a/n: well, this is co-written by my little depressed poet, aka: haley, and we shall be writing together from now on so, yeah.

Washroom? (one shot)


"Alice? I'm sort of hungry, so can I go get some food?" It was ten minutes until his flight landed. If I was going to escape, now had to be the time.

"Sure, Bella, I'll come with you."

"Actually, I'd prefer if Jasper came. I'm feeling a little-"

"What? Okay…?" She looked hurt, but at least she wasn't arguing.

Jasper and I walked through the airport. I pretended to not be interested in the first few cafes we passed, but I saw the washroom and I decided to make my move.

"Hey, Jasper? Do you mind if I just go to the washroom?"

"Okay. I'll stand outside."

I remembered that my mom had taken me here as a kid, and I got lost because this particular washroom had two exits. HAHA! I could escape here. I walked into the washroom, but, to my surprise, this washroom had only one exit. It was the one I came in. Oh, damn. How did I end up lost. Again?! I had no choice. I walked back out of the washroom and made up a lame excuse to Jasper.

"Uh, Jasper? This washroom is… uh… contaminated? With things. That you don't want to hear about."

"Okay… well… uh…? Did you… go?"

"Eww. No. Does CONTAMINATED mean anything to you?"

"No, not really. I don't… well… go…"

"Well, now we have to go to the other washroom… over there!"

"Okay…?" We walked to the washroom that happened to, conveniently, on the other side of the airport, and also had two exits. I walked in, and saw the other exit. I started spinning around in excitement, and I got really dizzy. Thank god, I didn't fall because Alice would find me broken and bleeding on a bathroom floor, and I wasn't up to explaining that one. I stumbled out of the washroom and saw a blonde face hovering slightly.

"Uh, Jasper? W-T-H?"

"Huh? I thought…"

"Oh, never mind." Shit. I suck at escaping. Oh, well. My mom would just die in the clutches of an evil madman.

a/n: Sorry for the extremely bad ending. If we didn't stop, we could've gone on forever.