Yay, I am so happy that Dai-Guard finally has it's own section and that I am the first one to share a fanfiction for this wonderful anime!

Okay, admittedly, this fanfiction is a bit odd, especially as the first entry for this section. You see, this story is not about one of the main characters, but has a secondary character from the series (and probably not one of the more popular ones), Saeki Toru, as it's protagonist. Moreover, this story ventures away from the mecha genre of Dai-Guard and enters more of a fantasy genre. To be honest, this whole story came into being based on one really weird dream I had about a year ago after watching a bunch of Dai-Guard and Revolutionary Girl Utena. It's completed, with eight chapters, and there is also a sequel of six chapters.

Just a warning, there are quite a few additional characters I've added to this story; to be honest, I can't see how it could work without original characters. However, if you don't like OCs, then this is probably not a story for you. With that being said, I have had so much fun writing all these characters, both those from the series and my own creations, and putting this story together, so I hope you all get a kick out of it too. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I do not own Dai-Guard.

Chapter 1: His Destiny

Saeki Toru awoke at precisely six o'clock on Wednesday morning, his clock buzzing loudly to rouse him. Climbing out of bed, he put on his navy blue slippers and yawned before trotting to the bathroom of his eleventh floor apartment, where he showered, brushed his teeth, and combed his hair. Then, it was back to his bedroom to get dressed into his work clothes for the day. By six forty five, Saeki threw on his winter overcoat and left his apartment, ready for yet another long day.

Although it was sunny outside, it was still a bitterly cold December day. Stuffing his glove-clad hands in his pockets, Saeki crossed the street and arrived at the small café opposite his apartment building at exactly seven. When he walked in, the gray-haired café owner, Murata Takehiko, greeted him, "Good morning, Saeki."

"Good morning, Murata."

"The usual?"

"Yes, thank you." Saeki took his regular seat at the fourth stool at the counter and Murata brought out his coffee and small breakfast of two slices of toast, which had obviously been prepared before Saeki's arrival.

"I saw you on the news the other day," Murata commented. "Tough break with those heterodynes, huh?"

"Yes, well, unfortunately, I can't share that classified information with civilians. However, I can tell you that the news has a way of creating a grossly inaccurate depiction of me," Saeki stated indignantly.

"I thought so, too," Murata humored before turning his attention to another customer who had just strolled in as Saeki began his breakfast.

At exactly 7:05 AM, Saeki's cell phone rang. He stared at the phone with dread, seeing the familiar number on his caller ID screen. After the third ring, though, he flipped in open and murmured an unenthusiastic, "Hello, mother." He was quiet for awhile, his mother going on for quiet some time. "I've been busy with work, mother...yes, that was me on the news the other day...no, it was not my fault...how many times do I have to tell you that you can't trust the news?...no, mother...yes, mother...sorry, mother...I'll try better next time...how do you know about that?...sorry, mother...yes, mother...no, I haven't, mother...well, when you put it that way, mother...no, mother...sorry, mother...I love you, too...Goodbye." Saeki hung up his phone and jumped off the stool.

"You didn't finish your second slice again, Saeki," Murata told him as he watched the young man leave with just his cup of coffee in hand.

"I'm no longer hungry," Saeki muttered glumly.

"I don't know why you even bother picking up for her, anymore," Murata then said, "Every morning it's the same conversation. I think I've got it memorized."

"Me, too," Saeki admitted with a sigh. "See you tomorrow, Murata." Saeki gave a wave of his hand and crossed the street once more. Once on the side of his apartment building, he proceeded toward the adjoining parking garage to get his car. By seven twenty five, he was inside his vehicle and on his way to Twenty First Century Defense Security's main office.

Saeki arrived at work at a quarter to eight in the morning. It took him about five minutes to walk from the parking lot to the steps of the building's entrance. Yet, to his surprise, when he began to ascend the stairs, he noticed that Akagi Shunsuke had already reached the top. "Akagi!" he called out, quickening his pace to catch up to him. "Wait up, Akagi!"

"Hmm?" Akagi turned around to see Saeki coming up the steps. "Oh, good morning, Saeki," he greeted him once Saeki reached him.

"You're here early for once," Saeki remarked suspiciously.

Akagi shrugged. "I guess because it's such a nice day, even if it is really cold."

"It would have been a better day if you had filed your paperwork correctly yesterday afternoon instead of cutting out early," Saeki immediately reprimanded as the two entered the building through the automatic glass doors.

"You noticed that, huh?"

"How could I not?" Saeki continued self-righteously, "It was one of the worst reports I've ever seen. I was stuck here until ten o'clock last night trying to sort through it. Finally, I just gave up and left it on your desk to redo."

"Redo?" Akagi's face dropped. "You mean the whole thing?"

"Well, if you had done it right the first time..." Saeki trailed off with little sympathy.

"Yeah, but – " a very upset Akagi began. However, he ceased his protest when he noticed that Saeki was no longer paying attention to him. Instead, he had stopped walking and was staring directly at a young woman in her early twenties. She was dressed in a Twenty First Century Defense Security uniform and had pale blue eyes, long, bright red hair that she had partially clipped back, and a very white complexion. Akagi looked at Saeki with concern. "Hey, is something wrong?"

"No, of course not," Saeki said with a shake of his head. He then added uneasily, "It's just that I didn't know that Asai Amaya worked the morning shifts on Wednesdays.""Who?" Akagi inquired with some confusion, "Oh, you mean the new receptionist? Yeah, she got her schedule changed since Reiko decided to quit last week. Why?"

"Oh, nothing!" Saeki abruptly turned his head away from the reception desk to stare at the wall to his right, his face turning a dark shade of pink.

Akagi grinned and slung his right arm around Saeki's neck. "Does somebody have a crush, Saeki?" he asked.

"I do not!" Sakei's cheeks grew pinker.

"Yeah, you do!" Akagi laughed, "Look at you blushing."

"Okay, so maybe I like her a little bit," Saeki admitted sheepishly, staring down at his feet.

"Then go and talk to her," Akagi suggested nonchalantly.

"I couldn't possibly – "

"Sure you could," Akagi stated matter-of-factly. "It's not like she's going anywhere." Quickly realizing, though, that the rather inept man had no intention of initiating a conversation with the young woman, Akagi decided to give Saeki a good shove forward with his right hand, saying, "Go on, Saeki – seize the moment!"

"But, I – " Saeki stammered and frowned as he was now stranded between his colleague and the object of his affection. Desperately, Saeki looked back at Akagi, who was now gesturing elaborately that he continued moving ahead. With little choice, Sakei awkwardly stepped forward and cleared his throat. Then, he uttered a weak, "Hello…"

"Oh, hi!" The startled girl looked up at Saeki. Immediately, she plastered on a fake smile and said what had obviously been rehearsed, "Welcome to Twenty First Century Defense Security! Can I help you, sir?"

"No I – I, uh, work here," Saeki foolishly replied.

"Do you?"

"Yes, with the Second Division of Public Relations."

"Oh, yeah..." She slowly remembered, "Saeki, right?"

"Yes!" Saeki beamed triumphantly, "So you do know my name!"

Asai frowned. "Well, I've seen you on the news before…"

"Then you must know how important I am."

"Uh…sure…" she answered unconvincingly.

Placing his hands on his hips, Saeki explained pompously, "As the chief tactical advisor, I'm pretty much responsible for all of Dai-Guard's operations. After all, although I might be working with the Second Division of the PR branch, I'm really a special agent in the military, which is a far superior position than any of those offered at Twenty First Century Defense Security." Saeki then frowned uneasily and hastily tacked on, "Uh, not that your job's not important! Because it is."

"Okay…" Asai was obviously not amused.

Watching from a distance, Akagi let out a groan. "What is he doing?" he muttered, shaking his head in disbelief.

"Yes, what is he doing?" questioned a severe voice from behind Akagi.

"Shirota!" Dai-Guard's main pilot spun around to see the special agent standing before him. "Uh, Saeki is just talking to the new receptionist, Asai Amaya."

"I can see that," Shirota said, "However, he has a meeting scheduled to begin in five minutes."

"Oh, well, I'm sure he'll be done by then, seeing how badly he's - " Akagi started when he noticed Shirota marching away from him toward the reception desk, where Saeki was still rambling on. "Wait, Shirota!"

"It's all a matter of time, really, until I'm directing all of Public Relations Division Two's activities myself."

"Uh, huh..." Asai muttered, looking very bored as she rolled her eyes.

:"It's not like those civilians know what they're doing, anyway. In fact, I think it's about time that the military start to take some more control of this heterodyne situation, don't you?"

"It seems to me that those civilians are doing a fine job," Asai commented sharply.

"Yes, but – "

"Saeki," the familiar voice of Shirota suddenly interrupted with irritation.

Saeki nearly jumped out of his skin. "Oh, Shirota. I didn't see you there."

"What are you doing?" Shirota demanded.

"I – uh – I was just," Shirota's subordinate stuttered incoherently.

"We have a very important meeting in less than five minutes," Shirota stated, speaking over him.

"Oh, yes, of course," Saeki blushed, embarrassed about being publicly disciplined by his superior, especially in front of the frowning Asai.

"Then why are you dawdling in the lobby, when you should be on your way to the seventh floor?"

"I'm, uh...well, you're not on your way up, either, Shirota, you know," Saeki pointed out.

Shirota gritted his teeth. "That's because I'm here with you."


"Let's go," Shirota then commanded. "Now."

"Yes, Shirota, sir," Saeki complied. He gave an uncomfortable wave goodbye to Asai, who did not wave back, before obediently following Shirota to the elevator.

Once inside the elevator, Saeki asked, "So, Shirota, what is today's meeting about?"

"Most of it doesn't concern you," Shirota responded.

"But then why was I asked to attend?"

"Because the military is assigning you a subordinate officer," Shirota informed him.

"They are?" Saeki blinked with surprise.

"Yes," Shirota confirmed, "Although I can't see why."

"Obviously, the military recognizes what a valuable asset I am," Saeki held himself up erectly.

Shirota gazed at him doubtfully. "In any event, you'll be responsible for overseeing his training and development."

"Huh?" Saeki frowned with dismay. "You mean, he's like an intern?"

"I suppose you could say that," Shirota answered.

"Oh, great," Saeki sulked, leaning against one of the elevator's walls. "Now I have to take care of some amateur tag-along. This stinks."

"I understand your feelings exactly," Shirota bluntly stated as the elevator doors opened to the seventh floor.

With an expression of confusion passing across his face after the special agent's last remark, Saeki followed Shirota down the corridor toward one of the conference rooms. When they reached it, Shirota instructed Saeki to "Wait out here." A few moments later, Shirota stepped out with a young man who appeared to be around Saeki's age. He had semi-shaggy, dark brown hair and lighter, auburn eyes. There wasn't much muscle to him, as he appeared to be skinnier than Saeki, although the two were about the same height. He was dressed in an old navy blue suit that was too big for his thin limbs. Saeki grimaced slightly at the sight of him as Shirota introduced them. "Saeki, this is Hattori Kenji. He just graduated from the academy. Hattori, this is Saeki Toru, your new commanding officer. He's one of the tactical advisors for Dai-Guard. If you have any questions or concerns, please address them with Saeki. Saeki, make sure that Hattori gets his clearance pass and ID. Now, if you'd excuse me..." Shirota pardoned himself and returned into the office to participate in the rest of the morning's meeting.

Saeki tried his best to hide his disappointment with his new charge. "It's nice to meet you, Hattori...I guess..."

Hattori Kenji, however, looked as if he was filled with overwhelming joy, his eyes glazing with happy tears as he kneeled before Saeki. "Oh, no! It is indeed my greatest honor to at last be in your service, Master Toru," he declared, bowing his head in reverence.

Saeki furrowed his eyebrows as he stared down at the young man with puzzlement. "Uh..."

"I promise I shall help you in anyway I can, Master Toru," Hattori went on, "My entire life is dedicated to you and you alone."

"Okay..." Saeki trailed off awkwardly.

"How can I serve you, Master Toru?"

"Well, I think you should get up off the floor, for starters," Saeki answered with crossed arms, and Hattori was immediately on his feet. "And didn't you learn anything about the proper way to address fellow military personnel at the academy?"


"The term is not 'Master.'"

"But then what should I call you, Master Toru?"

"'Agent Saeki' is fine. Or 'Saeki, sir,'" Saeki explained offhandedly as he began to walk down the hall.

"As you wish, Master Toru," Hattori obeyed, following a good distance behind Saeki. "Uh, I mean, Agent Saeki, sir."

They continued walking for several minutes in silence. "You know, you can stand next to me," Saeki at last said as they neared the elevator.

"I can...?" Hattori questioned in disbelief.


Reluctantly, Hattori moved forward and stood by Saeki's side, while Saeki pressed the down button for the elevator. Hattori gave him a meek smile, and Saeki managed a sort of half-grin. As soon as the elevator arrived, both men stepped in and Saeki hit the key for the first floor. How on earth did I get stuck playing baby-sitter to this guy? Saeki wondered, sighing as he looked over at his odd subordinate who stared blankly at the wall.

After a couple minutes, the elevator arrived on the first floor. Saeki stepped out first, followed by Hattori. "This way," he told him, making a right turn toward the Human Resources department. Yet, he stopped suddenly when he saw a very handsome platinum-blonde man with a glowing tan leaning over the reception desk to speak flirtatiously with Asai Amaya.

"Is something wrong, Mast – uh, Agent Saeki, sir?" Hattori asked with much concern.

Saeki scoffed and turned his head away from the scene at the reception desk. Crossly, he responded, "Nothing" before heatedly marching ahead of Hattori, bitterly leading the way to Human Resources.

At around noon time, Saeki was called to Special Agent Shirota's office for an impromptu meeting. Inhaling deeply, he bravely strode in with an almost arrogant air and said, "You wanted to see me, Shirota, sir?"

"Yes," Shirota replied. "How are things going with Hattori Kenji?"

Saeki frowned; he surely didn't want Shirota to think that he couldn't handle such a simple task, but at the same time, he didn't want the special agent to think that things were going exceptionally smoothly. So, he simply answered, "Well, they're going, sir."

Shirota raised a skeptical eyebrow. "Are you two getting along?"

"Yes, I suppose so...it's just that...Hattori is a little bit weird."

"Weird?" Shirota seemed surprised. "How so?"

"He keeps calling me 'Master Toru,'" Saeki explained.

"I see...well, I'm sure he's just confused as to the proper way to address a senior officer," Shirota reasoned. "Is that all?"

Saeki thought about explaining how strange their actual meeting had been, but decided it wasn't worth trying to explain. "I guess..."

"And where is he now?"

"He insisted on getting me lunch," Saeki informed Shirota. "But trust me, Shirota, I told him he didn't have to. For some reason, though, he seems to think it's his job to wait on me hand and foot."

"I'll have to clarify his duties for him, then," Shirota said.

"Is that all, Shirota?"

"No, uh..." Shirota started uncomfortably. "I just wanted to apologize for interfering with your personal affairs this morning. Akagi explained to me what you were, uh, trying to do. I'm sorry for being inconsiderate."

Saeki frowned miserably. "It doesn't matter, anyway," he told him. "She has a boyfriend. And not just any boyfriend – no, her boyfriend has to be former super model Yatsuhara Akio, the new spokesperson of Twenty First Century Defense Security. Even with all my good looks and my wonderful personality, how am I ever supposed to compete with that?"

"Oh, yes, well...I'm afraid I don't know much about that sort of thing," Shirota stated, growing increasingly uneasy. "But that was all, Saeki. You may go," he hastily ordered.

"Yes, Shirota," Saeki complied and he trotted out of the special agent's office.

Saeki Toru crawled into bed at eleven thirty that evening and quickly fell asleep. At one o'clock the next morning, he was awoken by a phone call from Shirota. It had seemed that there was heterodyne sighting downtown. By one fifteen he was dressed, out his apartment door, and on his way to his car.

Fortunately, there wasn't as much traffic on the streets of Tokyo as Saeki drove his black car to where the heterodyne had supposedly been sighted. He had the radio to a news broadcast, where a female correspondent reported on the impending incident. However, Saeki was finding it difficult to concentrate as there was a dark, almost black fog obstructing his view of the road ahead. Growing frustrated, for he was just moments away from convening with the team of Public Relations Division Two and he hated when any of the others arrived before he did, Saeki let out an aggravated sigh. "What the heck is this?" he thought aloud, slowing down his car considerably as the smog grew thicker.

Suddenly, he heard and felt something harshly slam on the stop of his car. Saeki immediately braked, his car coming to a screeching halt on what was a deserted back street. Breathing heavily and heart pounding, he anxiously looked around, but could not see anything at all in the dense black cloud. At once, he reached out his left hand and pressed the automatic lock button, assuring that all doors to his vehicle were secured. Swallowing hard, he listened carefully to what was going on outside, as he couldn't see a single thing except a thick black curtain of fog. Everything was eerily quiet. Then came what sounded like a very loud fluttering noise that shattered through the silence. Jumping, Saeki instantly grabbed for his cell phone with his right hand.

It was then when a large sword came plummeting straight down through the automobile's roof, just inches away from Saeki's right hand. Forgetting about his cell phone, Saeki let out a frightened yelp and instinctively threw his car door open and scrambled out. When he regained himself, he tried desperately to see through the black vapor. Again, he heard the strange, thunderous fluttering noise and looked up to see where it was coming from. To his frightened horror, there was a black winged horse flying over his car, with a terribly imposing figure completely clad in charcoal armor sitting on top of it.

Saeki cried out as he stumbled backward, falling on his rear, as he stared with wide-eyed terror at the menacing image before him. In a low, ominous voice, the masked man spoke; "Prince Toru of Aphinia. I am here to fulfill your destiny." With one sweeping motion, the man charged forward, sharp sword pointed directly at Saeki. Without thought, Saeki scarcely dodged the attack, rolling awkwardly to his left as the metal clanked hard against the pavement of the road. He then anxiously looked for his car, but there was barely any visibility, especially since his car, being black, would most likely camouflage with the fog. Squinting, he could faintly make out a dim light – his headlights. Frantically, Saeki managed to wobble to his feet and spring toward his automobile. Yet, when he was just about to reach it, the winged-horse and its mysterious rider came rushing down from the air, the long saber easily slicing through Saeki's vehicle, cutting off the top half of his car.

Saeki uttered a petrified gasp as he staggered backward. The masked man spoke once more; "Accept your destiny, Prince Toru of Aphinia and your life shall end quickly."

"But there must be a mistake!" Saeki explained, body trembling violently and knees buckling as the winged-horse flew up higher above him.

"Kneel before me so you may lose your head with honor," the man ordered. The winged-horse snorted and flapped its enormous wings, the wind of which easily knocked down the shaky Saeki. Again, the winged-horse and its rider raced toward him, almost disappearing in the black cloud as they quickly descended. Saeki closed his eyes and impulsively raised his arms in a futile attempt to protect himself.

There was a piercing clatter of metal. Cautiously, Saeki opened his eyes to barely make out the outline of another person standing defensively in front of him. Dressed in shining silver armor, its sparkle visible in the darkness, the man had his sword pressed against that of the masked rider, whose strength was barreling down on the grounded defender.

Without a single hesitation, Saeki scurried to his feet and began to run with all his might. He couldn't see where he was really going, although his eyes had begun to adjust a bit to the black fog, but it didn't matter. Eventually, he emerged from the dense cloud at the corner of the street he had been driving down, but he did not stop or even slow down. Instead, he kept running for fifteen more minutes until he finally reached where the Heterodyne sighting had been reported. To his relief, there was Dai-Guard with Public Relations Second Division. Out of breath and very disheveled, Saeki sprinted over to a very irate Shirota. "Where have you been, Saeki?" he immediately demanded, "I called you over an hour ago."

"I was, there was, I - " Saeki stammered inarticulately.

"And where's your car? Did you walk here?"

"It was – he – this guy – " Saeki continued to stutter incomprehensively.

"This type of behavior is unacceptable, Saeki. While we are currently on standby, you of all people should understand how imperative it is for everyone to be ready for when we get the word to move out."

"But Shirota, it wasn't my fault!" Saeki finally blurted out. "I was attacked on my way here!"

"Saeki, I don't have time for this," Shirota brushed off Saeki's explanation, "And neither do you."

"Please, Shirota, you have to listen!" Saeki frenetically clutched onto Shirota's winter jacket, as the other members of the Dai-Guard unit began to look on with curiosity. "I'm not making this up! My life is in serious danger!"

"If I was you, I'd be more concerned about my job being in jeopardy," Shirota suggested, pushing Saeki away from him.

"I already told you, it's not my fault, Shirota," Saeki exclaimed. "You see, there was all this black fog! And a crazy man on this flying horse! And the horse had wings! And this man on the horse was trying to kill me!"

"What?" Shirota glared at Saeki, clearly bewildered.

"That's right!" Saeki nodded emphatically. "And he almost beheaded me! I was sure I was done for, but then, this, this knight came out of nowhere! And he saved me so I could run away!" Urgently, he looked up at his superior officer. "Shirota, you believe me, don't you?"

"Saeki, are you feeling all right?" Shirota asked, his initial anger being replaced by worry.

"Of course not!" Saeki stated indignantly. "I was just attacked by a nutcase on a flying horse! Would you be feeling all right?"

"Well, no but – " Shirota began to answer when he realized just how ridiculous the question was. He then commented, "Saeki, I think you need some rest."

"Obviously," Saeki crossed his arms, "It's pretty exhausting running for your life."

"Uh, huh..." Shirota trailed off.

"Well, someone's finally cracked," Irie murmured aside with a smirk.

"I'd say!" Tanigawa agreed in a whisper.

In the meantime, Ibuki had grown very frustrated. "Oh, come on! Flying horses? Knights? That's just ridiculous."

Aoyama snickered. "Are you sure you didn't see any dragons or magic fairies, too, Saeki?"

"No," Saeki sneered, highly offended at the sarcastic remarks.

"But, Saeki," Akagi sympathetically spoke up, "it doesn't make any sense. Why would anyone want to kill you?"

Saeki pondered this question. "I'm not sure. He kept saying it was my destiny..."

"Saeki, I think it would be best if you went home," Shirota now suggested. "With everything you've, uh, been through..."

"Master Toru!" Hattori Kenji suddenly exclaimed, having emerged from one of Division Two's vans as he finally became aware of Saeki's arrival. Running toward him, he embraced Saeki tightly. "I was so worried about you, Master Toru! Oh, I mean, Agent Saeki, sir."

"Thanks..." Saeki managed to say, letting out a sigh of relief when Hattori released him. "Well, at least someone is worried about me."

"Hattori, could you drive Saeki home?" Shirota asked.

"Of course! Anything for Agent Saeki," Hattori stated simply as the rest of Dai-Guard's team exchanged glances.

"Good," Shirota said. "Make sure he gets home safely."

"I will, definitely," Hattori replied, "You have my word."

Shirota faintly nodded before turning his attention to everyone else, "Stay alert. Dai-Guard might have to take action at any moment..."

As Shirota continued to give instructions, Saeki followed Hattori to his rundown car feeling rather glum. Despite the skepticism he had received from his colleagues and the obvious ludicrousness of his story, Saeki knew he had been attacked on his way to the heterodyne sighting and that it had been by a mysterious masked man riding a flying winged-horse. My life is clearly in danger, he thought, and no one – save perhaps that clueless Hattori – is willing to give me any sort of helping hand. Still, Saeki had to admit to himself, perhaps Akagi has a point; it would be useful if I knew why this man wanted to kill me in the first place. He kept calling me "Prince Toru of Aphinia," but I have no idea what that even means. Maybe he has me mixed up with someone else, he then thought hopefully, which means that all I have to do is find this Prince guy and clear this whole mess up. Otherwise... Saeki didn't want to finish that last thought, shuddering slightly, yet the conclusion to it remained stuck in the back of his mind during the quiet car ride back to his apartment:

His destiny would be death.