It was Christmas day, the day of the Yule Ball. After the conversation he had with Barty, he wracked his brain for all the girls he knew and settled on asking fellow Gryffindor Parvati Patil. She readily agreed at the prospect of being a champion's partner and when a few days later, Ron was shot down by Fleur and then a cross Hermionie (who had a date anyways), Parvati arranged for him to partner her twin sister Padma.

Waking up on Christmas morning, Harry welcomed the sight of a small pile of presents at the foot of his bed. Right before he and Ron were about to tear into their gifts, Dobby showed up and gave Harry a mismatched pair of hand knitted socks and Harry reciprocated with a pair of his own. Once Harry and Ron pulled on their new jumpers from Ron's mum, Harry noticed a small package he seemed to have overlooked. It was wrapped in black paper with a small silver drawing of an eye on the corner. Harry's heartbeat quickened, this must be from Barty!

Harry himself had agonized over whether or not to give Barty a gift, what could you give a disguised Deatheater who was plotting your murder? But as soon as Harry saw it in the shop, he knew it was perfect. He sent Barty one of a pair of mirrors that functioned as a two-way communication device. They were intricately engraved silver compacts that warmed lightly and hummed when the matching mirror called.

Harry turned away from Ron, who was busily tucking into a box of chocolate cauldrons from Ginny, and unwrapped the package to find a thin silver chain with a small square emerald set in silver. He smiled and quickly put it on and tucked it under his jumper before Ron could notice.

The rest of the day he participated in a massive snowball fight with the Weasleys and then at six trudged upstairs to change for the Ball. He took pity on Ron and helped him to neatly sever the frills and ruffles from his secondhand dress robes and thought the two of them looked quite presentable. He met up with Parvati, who was looking quite nice, in the common room. Ron was looking around for Hermionie, but she was no-where to be seen.

The Gryffindors made their way down to the Great Hall with Harry and Parvati at the front. Once they arrived, Parvati's twin Padma showed up and after looking Ron up and down, deemed him acceptable and the foursome entered the Hall. Harry didn't see Hermionie until he realized during the Champion's opening dance that she was the pretty girl partnering Viktor Krum. Hermionie was glowing and Krum couldn't keep his eyes off of her. Harry smiled at the sight of his friend enjoying herself, and was glad to get a few words in with her at the table afterwards.

Being a courteous partner, Harry agreed to dance with Parvati again and while circling around the crowded dance floor he heard a low voice grumble in his ear, "Nice socks Potter."

He quickly looked behind him and saw Barty disguised as Professor Moody waltzing with the Arithmancy professor. He grinned and said, "Thanks, Dobby the house elf knitted them for me!"

Moody nodded and his mouth twitched ever so slightly to let Harry know that he was amused. Parvati looked a little creeped out by Moody and steered Harry in the opposite direction of the other pair. As they danced, the passed Ron was dancing with Padma, but occasionally glaring over at Krum and Hermionie. At the start of the next song, a handsome boy from Beauxbatons cut in and whirled off with Parvati who looked thrilled. Harry was happy that she found someone else to dance with as it allowed him to grab a glass of punch and be a spectator for a while. When the song ended, Parvati came back and asked Harry if it was alright if she danced some more with the other boy. Harry winked at her and told her not to worry and that his feelings wouldn't be hurt. Parvati blushed, but gave Harry a quick thank you peck on the cheek before rushing back on to the dance floor.

Harry grabbed a butterbeer and headed out into the grounds. To his surprise a cozy romantic garden had been conjured up outside with benches in alcoves and dark corners surrounded by hedges where the giggling of couples could be heard. The hedges were sparkling with the pale blue lights of tiny fairies and Harry found it quite relaxing. He sat down on a bench facing a statue of a stag and doe and looked up at the night sky which was cloudless and as sparkling as the hedges.

Harry wasn't sure how long he had been sitting outside, but he had started to get a little chilly when someone sat down next to him and he was suddenly surrounded by the warm woolen fabric of a cloak. Startled, he jumped slightly, but was held in place by an arm that had snaked around his waist. He looked sharply to his left and to his surprise saw Barty's face half hidden under the hood of the cloak.

"Bar—" Harry started to cry out in surprise, but his exclamation was cut off by Barty's lip covering his own.
"Don't be an idiot boy, can't go yelling my name around here." Barty whispered into Harry's ear before nipping his earlobe as punishment. Harry groaned quietly and turned his body more towards Barty and kissed him deeply.

"What are you doing out of your disguise?" Harry whispered when the kiss ended.

"Had enough small talk and watching you brats rubbing up on each other. Plus, Dumbledore dismissed some of the older staff members a while ago." Barty explained.

The snapping of twigs and heavy footfalls hushed the pair and Barty quickly grabbed Harry around the waist and threw them through a hedge by the wall which pinned them in a narrow, but long gap against the castle wall. The way Barty had thrown them through the hedge made it so he was pinning Harry to the ground, his cloak covering them and helping them blend into the castle's shadow.

Harry could scarcely breathe out of fear that they would be caught. He listened as hard as he could to try and hear if the people had left, but he realized the pair must have sat on the bench he and Barty had just vacated. A snippet of the hushed conversation reached his ears and to his horror, he realized that Hagrid was on the other side of the hedge having a private conversation with a woman who could only be Madame Maxime.

Barty smirked down at Harry's horrified face and an amusing idea struck him. He leaned in and began sucking on the crook of Harry's neck. Harry's horrified expression instantly melted into one of pleasure and then as a moan started to climb up his throat, it cut off and the horror returned.

What was Barty thinking! If Harry made any noise at all, they would be discovered! Harry bit his lip to hold back another moan as Barty kissed harder. A sudden chill went up Harry as Barty's cold fingers slid under his shirt and up his chest to toy with his nipples.

Barty felt himself getting harder as he felt Harry struggle beneath him trying to keep his voice from leaking out from between his clenched jaws and keep his body from writhing. He pressed his growing erection into Harry's hip and the boy unconsciously bucked but against him. With one arm propping himself up, Barty stopped playing with Harry's nipple and slid his hand down to cup the hardness straining against the fabric of Harry's pants.

Barty grazed his teeth over Harry's adam's apple and kissed his tightly shut mouth before undoing Harry's trousers and freeing his erection from its underpants confines. Harry shivered as cold air passed over his hard cock. He felt himself growing redder in the face trying to control his voice.

Barty licked his palm and grasped Harry's erect penis he teasingly circled the tip of the glans with his thumb before beginning to slowly stroke. Harry's hips began to rock in harmony with this slow motion and, gaining some control over himself, Harry reached down and undid Barty's trousers as well. Barty thrust forwards and let his erection rub against Harry's. Harry visibly restrained himself from moaning, but this just egged Barty on. Licking his palm again, he wrapped his hand around their cocks the best he could and while thrusting against Harry, pumped their shafts.

By this point, Harry was getting more and more distressed as the pleasure built up and he could hardly keep his voice back. He covered his mouth with his hand and bit his palm to try and counterbalance pleasure with pain, but he found that this just aroused him more. He felt a boiling feeling rising up within him and his eyes met Barty's. Barty was controlling his breathing to keep from loudly panting and his eyes were devouring the sight of Harry. His eyes were amused and terribly aroused. Barty saw a heady glazed look rising in Harry's slightly teary eyes and he knew that Harry was about to come. He gripped tighter and stroked faster and reveled in the sight of Harry, both hands on the turf, digging his fingers curling into the soil as he came. He bit his lip so hard while holding back his voice that little pearls of blood began forming. Barty felt Harry's ejaculate coat his hand and he kissed Harry's swollen lips, sucking up the beads of blood and he came as well.

He let his weight rest on top of Harry for a good five minutes, until the two enormous people on the other side of the hedge had left. Without a word to Harry, Barty whipped out his wand and muttered the cleaning spell scourgify to erase any mess. He grinned at the pink flush that was still on Harry's cheeks and the broken skin of his lips. Harry hadn't quite wrapped his head around what had just happened, but he knew that whatever you could call it, he liked it. The danger of being caught, the struggle, and the tiny sparks of pain; It all heightened the pleasure he felt in the moment.

Barty stroked Harry's face and ran his thumb over the boy's swollen and soon to be bruised lips. He kissed them softly and then leaned in to whisper into Harry's ear, "Best get back in the castle now. Although, I don't know if it would be wise for the Hogwarts champion to be seen looking so ravished."

Harry blushed and nodded, he knew Barty was right.

After arranging themselves behind the bushes, Barty took a swig from the flask of polyjuice potion in his cloak pocket and before Harry's eyes morphed back into Mad Eye Moody. The professor's form stalked out of the bushes first to make sure the path was clear for the very rumpled looking Harry to escape back up to Gryffindor tower. Once Moody was out of sight, Harry himself left the enchanted garden and rushed up the stairs and back to his dormitory. Once inside, he went into the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror, he had a blooming bruise on his neck, very light teeth marks on his throat and battered looking lips with a bit of dried blood on them. He washed his face and dressed for bed all the while lamenting that he didn't know any healing spells.

Climbing in bed, he played with the little pendant around his neck thinking of Barty and how unexpected it was that Barty would risk so much just to in a way grant Harry's wish of going to the Ball together. With this thought, he fell asleep, not bothering to wait for Ron to return.