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Kagome stumbled from the remains of Naraku. They had finally defeated him after nearly five years of chasing him all across ancient Japan. Inu-Yasha, Miroku, Sango, Kirara, Sesshoumaru, Rin, Jaken, Koga, Ayame, and Kikyo gathered around, They had survived. Unfortunately, Kanna, Kagura and Kohaku had not. Kagura had been instrumental in secreting information to the team for the last couple of years. Kagome sighed sadly, she wished they'd survived.

Gathering all the jewel shards together within her hands she began the short process of purifying and fusing the jewel back together. When the process was finished everybody stared expectantly at Koga. Koga blinked at them blankly for a minute before he scratched his head and laughed embarrassedly as he took the last two remaining shards from his legs and dropped them into her hands, "Sorry," he muttered his cheeks slightly pink. Finally the jewel was completed.

She started handing the completed jewel over to Inu-Yasha who just shook his head. "It's really yours Kagome, you make the wish." He looked away from her trying to cover his embarrassment. She nodded silently and closed her hands over the precious stone that had caused so much chaos with its powers. 'I wish that everyone, who has ever been hurt by Naraku to be happy.'

A glowing fog surrounded Kagome and a beautiful woman stood before her. "Midoriko?" Kagome questioned, the woman who only shook her head, in a negative.

I am not Midoriko child. But she is me, I am the combined soul of the Shikon no Tama. I am called Izanami. Kagome's eyes widened, hearing the woman's voice in her mind. Now you have wished for everyone hurt by Naraku to be given happiness. You do realize that this excludes you, correct?

Kagome nodded her acceptance. "Yes, I understand. But, I do not care. I just want my friends and anyone else to be happy after what Naraku did to so many." Kagome's eyes filled with tears thinking upon all the atrocities that had been committed.

First thing we must do is get you straightened out. Kikyo has no need of something that's not hers. This is a bonus for you, but I think Inu-Yasha will like the out come in the end. The fog that had surrounded Kagome lifted and she was now able to view her friends, who seemed frozen in time, except for Kikyo that is. Priestess Kikyo you live outside the realm of time for humans, why is that? Asked Izanimai, Kikyo looked at the Goddess-like figure and bowed.

"It is because I am not alive Kami-sama. I must use my reincarnation's soul and the souls of young women to continue my existence."

Ah, so you do. But you realize these are not yours to keep.

"She is my reincarnation. Her soul is my soul."

And what do you say if I took everyone's soul because your soul was my soul as well. Would you accept that as fact? You would be nothing. By the very same logic you are nothing but a piece of me and since I existed before you I can take what I want and leave.

"I do not understand," Kikyo admitted begrudgingly to the goddess.

Kagome could do nothing but watch as these two women talked, argued? She really didn't understand what was going on as she continued to listen.

In the beginning there existed only one soul, one day, it decided to break up and out into the world and learn more. But, these fragments of soul lost their way. They became trapped in the endless loop of Samsara. Now each of these souls must find their own way, by themselves, to escape this endless loop and become one with itself again. In the end you are not really you, you are simply knowledge to be passed on along with your soul for in this life you have failed to achieve Nirvana. It will take many more reincarnations for your soul to be ready to achieve peace and remove the taint that you have put on it will take many incarnations to purify. Do you wish to harm more people with your selfish ego?

Kikyo looked contrite to be talked down to by a goddess as if she were nothing more than a child. "I understand," she said simply. The goddess smiled.


The goddess slid her hand into Kikyo smoothly as if Kikyo wasn't really real, or maybe the goddess wasn't real, and grabbed the souls within. Kikyo didn't feel a thing as she gracefully slid to the ground and crumbled into a pile of earth and ashes. Izanami held onto Kagome's soul as she set the other young women's souls free to become reincarnated where they belonged. This belongs to you. Izanami said as the fragment of Kagome's soul flowed around her and slowly sunk into Kagome's skin, once again becoming a part of her. Now Inu-Yasha is free to pursue the woman that he belongs with in this life. Upon seeing Kagome's hopeful look, Izanami shook her head sadly. No my dear, it is not you. You are not the first reincarnation after Kikyo, in fact you are the seventh, each of you having stronger and stronger spiritual powers, but not the training to wield it. Fifty-four years ago a young wolf demoness was born and named Leiko. She has now reached her maturity and soon the fates will lead them together, They will be very happy. Izanami smiled slightly, in time…

Kagome nodded sadly, knowing that her love for Inu-Yasha was truly going to go unrequited. She shook herself, what did that matter if he is going to be happy. She turned to Inu-Yasha's still form and smiled, everything would turn out fine.

Now next we have Sesshoumaru…He needs many things to become truly happy, unlike your friends, my dear Kagome. Kagome wrinkled her brow in confusion. You will see soon enough. Izanami closed her eyes and a hazy cloud appeared in front of them, slowly the cloud broke apart and began to form two beings. The wind sorceress Kagura and her sister Kanna, both smiled happily as they looked at Izanami and Kagome. Kagura rushed forward and hugged Kagome. Kagome not really understanding what was happening just stood there. "Thank you so much Kagome-sama, because of you we are free."

"Y-you're welcome." Kagome managed to stutter out looking at Izanami, who just continued to smile benevolently. Kagome looked again at Kagurea. She didn't seem much different; albeit she was much happier and seemed…she didn't know how to really describe it…to have an aura of happiness about her that hadn't been there before. And then there was Kanna, she looked extremely different, her child-like face had an expression of out right joy and wonder about it that had been lacking before. The girl who had once been the perfect void now vibrated with life and vitality. It was this that made Kagome stop questioning what was going on. It was obvious her wish was coming true. She would just have to wait and see what would happen.

Suddenly another cloud formed around Rin and slowly her features began taking on a more demon like appearance. A blue sphere appeared on her forehead and stripes appeared on her neck. There now, Sesshoumaru will not have to watch as his ward withers and dies like a normal human. Now that she is a dog demon herself he can even adopt her as his own, without the pain of knowing that her life is but a fleeting moment in time. And he can finally be with the woman he has given his heart to.

Kagura moved to Sesshoumaru's side and became part of the frozen world that existed. Next Sango and Miroku, not much can be done for Miroku the Wind Tunnel is gone and his fate is set. But Sango is at least able to have her brother back with all his memories, minus the death of the village. Since of course now the village is alive and well right where it was before Naraku did anything to them. As Izanami explained this to Kagome, Kohaku materialized next to Sango and melded into the time locked backdrop of Sengoku Jidai. Koga and Ayame will also find their comrades that were killed by Naraku alive and well as well.

Now fore Shippou, we need at least one person to know of what has happened. Shippou awakened and ran forward into Kagome's arms. Now my dear child I believe I know what you desire and I will gift it to you. Shippou's eyes widened. Í want to be a powerful demon so that I can protect my family from danger just like Inu-Yasha." Shippou said bravely and Izanami smiled brightly at him. Her smile was contagious and Shippou smiled happily as well. You want to become powerful enough to protect all those you love? At his nod she continued, I will simply give you the tools, but you will still have to master them yourself.

A white cloud surrounded him and his form altered. He changed to look more and more like a chibi image of Inu-Yasha. Complete with silver hair and white fuzzy ears on top of his head. Kagome couldn't resist petting the cute fuzzy ears, which resulted in loud purrs coming from the kit. Shippou you are now a silver kitsune or a spirit fox.

Shippou's eyes widened till they were impossibly large. "B-but those are the strongest foxes known in existence."

Izanami nodded her head regally. Indeed and you will need to learn to use that strength. It is up to you, I have laid out before you the tools and the path. Now you must walk the journey yourself. Now kit, you must tell the others that the Shikon no Tama is no more. Kikyo has been laid to rest and Kagome's duty in the past is finished. Both Shippou and Kagome's eyes watered.

"B-but why? Why can't Kagome stay here in the past?" The 'with me' went unsaid.

Kit her journey is finished. Her duty done, her job was to come and undo what had been left undone by Kikyo. If Kagome had not been sent to the past Naraku would have caged the world in his twisted manipulations, playing and growing stronger until everyone and everything was destroyed. Kagome has destroyed a great evil. Now all that remains is the journey that she has yet to complete in the modern era.

Towards the end of that conversation Izanami had begun to fade out of sight.

"Goodbye Shippou, you be good and grow up big and strong."

"Goodbye mama. I love you." Shippou wiped the tears from his eyes and jumped to the ground trying to look strong as the only mother he remembered began to disappear from sight. Izanaim's voice whispered one last thing before they'd disappeared completely. Which caused him to smile as he turned to the others that had been released from their frozen state, as time once again was set into motion. All that was left was to tell the others what had happened and what he knew.

Do not worry kit, one day you two will cross paths again…


Izanami is an actual Japanese goddess. Not all things mentioned are actual Buddhist beliefs,

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