Chapter 4

Naruto and the Kyuubi

Yuuhi Kurenai Team – Outskirts of the Sand Village

"Why were we assigned a rank A mission? We're only Chuunin. Well, except Shino," Kiba groaned. Kiba had started to lose interest in the ninja industry ever since the day Akamaru died.

"We were assigned to it by Shizune. Knowing her, it's a good reason." Kurenai replied. "Hinata, do a Byakugan to see if anyone is hiding around us behind some rock formations. We can never be too careful, right?"

"Okay." Hinata replied. It didn't take long to do Byakugan, and she's become very skilled at using the technique. "Byakugan!" Hinata yelled, suddenly gaining perfect 360 degree vision. She had become much better at using this technique, surpassing even Neji with his near perfect 360 degree vision.

Hinata spied a sand village ninja that was supposedly dead behind a rock formation. Hinata motioned to her group and the everyone followed Hinata to the rocks, seeing a sand ninja that was cold and dead. As the team looked around the body, they were all hit with senbon needles by someone with a very good aim. They were all hit in the same spots on their bodies, and they fell soundly asleep. There was then laughter in the air.

Hinata – Underground

"Hinata? Hinata?" a woman said, seeing if the girl in front of her would awaken. It had been a whole day since she was taken here and she still hasn't woken!

"Are you really a Ninja? If you are, wake up already!" the woman yelled. She slapped Hinata and her hand left a mark on Hinata's face. Hinata awoke and she saw a girl in front of her, and also felt pain spread throughout her left cheek.

The woman in front of her looked about 19, and was also very beautiful. Her blonde hair was thick and rich with color in this dreary moldy room, and her lovely purple eyes were very clear. Hinata could tell however, that the woman did not want to chat about herself all day. The woman's eyes obviously had much impatience.

"You're Hyuuga Hinata right? Of the Main branch of the Hyuuga Clan?" The woman yelled with a hint of intimidating annoyance.

"Yes, why, yes I am. And who may I ask is this?" Hinata asked. She made sure she played the conversation right, as the woman looked dangerous.

"I am none of your concern. I am here to interrogate you. You've been sleeping all day and I've been here, watching you sleep, waiting for you to wake up. Your friends woke up and they've already been interrogated! And my, what a landmine of information that Kiba boy has been." the woman said, laughing.

'Kiba? What did he say? We don't even know much about our mission, and we've already been captured? And how does she know our names? Unless Kiba ratted everyone out. I can't believe Kiba would do such a thing.' Hinata was thinking. She was highly doubting everything that the mysterious woman was saying.

"Listen. I know you are Hyuuga Hinata. And I want you to tell me about your FATHER." the woman said, suddenly looking very angry. Angrier than she had been before, anyways. "Your father, killed my father, and then in return, guess what I asked for? I asked for your dad's body! I needed to know your clan's secret! Although, then, we got an identical corpse as your father, but then it didn't have any secrets of the Byakugan hidden in his body! And we realized we had been fooled. It was not your father, it was your brother. And now, we are out to get your father! We will get him, and I will avenge my father! And I need to get information from you, his daughter, about him before we kill him." the woman explained.

Hinata was worried about this predicament. 'My father? And Neji's father? And now this woman is coming to finish the job? This is not good. I need to stop this.

"I will not say anything!" Hinata yelled, trying to break free in the most unconventional way. By moving around, trying to loosen the rope holding her onto a chair.

The woman frowned at Hinata and slapped her twice, once on both cheeks. "Tell me or I can not guarentee your safety at ALL!" The woman brought out a katana and sliced near Hinata, trying to scare her, but instead severly wounded her shoulder, cutting a chunk of skin and muscle off when she was jumping around in random directions.

Hinata was scared, and screamed. She never was a good ninja, and she allowed herself to believe she was a good one. Now she just wanted out. She suddenly started to struggle with breaking free, with ways that a normal human with common sense would know wouldn't work. But Hinata lost her common sense during that time of fear. She just wanted out.

"Hey! This isn't a fear trial! I didn't mean to do it, but you made me!" the woman said. The woman walked away, hoping Hinata would calm down enough to be able to be treated medically later.

Sakura & Shikamaru – Path to Rain

"Sakura!" Shikamaru said as relief flooded his whole body, taking away the worry he had for enemies.

"Shikamaru? What are you doing way out here?" Sakura asked, wondering if it had anything to do with her. She had hoped nothing happened.

Naruto – Leaf Village

"What is the meaning of this?" Tsunade screamed.

The poor unknowing medical nin had no knowledge of anything that happened after she, Tsunade, left.

"I'm sorry lord Hokage, but the other medical-nin did it!" the medical nin defended. It didn't help his case when the other medical nin was an unknown ninja who injected 17 milliliters of deadly poison into Naruto. It was not good that the seal of curses or whatever Tsunade rambled about as well as Naruto's Kyuubi seal was released.

"Okay, just leave so I can do my work. That's all." Tsunade said.

5 hours later

"The operation was a total success!" Tsunade explained to Shizune.

The worried Shizune finally settled down and sighed. "Why must there always be conflicts?" she thought aloud.