A/N: I dunno if anyone has already had this idea... I was bored. My brother helped me. Just a stupid and pointless thing.

June 9

Stupid blank book for birthday present. Could have done better, Mother is pregnant.

July 23

New brother. Looked like prune, only noisy. Will ask about getting a silencer.

August 17

Killed squirrel. Am grounded. Noisy prune continues to wreak havoc on eardrums. Noisy prune's name is Sasuke, but unimportant. Will always be weak noisy prune.

March 6

Noisy prune crapped on new pants. Will kill prune later. Must concentrate on getting the smell out of new pants.

June 9

Another birthday. Got sword from parents. Used it to decapitate several small animals. Hope parents don't find out.

June 10

Parents found out. Sword confiscated. Will kill them later.

July 23

Noisy prune is 1. If continues to be so noisy, will not make it to 1 and a half.

July 30

Noisy prune lives on still. Parents found bear trap in crib. Am grounded.

September 19

Ate bad sushi. Am sick. Will kill sushi chef later.

September 25

Avoid sushi bar in case of suspicion.

December 3

Ran over cow today. Car in shop. Will kill farmer later. Cow already slaughtered.

December 9

Got car back. Ran over noisy prune's stuffed animals in fit of rage. Many teddy bears lost.

December 25

Noisy prune got firetruck. Ran over my foot. Firetruck was fun to hit things with. Especially noisy prune's head. Had to stop that though. Am grounded.

February 17

Bought new kunai. Kunai faulty and missed target. Target was noisy prune. Will kill weaponsmith later.

February 23

Might be going to jail.

June 9

No jail, lots of grounding. Have not seen light of day since February. Will kill parents later. For now am enjoying sweets.

July 23

Noisy prune made it to another birthday. Will not see next one.

October 31

Scared noisy prune shitless with evil dragon jutsu. Am grounded.

January 1

New years resolution: kill noisy prune.

December 31

Need new resolution, and fast.

Two hours later

Decided to sacrifice several small animals to god of video games. Should make up for noisy prune.

July 23

Noisy prune is four. Talks too much. Hope he dies soon.