Rating: M---Suggestive Themes

Chapter 2: DNA-DigitalExcuse...

Kari stood in front of the Motomiya/Ichijouji household, happily carrying a simple strawberry cake in her hands. Her dear friends, Daisuke and Ken had just moved in together recently, and she was sure that they (well...mostly Dai), were probably expecting a home-welcoming from someone in due course.

She knocked on the door. There was no answer.

'Huh? That's weird. They told me they were home on the phone...' Kari pondered as she knocked a few more times on the door.

Thinking that they might not have heard her, she decided to raise her voice. "Dai-kun? Ken-chan!! Are you guys in there?"

'Well of course they won't answer if they aren't there...' Kari chided to herself.

Sighing as she came all this way for nothing, she decided to go home when she heard scratching on the door.

"Uh, hello?" Kari responded to the knocking.

"---ari...K...ari..." A squeaky voice sounded from the other side.

'That sounded like Chibimon...' Kari crouched down the door to where the scratching was occurring and said, "Chibimon?"

All of a sudden, she heard the doorknob click and swung open, revealing Chibimon on the floor.

"Hey, Chibimon. Where's Leafmon?" Kari looked around.

"Right here!" She turned to see Leafmon dangling from the doorknob. "Please help me!"

She did so and looked around the apartment. Some of the boxes where open revealing contents, but it wasn't even half finished.

Kari looked at the bouncing baby Digimon. "Where's Dai-kun and Ken-chan? Why weren't they here to answer the door?"

Chibimon looked at Leafmon before answering. "They're here. But we're not sure what the are DOING at the moment."

She raised an eyebrow. "Ooookay...can you describe it at least?"

"Is that cake?" Leafmon jumped off topic easily. "Is that for us?"

"Only if you tell me where's Dai and Ken." Kari taunted playfully.

"Okay!" Chibimon concurred. "We think they're DNA-Digivolving!!"

Kari blinked. "DNA-Digivolving...?"

"Yep!" Chibimon and Leafmon answered simultaneously.

"So how are they DNA-Digivolving without you guys?" Kari inquired.

"Well..." Leafmon bounced. "They're in the bedroom...and it's really dark in there, you know, so Chibimon and me don't want to go in. And, they're moving around together like when me and Chibimon DNA-Digivolve into Paildramon."

"But, it must be very hard to do!" Chibimon added. "Because I can hear Daisuke growling and making all sorts of noises---"

"And Ken's sounding like he's in pain..." Tears began glistening in Leafmon's beady eyes. "He keeps yelling and groaning at Daisuke go harder or faster at whatever is going on and then he screams! I don't like it when he does that."

Chibimon nodded. "They've been doing that for a while now and they're so exhausted afterwards, but they always fail to DNA-Digivolve. They never combine no matter how long or hard it took."

A pregnant silence occurred as Kari sort of blanked out at the explanation. "Y-you mean to tell me...that they're 'DNA-Digivolving' right here and now?"

"YEP!" They both said.

Actually, she might have heard something from the door next to her and giggled nervously. "You don't say...?"

"Do all humans do that?" Leafmon tilted it's head. "It seems painful to DNA-Digvolve for humans."

Kari scratched the back of her head. "Well...it's hard to explain...and they're not in pain, really...um..."

How the hell was she supposed to tell two innocent little Digimon the facts of life???

Then a thought came to her. "You know what? I'll put this cake in the fridge, and I'll take you guys to a pastry shop and you can eat to your heart's content, okay?"

Chibimon and Leafmon cheered. "Yay! Cake!!!"

Plan succeeded.

'They are getting such a yell for doing those things while their Digimon is around when I come back!' Kari thought indignantly as she led the way for the pastry induced creatures.

End Drabble