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Rose barely noticed the light the first time it flashed. When it shone in her vision the second time, she saw it. Stopping her song in the middle, she turned her head towards it. A man was holding a flashlight, moving it around to look for survivors from the sinking. Him and his little rowboat.

For a moment this meant nothing to Rose. Her slowly freezing brain took awhile to register the fact that this boat would save Jack and her. Once it did, she turned back on her stomach and whispered- for that was all her voice was allowing her to do- "Jack, there's a boat!" He didn't stir. She shook the hand that was holding hers so tightly. "Jack, there's a boat, Jack!" Realizing why he wasn't responding, she choked, and put her head on his hand, wanting to die here with him. But then she remembered… "You have to promise me that you'll survive." That she would.

"Come back!" Rose cried, but it was hopeless. Nobody could hear her. Rose knew she had to keep her promise to Jack… but not alone.

Looking desperately around for anything that could save them, she spotted the dead officer with a whistle in his mouth. He was their only chance.

She slid off the door, dragging Jack along with her. Had she not had the lifebelt on, he would have surely dragged her under; yet even as it was, it was a struggle to keep her head above the numbing water. The few feet to the deceased crewmember seemed the hardest struggle of her life. Finally she reached him, Jack still with her. Summoning up all the strength and breath she had left, she snatched the whistle out of his mouth and blew.

This they heard. "Come about!" the man with the light shouted. Rose had no idea what that meant. All she knew was that they were coming; she would live, and Jack would have a chance.

It surprised them that Rose weighed so much; they fought to lift her from the water. When they saw what was holding her down, they tried to make her let go of him. One thing about Rose was that she was very stubborn; she would have her way, especially now. "No, please, try to save him! Please!" She couldn't lose him now, not after all they'd been through.

"It's all right, miss, we'll do the best that we can."

For the first time in what felt like hours, Rose smiled. "That's all I can ask of you, isn't it?"

"Yes, miss."

The conversation ended there. The men hoisted Jack into the boat, and lay him next to Rose, who did her best to warm him, as she heated up herself. Both were covered in blankets. "You're going to be part of my promise. You're not going to die now, I won't let you. I'll never let go of you, Jack."


The rest of the night was spent with Rose drifting in and out of consciousness. Jack still hadn't woken, but none of the crewmen said anything to the woman who seemed so intent on saving him about how he would probably not live.

At dawn, a ship was visible. Rose opened her eyes to see it picking its way cautiously through the ice field to get to the survivors. When it finally came alongside them, Rose saw the name: Carpathia. A ladder was let down, and the former passengers of Titanic pulled themselves up it, slowly, one by one. All seemed to be in a daze, as if they couldn't believe this was happening to them.

When it was Rose's turn, she found she could barely make it to the ladder. One of the men in the boat helped her to it, and helped her up it. Once she was too high up for the man in the rowboat to help her, a man on the Carpathia lent her a hand. Another blanket was put around her shoulders, and a mug of hot liquid pushed into her cold hands. She gulped it greedily, not caring that it was coffee, something she had not been allowed near before and wasn't entirely sure she liked. It was warm, and she savored the feeling.

"Were you in the water?" a man asked her.

She nodded, and was whisked off to an infirmary, where she was checked. Aside from slightly lower than normal body temperatures, she was fine. "You may have a bad cold for a few days," the nurse told her, "but it'll go away eventually. Keep drinking warm things and you'll be warmer and better in no time." Less cheerily she looked at Jack, who was in a bed. "He may not pull through, thought it was mighty brave of you, saving him."

"Will you notify me if anything changes?" she asked, needing to know whether he would get better or worse.

"Of course, ma'am. I'll send someone." Once the nurse was sure that she knew what she was supposed to do and had a blanket covering her whole person, she was free to go.

Surprised at how hungry she was, Rose left and went to find somewhere to eat. There was a cook ladling out hot soup to the survivors. Rose got on line, and stepped away once she got it, again swallowing it quickly. Almost immediately she felt herself warm up. With that in her stomach, Rose was full, and decided to go to where all the survivors were.

After she got directions to where the steerage and second-class passengers were, she walked there quickly. She felt that some sort of comfort would come out of being around other people who were in the same situation as her. As she was walking down the steps to the part of the deck where she could see people and their few belongings strewn about them, she felt someone behind her, trying to push in front of her. Since the stairway was not meant for two people to walk abreast, she simply quickened her pace. A crewman commented to the person behind her, "You won't find any of yours here, sir, they're all steerage and second class."

And Rose knew who was behind her; she almost stopped. "Go faster!" Cal said in a rude voice. Had he known it was her, he probably wouldn't have spoken like that. Not daring to speak or turn around, she finished her way down the steps, pulling her blanket higher so there was no chance of him seeing her hair.

Blankets apparently don't like to cooperate. It slipped, showing a bit of her red waves; yet it was enough. "Rose!" Cal exclaimed, tying to act as if the night before had never happened. "What are you doing here?" he asked, even though he already knew. "Come with me." He said it kindly, but it was still a command.

Rose lifted her head higher. "No." Cal looked shocked.

"What did you say?"

"I didn't think that there was anything wrong with your hearing. I said no. I won't come with you, I won't marry you. You will stay away from me, and you will never speak to me, or Jack, ever again. For he is not the gutter rat; you are." By now she was practically shouting. Heads turned in her direction. At the corner of her eye, Rose even saw a woman nodding in sympathy.

Cal tried to keep the situation under control. "Rose, you don't know what you're saying, that boy has driven you mad-"

"Mad, yes, maybe. I don't know. Maybe I was this crazy before. But you make me angry. You had better leave before I get even angrier and do something more drastic than spit in your eye. It's your choice whether or not whatever I can do stays within your imagination."

She began to walk away, knowing that she wouldn't be allowed to leave without a fight, physical or verbal. Choosing physical, Cal grabbed her arm.

"No!" he growled. Rose struggled; he was stronger than her. "I said no!" he stated, louder.

In that moment, Rose understood that she was at risk of losing her freedom and Jack forever. Inside herself, she found the strength to punch Cal off of her. Eventually he retreated, covering in blossoming bruises and a bleeding nose.

"You stay away from me," she murmured, loud enough for all around her to hear. Without a further invitation to run, he did so.

The crowd around Rose finally dispersed, with many officers yelling, "Move along, nothing to see here!" One man came up to her and asked if she was all right.

"I'm fine," she replied, touched by the man's courtesy. Yet she felt better than fine; she felt wonderful. Full of a sense of freedom and accomplishment and pride. If only you could see me now, Jack, she thought sadly. She knew he'd be proud of her, yet he was unconscious, and she may never get to tell him. And all Rose could do was wait for news. She had no idea how long she'd been waiting when she fell asleep.

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