Konoha/Sand Sibs story that has a long name

Chapter: 9


-Sand Sibs ran away from Lee's house-

Gaara: Hey! I never got my coffee! Damn it! I WANT MY COFFEE!

-Temari and Kankuro walk away from him-

Kankuro: Ha! We lost him!

Temari: Gaara has some issues

Kankuro: Yeah, but now we can break into that random house over there! YEAH! -Breaks through a window in a house-

Temari: My little brothers are morons...



Kankuro: Chillax, it's just Kankuro the awesomest sand ninja ever!

Asuma: I'm calling the 5th Hokage!

Kankuro: NO! DON"T DO THAT! -runs toward Asuma-

Asuma: -grabs random Kunai knife and throws it towards Kankuro-

Kankuro: -reflects the Kunai and sends it back toward Asuma-

Asuma: -keels over dead-

Kankuro: AHHHHH! I KILLED THAT RANDOM OLD GUY!! -runs out of the house-


Gaara: -walks up to Temari-

Temari: Over your coffee issues?

Gaara: For now. Where Kankuro?

Temari: He broke into that house a little bit ago -points at house-

Gaara: He's a moron

Temari: I know.

Kankuro: -runs out of house- TEMARI, GAARA LETS GO!

Temari: -sigh- Cumm'on Gaara.

-Gaara and Temari follow Kankuro-

And everyone thought Hidan killed Asuma...

A/N: Ello! Well, hope you liked it! I just had an idea for Asuma all of the sudden, so I had to do it. Don't worry people, I will do Sakura and Kakashi soon! Please review! If I get five more reviews I'll update right away!