One sunny day after finishing all his paperwork Roy Mustang went for a walk.
He passed though the forest when suddenly he heard a awful cry coming from nearby he looked in a clearing. There he was two pokemon fighting One was a young Charmeleon who looked to be around the age of one years old the other was a Adult Aerodactyl .

The Aerodactyl torn off the the young char's arm Roy knew he must act quick to save the Charmeleons life. So with a bold display of flame alchemy he scared the Aerodactyl away. Roy grabbed the young Charmeleon and took him to the nearest automail mechanic. There he was fitted for automail.

After hours of hard work the young char finally had a new arm. Now Roy knew the charmeleon would never able to return to the wild. So he took the charmeleon to an Adoption center. The young lady there asked Roy if he would be adopting the charmeleon Roy thought about it. He say he would agree to the take the char. He took him back to the base in Central where he was stationed. Roy told the young char that he would be his new dad.

The char just looked up at Roy. The charmeleon had no clue what was going on but he trusted Roy because he saved his life. Roy said that he was a general in the State Alchemy Army. Now it was up to Roy to teach the young Charmeleon what was right and wrong. All of a sudden Roy's phone rang it was the lady from the adoption center.

She said in the hurry he never gave the charmeleon a name. She must put a name on the adoption certifcate what was his name? Roy said "hmmmm" as he thought "his name is simply Char" he said his middle name Forest since he found him in the forest and his last name is Mustang.The adoption certifcate now read 'Char Forest Mustang'.