sacred place and out of no where he pulled me into his chest and told me that he loved me." She looked down and wonder why? Why was Inuyasha always in her dreams? Was her dreams trying to tell her something? Rin stopped Kagome and shook her as in telling her to wake up this is the real world.

"Kagome you always dream about him, why don't you tell him how you feel, it doesn't matter if he's with the bitch Kikyo." Kagome was shock on what she said. 'I know I have feelings for Inuyasha but if I tell him how I feel…he'll think I'm weird and just laughs and point at my face.' Kagome grabbed Rin by the arms and shook her back.

"Yeah right Rin! I rather dream about the guy then tell him how I feel." Sango broke the two up.

"Ok Kagome calm down. Look all were saying is your dreams might come true if you do something about it."

Kagome changed the subject fast.

"You know were going to be late for school." All three of them looked at each other and started running. The school bell rang. 'Just great I'm going to be late for class…Thanks a lot you guys.'

that's the end of ch. 1 thanks for reading let me know wat u think ok and i'll continue on thanks!!!