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Chaste Bite


"Oh, yeah." I said smugly. "There's always that…" and I leaned down, staring into her melted dark brown eyes, somehow feeling a little more human, as I craved the chocolate they were.

But the moment my lips pressed to hers, even with the faintest of pressure, it felt like something exploded, like there were bombs going off in my mind, like fire burned within my lips, aching to be put out with her own.

And I was full happy to oblige, my hand fluttered to her hip to hold her in place, while my other wound in hair as I tried to press her to me harder, while her hands were tracing the features of my face.

And every moment I spent touching her, the fire grew hotter, and more out of control, faster than I could dare to put it out. Suddenly it felt like even though I was pressed up against her as tightly as I dared without harming her, I felt like it wasn't close enough, like I could never be close enough… Like I wanted her in so many more ways than one…

I pulled away from her lips before the temptation could pull me under, but continued kissing her face, her soft forehead, her eye-lids, her nose, her cheeks…every inch of her perfect porcelain skin.

And then I felt it, on my shoulder.

I abruptly stopped, and turned to look at what caused the sensation.

"Isabella Marie Swan…?" I asked in disbelief. "Did—did you just bite me?"

"Um, yes." she said, shyly, but slowly gaining her confidence.

"Why?" I asked, still incredulous.

"Well, if you won't turn me into a vampire… I wanted to see if maybe I can turn you into a human."

I stared into her innocent eyes, before throwing my head back and laughing loudly, at the sheer hilarity that was Bella. My Bella… The things she does never cease to amaze me…

"Quit laughing at me!" she hissed.

I just kept laughing. "I'm sorry, Bella, but I don't think your 'venom' works that way." I choked out in between laughs.

"Yeah, well how do you know?" she huffed. "I doubt any of you have ever actually been bitten by a human before!" But that just made me laugh harder.

"Well, I don't feel my heart beating… I don't feel any form of burning… And, call me crazy, I don't think your teeth made it past my rock hard skin." I said, still smiling. "But you're welcome to try again," I said, smug. It really was a wonderfully strange sensation; being bitten by a human.

She scoffed. "After you laughed at me?" she scoffed again. "You'll see! You'll be lucky if I kiss you again for a week!"

I smiled and leaned down to scoop her in my arms again, but she wiggled from my grasp, and crawled away from the bed, and immediately leaving for the stairs. I waited patiently and smugly while she realized something, turned around, opened the door, and pointed for me to leave.

"Alright, smart-ass." She said, piqued. "You've successfully managed to almost make me kick myself out of my own house."

I chuckled again, and held my arms out for her to join me again. She shook her head, and pointed again to the door. "Out." She said firmly, and I gaped at her in surprised horror. She couldn't be serious!

I stood up, and walked to where she was standing, attempting to envelope her in an apologetic hug, but she pushed me away.

I stared at her, hurt before finally turning around and making my way down the stairs.

I made it about three steps before she launched herself at me, clinging to my back like a child.

"Am I forgiven?" I asked, hopeful. She nodded her head, and though I couldn't see it, I could feel it.

I swung her around so I held her in my arms, and reached down to give her the most forceful kiss I'd ever given her.

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