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Here was the moment of truth. Or lies. Lies were good. Lies meant I didn't have to be cast buddies with the moron. Lies meant I didn't get to kiss and…do other things…with Sakura. Dam it. I'm going in. "Hey you're back early."

Azusa gave a million watt smile as he hugged his shocked sister to his chest. "Geeze at least pretend to be happy to see me Uchiha."

"Ok if I only have to pretend…Just kidding man, of course I'm happy to see you." I shifted my weight between my feet and decided to jump while his arms were still full of Sakura. "I'm sorry but I take back my promise. In my defense you didn't warn me properly…" I was going to have to talk faster, he was starting to let go of her. "Please let me date Sakura!"

As soon as the word 'date' was out I was falling to my knees in the classic Japanese position for supplication. I hoped that it would invoke mercy. Hope may reign eternal but it wasn't reigning now. Azusa, kicked me right in the face like my head was kickball. I could vaguely hear Sakura shout in the background but I had no time to process it before Azusa had me by the collar of my t-shirt.

"I trusted you! I told you not to touch my sister!" His breath was hot and angry on my face and his fist was already reared back for another blow. I braced myself for impact before my shirt was ripped partially off me.

"Get off you high horse and listen to me before I become an only child!" Sakura had tackled Azusa into the gravel path to the front porch. I don't think even my bloody gawking could match the surprised look on Azusa's face. "I don't need you scaring everyone away from me! I want to make my own choices about who I date!"

"Sakura…I'm just trying to protect you." Azusa's voice was so lost and small that it was hard to hear over the rushing of blood in my ears.

"I don't need you to protect me anymore nii-chan (big brother). You just need to support me." Her voice was gentle but unyielding. She was serious.

Azusa turned his face away from his sister to look at me. "You break her heart I break you face even worse than it already is."

I would have smiled if my mouth didn't feel like it was full of crushed glass. I decided to nod instead.

You are formally invited to a graduation party at the Uchiha House

The graduation party was in full swing. The guys joked and shouted promises to write while the girls hugged each other and swore to call each other every day. I hugged Sakura to my side; she wasn't leaving there at all this summer. She and Ino were going to California for university while I was staying here on the other side of the country.

"Hey, you know you don't have to keep a grip on me the whole time." I smiled because my grip wasn't tight and she wasn't moving.

"Of course I do. You're leaving me all alone." I say with my most mournful voice. Which on anyone else would be their monotone but lucky for me Sakura was almost fluent in Sasuke-ese.

"Don't try to pull that. Both Azusa and Naruto are going to college with you." She replied as she pressed closer to my side.

"Even worse, you're leaving me with the idiot and your brother who still 'accidentally' bumps into me when I kiss you."

"Well now he won't have to 'accidently' bump into you anymore."

"I think I'll take the bumps over not being able to kiss you."

I could feel her smile as she leaned up and kissed me. I'll keep the description to a minimum since I don't really want to share but I could feel her passion and love all the way down to my toes. This was definitely worth a few chipped teeth and 'accidental' bumps.

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