Yugivania 2

By Sakura (L-sama no Miko)

Chapter 6

"Kaiba?!" the multicolor haired kyuuketsuki asked, in surprise, not expecting any of the original Kaiba family to still be around after over 600 years.

"Yeah, I know, I don't look a thing like Seto, so people can't believe I'm related to the Seto Kaiba of Kaiba Corp.," the raven haired boy replied, chuckling, "I get that a lot."

Yugi blinked, he had heard of the multi-trillion dollar company, but the connection hadn't clicked until Mokuba had mentioned that little tidbit. "That's not what I meant," he said, "I didn't think any of the original Kaiba family was still around. They all left Domino by the time I was born."

"Oh, well, actually, Seto and I aren't really Kaibas," the mortal went to explain, "Don't tell anyone this, but Seto and I were adopted by Gozaburo Kaiba, when his son Noa died."

"We think he might have been the last of the remaining Kaibas," Bakura added.

"What do you mean 'might have been' Bakura-sama?" the little one asked.

The white haired kyuuketsuki pulled his fledgling aside. "I don't want the kid to know of this, but Marik-sama got rid of the bleep while I was pursuing Seto. And it wasn't exactly pretty."

Marik then came over, "They were being abused by their stepfather, and you know how I feel about parents abusing their children," he whispered. Yugi nodded, remembering how the blond kyuuketsuki had intervened when Yami had been abusing Ryou. "Since they were unable to legally live on their own in this age, I had managed to fool the stupid mortals into making me their legal guardians," he went on to explain.

"Which is why we're able to live here," Yugi's sire added.

"Hey! Whatcha guys whispering about?" Mokuba called, "You know I don't like it when you keep secrets."

"Sorry, kiddo," Marik said leading them back over to the sofa. "Just telling, the little one what we're doing here."

"Oh, ok. It's nice to meet you, Yugi."

"Nice to meet you too, Mokuba," the multicolor haired kyuuketsuki, said sitting near the other two he had come in with.

"What are you still doing up, Mokuba?" a tall blue-eyed kyuuketsuki asked coming from the basement.

"S-Seth-dono?!" Yugi asked.

The brunet turned and stared at him, shock clearly written on his normally expressionless face. He knew this wasn't his mortal rival who he'd just left sleeping in the basement after turning him.

"Not quite, koneko (kitten)," Marik said, chuckling. "This is 'Kura's latest fledgling Seto, Mokie's brother."

"Oh, um… hello," he said, giving his sire a furtive hurt look.

"Set-chan, come say hello to our long lost Yugi," the blond kyuuketsuki said waving the taller fledgling over, smirking at the wince the younger one made at the nickname.

"So you're Yugi, huh?" he said leaning over to get a better look at him, which earned him a warning glare from the silver haired and blond kyuuketsuki sitting nearby. "You were right Bakura, he does look a lot like Atem," he said to his sire without taking his eyes off him. "You'll be staying for a while of course," he said to the little one in a tone that left no room for refusal.

"He's not for you, Seto," Bakura scolded, glaring at his fledgling, "He already has chosen who he wants to be with." He motioned to the other two kyuuketsuki who had inched closer to Yugi. "Besides, I thought you were after Atem or did he get claimed by another?" he taunted, still jealous of the younger's obsession with his rival.

Seto glared at his sire, "You can't order me around Bakura, not in my own home," he spat.

Marik grabbed Seto's arm. "Seto," he warned icily, "unless you want Mokuba to lose his only relative, I suggest you behave. Besides, technically, this is my house."

"Only until I'm twenty-one, Marik. Then I'm kicking you freeloaders out!" He really didn't mean it, he liked Marik and Ryou, they were good companions for Mokuba while he spent long days, and all too often, nights running his stepfather's company. However, he did want to get rid of his sire.

He grimaced at the memory of finding the white haired kyuuketsuki had tricked him to signing away half of his inheritance to him when he had gotten him drunk one night. If he had known of his former lover's motives at the time, he'd never had let him turn him into a kyuuketsuki. No amount of apologizing from his sire had made him forgive him, not even when Bakura returned the money.

"My, my, he's quite the little hothead isn't he?" the silver haired kyuuketsuki asked in amusement. "It reminds me of myself in my youth."

"You stay out of this, whoever you are!" Seto shot back.


"You are to treat your elders with respect, fledgling!" Bakura yelled, the brunet's throat in his hand. "Do not make me tell you again."

Seto gulped, the slightly insane look in the kyuuketsuki's silvery red eyes making him shudder. "G-Gomen(Sorry), Bakura," he gasped.

"It's not me you should be apologizing to," the white haired kyuuketsuki said releasing his taller fledgling, eyeing him expectantly.

Seto nodded then bowed to the silver haired kyuuketsuki. "Please forgive my rudeness, sir."

"It's quite all right, young one. I was just as reckless and rude as you are," he replied, smiling, still amused.

"Joachim, I wish you wouldn't encourage the young ones," his blond companion chided.

"Oh come now, Leon, love. You find them just as amusing," Joachim said ruffling Seto's hair, making the brunet growl lowly.

Leon had to agree with that, he did find most of the younger kyuuketsuki of this age amusing, but still believed in showing others respect. "That still doesn't give you the right to encourage them. Or would you have them believing it's all right for them to disrespect those who have had more experience."

Joachim continued to smile then went over to Yugi who had hidden behind the sofa when he saw Bakura's eyes. "Are you all right, dear one?"

"I-I'm ok, it's just that… Bakura-sama's changed."

Ryou nodded, sympathetically, placing a shoulder on his once lover's shoulder. "He didn't have anyone to help him after the fire like we did, Yugi. Bakura-sama had been living alone all this time until he showed up in town one night."

The little kyuuketsuki gasped then ran over to his sire, hugging him tightly. "I'M SO SORRY, M-MASTER!" he cried, "I-I never should have gone after Katsuya!"

Bakura wrapped his arms around his fledgling. "You couldn't have known what would happen little one. It's not your fault."

"But, you were alone!"

"I'm not anymore, Yugi," he said smiling, sadly at the others, his gaze lingering on the tall brunet. "I am glad you had someone to look after you all this time. I wouldn't be able to live myself if you had been by yourself all this time."

There was a pregnant pause for a long time, none of them wanting to ruin the tender moment between the two.

"Mr. Marik, sir," said a man with a moustache and wearing sunglasses came into the living room. "There's a Ryuuji Devlin here to see Mr. Bakura and Ryou-san."

"Ryuuji!" Ryou called getting up to greet the newcomer. "Malik!" he beamed, hugging the blond standing by the black haired kyuuketsuki.

"Hello Ryou," the blond fledgling said, returning the hug. "How's the lunkhead?"

"Malik! Mind your manners," Ryuuji said bopping him on the head.

"I'm fine, young one," the blond kyuuketsuki replied as they joined the group in the living room. "Still disrespectful as ever I see."

"I really am sorry about that, Marik-sama," the raven haired kyuuketsuki said.

Marik chuckled, "It's all right, Ryuuji. I trust you two are well."

"As well as can be expected," Ryuuji said, giving the group a good look over, making sure there would be no threat to his fledgling. Emerald green eyes widened when he saw a familiar head of pale gold. "Leon?! I did not know you were acquainted with Lord Marik." He then glomped his long missing sire.

The blond kyuuketsuki smiled, returning the embrace. "It is good to see you again, my lovely one. Long have I searched for you." Yugi and Joachim looked between the two, curious. "Can you ever forgive this old fool for not listening?"

"What do you think, baka?! I will always forgive the idiot a part of me still loves," the raven haired kyuuketsuki said smiling and wiping away the joyous tears.

"Thank you, Ryuuji. That is more than I could ever deserve."

"Um, Leon…" Yugi began, drawing the blond's attention back to his petite lover.

"Where are my manners," he chided himself, "May I present my sire, Joachim Armster and Lord Bakura's fledgling Yugi."

The silver haired kyuuketsuki ogled the raven haired beauty, making him smirk with smug pride. Ryuuji knew he was a bishounen(pretty boy) and never bothered to deny it, especially since it was why he was still alive almost three hundred years later. He had come to believe over the lonely years in the old adage, 'If you've got it, flaunt it.' "A pleasure to meet you, young one," he said bowing.

"Not thinking of leaving Yugi and me behind are you?" Leon asked good-naturedly. He knew his sire had had plenty of opportunities to dally with mortals and demon alike, but had, surprisingly enough, remained faithful to the both of the fledglings.

"As tempting as that may be, my angel, I don't think this little one would appreciate it were he and I to try anything," Joachim said, noticing the smaller blond's death glare being targeted at him.

"Perhaps if things had been different…" Ryuuji said, earning a growl and a nip at his neck from Malik.

"Not on your life, master!" the blond said, pleased with the red mark he'd left.

"Relax, Malik," Ryuuji said laughing, "What would have been the point of rescuing you from death on the streets if I was going to dump you right back later on? You know I would never do that to you."

"Sorry, master," Malik apologized, looking down at the floor.

"Why don't we all finish our catching up tomorrow," Marik said noticing the time on the ornate grandfather clock. "It's rather late and some of us do have to get up early tomorrow."

"Awwww, Marik!" Mokuba whined, "I wanna show Yugi all the good arcades tomorrow!"

"You will not," Seto said, using the tone he used on his employees, "You have school tomorrow. Now get to bed Mokie."

"You're no fun, 'nii-sama," he complained, pouting, but obeyed his older brother and headed up the stairs.

"Now I won't hear any and, ifs, or buts, from you. We have plenty of rooms for you all so you're staying here like it or not!" Marik said ushering their guests up the stairs.

"You are too kind, Lord Marik," Leon said as they stopped at a large bedroom, a huge four poster bed big enough to fit him and his lovers and still have room left over standing against the far wall.

"Nonsense!" their host called, "Yugi is my family. He deserves the best. And as for you Ryuuji-kun, you and your charming fledgling are welcome to stay for as long as you like."

Malik glowered, but said nothing. He just didn't trust other kyuuketsuki as easily due to his Vistani heritage. "Thank you, Lord Marik, but we already have a home of our own. We only came by because we ran into Ryou earlier. We'll come by again tomorrow," Ryuuji said, smiling when his blond fledgling yawned. "It seems I may have tired out my fledgling."

Marik chuckled. "My door will always be open to you, young one. Feel free to come visit whenever you wish."

Ryuuji bowed, smiling. "As my idiot sire said, you're too kind, Marik-sama." He and Malik then left, heading for their own small apartment in the city.

The years went by like water through a sieve, Domino city grew and shrank, but the large mansion remained the same, a lone reminder of a time long passed. Few knew that the group of teenagers living there were just as old as the house they called home, or were even older. But that didn't matter to them. They were all together, one big happy family, content to spend their immortal lives with those they loved.

If you ever find your way to a city called Domino in a country known as Japan, beware. Beware of the extremely well kept ancient mansion on the hill overlooking the city. And most important of all, stay away from a club called Eternal Night, for you just may find your life changed for all eternity.


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