One Change.


Matthew Goldsmith


One Change has undergone a major change (no pun intended), as a someone commented that if I really do want to do something totally differant, I cant have Adora be

Adam in female form. I have now restarted my story, hopefully better than last time. I hope to make a better plot, and really do think that this time, its right. But...who

knows? But it will still feature one of my Original Characters, Talon, who you will (hopefully) like. THIS IS GOING TO BE ADORA/OC, or TEELA/OC, NO

ADAM!!! I like adam, I really do, but I WANT TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERANT WITH THIS STORY!!! Just so you know, He-Man is not in this fic, but She-ra MAY, repeat MAY, come into

play later.

PS: if anyone can tell me WTF is up with this Document processer, please tell me, as its constantly ruining my planing with the structure and sentence style. Thanks!

Oh, also, I own nothing of the He-Man universe, but i do claim Talon and the Six, as wel as any other characters that i come up with. GOT IT?