How to get Kicked out of Every House in Konoha



(Sand siblings are tree hopping to Konoha)

Temari: Do you think someone will let us bunk with them for a couple of weeks?

Kankuro: Don't worry Temari! We know plenty of people from Konoha! We'll find someone to crash with!

Temari: You're right Kankuro! We will find someplace to stay!

(Gaara and Kankuro stare at Temari like she's crazy)

Gaara: Did you just say...

Kankuro: I was right?

(Temari gives them a glare)

Temari: Don't get too cocky. It was a once-in-a-lifetime occurence.

Kankuro: Awww man.

(The Sand Siblings arrive in Konoha and walk up to a random house)

Temari: Who lives here?

Kankuro: I donno.

(Kankuro knocks on the door anyway)


(A girl about Temari's age opens the door)

Hana: Umm..Hi, do I know you?

Gaara: No.

(Hana starts closing the door, but Kankuro holds it open)

Kankuro: We know your brother.

(Hana looks suprised)

Hana: Oh you should have said so. Hold on, I'll get him. Come on in and make yourselves at home!

(Hana walks upstairs as the Sand sibs walk in and sit on the couch)

Temari: How did you know she had a brother?

Kankuro: Lucky guess.

(Temari looks stuned and isn't sure if that makes her brother smart or stupid)

Gaara: Your an idiot.

Kankuro: Hey!

Gaara: What its the truth.

(Kiba walks downstairs and looks suprised to see the sand sibs there)

Temari: We need a place to stay for a couple weeks.

Kiba: Fine you guys can stay here. You all can sleep in the living room.

Kankuro: Yay!

Gaara: O.O

(1 hour later, everyone is watching a movie)

Temari: OHH! How sad! Those poor children!

Gaara: I laugh at thier pain.

Kiba: What movie is this again?

Temari: A series of Unfortunate Events

Kankuro: I wanted to watch Narnia, but you are all to good for that one.

Temari: I don't like that movie, the lion dies and theres two wars

Gaara: Come on both those movies are so stupid. Scream 3 is better

Temari: I hate that movie too!

(2 hours later)

Kankuro: Yay! I'm so happy you guys finally let me watch Narnia!

Gaara: Whatever. I'm so bored.

(Tsume calls from the kitchen)

Tsume: Kiba will you run to the store and get me some eggs?

Kiba: Why can't Hana do it?

Tsume: Because shes sleeping

Kiba: Fine. Guys i'll be right back

Sand Sibs: OK. Bye

(Kiba leaves to the store while the sand sibs watch the movie)

Gaara: I'm bored. I'm gonna go do something entertaining

Temari: Don't get yourself into trouble

Gaara: I won't

(Gaara walks upstairs, 10 mins later Kiba comes home)

Kiba: Heres the eggs mom

Tsume: Thanks sweetie

(Tsume takes the eggs from kiba and goes back into the kitchen)

Kiba: Hey wheres Gaara?

Temari: I think he went upstairs

(Gaara walks downstairs with 4 bald dogs trailing behind him)


(Kiba pushes the sand sibs out the door, then locks it)

Kankuro: Nice Gaara. You just had to go and shave the dogs. I was really into that movie too!

Temari: Yeah Gaara! Why would you do that? Now we have to find somewhere else to stay!

Gaara: It was entertaining. Now i'm bored again.

(The three sand siblings walk up to another random house in Konoha)