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Chapter 1: Confessions of an Ex-Digimon Emperor

Ken was nervous to his bones. Even in this most wildest predicament, he was shaking to his shoes at the thought of confessing his deepest, darkest secret to the ones he loved.

But he had to. This needed to get out in the open. They needed to know that he loved someone, they may not approve of him, but at least he was open with himself.

"Mom, Dad. I know this is as hard to me as it will be for you, but I'm tired of hiding them from you for so long..."

Alright, this was it. No pressure...!

"You see, I'm in love with someone...a-and, we've been seeing each other for a couple of years—j-just wait a moment, Mom, I need to finish this. The reason I didn't tell you for so long was because, we—no, I, was afraid you wouldn't approve of...my choice of partners.." Damn, that was lame!

Silence was still registered, which meant he was allowed to continue. "You remember my best friend, Daisuke? Actually, he and I...we've grown close...?" Ken mentally beat his head. That wasn't supposed to come out like that.

Ken sighed. "I'm sorry, Mom...Dad. I'll just tell it to you straight..."

This is it. "I'm gay. And Daisuke is my boyfriend. We've been together for a while—oh, no Mom! Please don't cry! I thought you'd be happy for me! Dad—Dad, wait! Oh Kami, this is a disaster!" Ken put his hands on his head and shook it back and forth in hysterics.

"Mr. and Miss Ichijouji, I promise to take care of Ken and make sure he's well fed and satisfied sexual wise for the rest of his miserable life." Tanned arms wrapped themselves around Ken's torso.

Ken jumped in startle, peaked through his fingers in mid-anguish. A heavy blush graced his features. "Dai...?"

"Yep," He playfully whispered in his sensitive ear. "Now that you're done, can I have the bathroom? It'll be short. My parents like you anyways."

!!Drabble Completed!!

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