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Chapter 9

Inuyasha drove Kagome back to her house, what Inuyasha doesn't know is Kagome is really excited to go to the dinner party with him.

"Here we are." He got out of the car and opened the door for her.

"Thank you, you can be a gentlemen sometimes." She giggled.

"Just shut up and give me your hand." Kagome took his hand and he walked her to her house.

"So I'll call you later my little wench." He laughed.

"Yes, I'll be waiting and don't call me a wench." She punched him lightly on the arm and turned around with her arms cross.

"Oh come on Kagome I was only joking, come here beautiful." He grabbed her from the waist, turned her to face him, and looked into her eyes.

'Inuyasha is the only one that ever made my heart beat so fast, I never want to lose him.. I know he will leave Kikyo just for me…I hope.'

"Do you think a single kiss will get you out of trouble?" She smirk.

"Um…. Yeah Duh." They both smiled. Inuyasha gently placed his lips upon hers and kissed her passionately. He slowly placed his left hand on her round breast and gently massaging it. Kagome wrapped her arms around him while playing with his white locks.

They both departed. He placed his forehead to her forehead and looked at her again.

"We should do this again." She giggled.

"After the party. We'll have tons of fun." He smiled at the idea.

"Ok I'll call you later.. Promise." He gave her one quick kiss and left. Kagome stood there watching her dream guy leave.

"Now that he's gone it's time to go SHOPPING!!!" She screamed. She opened the door and ran straight to her room but her mom stopped her.

"Kagome what's the rush?" Kagome took in a deep breath went down the steps and faced her mom.

"Mom…INUYASHA INVITED ME TO GO TO THE DINNER PARTY WITH HIM AND I'M SO EXICTED!!!" She screamed and grabbed her mom to jump up and down with her.

"Ok I know you been liking this boy for a long time Kagome does that mean he broke up with his girl?" Kagome stopped jumping and thought it over what her mom just said.

'To be honest he hasn't really broken up with her yet but hey we just started going out today. After this night I know he'll call her and say "I'm sorry Kikyo my heart belongs to Kagome."'

"Hello? Kagome."

"Oh sorry mom um… well he just asked me out today so I don't know if he did yet."

"Ok honey have fun, Be careful I hope nothing bad happens to you." Kagome gave her mom a confused look.

"Mom I'm with Inuyasha I'll be safe."

"Dear I meant your heart." She gave Kagome a kiss on the cheek and walked off.

'My heart? What did she mean by that? Oh Moms there always worry too much.. Everything will be fine. I have to call Sango to tell her the good news.' She ran upstairs, grabbed her phone and dialed Sango's number.


"Hey Sango it's Kagome. I have good news."

"What's the good news?"

"Inuyasha invited me to go to the dinner party with him." They both screamed in the phone.

"I'm so happy for you, You can finally get the boy of your dreams."

"Yeah but there's one problem he's still with Kikyo."

"Don't worry about it he'll dump her ass later. Oh I just remember he called us, to go to his dinner party."

"Awesome wait who's us?"

"Me and Miroku silly."

"Oh he's with you right now?"

"Um… yeah you kind of irrupted… during…our love making."

"Ew I didn't need to know about your love making. Anyways can you come shopping with me? I need a ride to the mall and can you also call Rin to tell her if she can do my makeup? I have a wild guess that Sesshomaru invited her to the dinner party."

"Yeah Kagome just don't take so long I have to get ready for myself too you know."

"Ok thanks see you later."

"See ya." She hanged up the phone, changed her outfit and waited for Sango to come.

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