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Rika stormed angrily through the park, cursing the dress she wore as her hair fell messily into her make-up laden eyes. Her mother had been thrilled when she had asked for help getting dressed for that dance… and now she would be furious that she was walking home, alone, and an hour early.

Stupid Henry… she thought to herself darkly. Why couldn't he just not be there? It's all his fault. Hearing foot falls behind her she paused just long enough to pull off the heels that her mother had insisted that she wore. Feet free from restraint, she started jogging.

"Rika!" Henry's familiar voice laughed behind her. He was catching up, making her even angrier. "Rika slow down! I didn't mean to make you mad!"

"You moron!" She didn't slow down as she yelled over her shoulder. "Telling the guy I was on a date with that I had already had my first kiss? And with you no less!"

He caught her elbow, laughing again as he pulled her to a stop. "Sorry, sorry…" His smile aggravated her farther, and she glared. "Would you like me to tell him that it was a lie?"

"But it wasn't a lie!" She itched to slap him. Stupid Henry and his stupid smile. "Which makes it worse! You ruined my first kiss!"

Henry rolled his eyes, but didn't let go of her arm. "We went over this… I only ruined your first kiss with me. Not your first kiss with anyone else; every experience is different."

"You ruined my first kiss with Ken!" She could feel her already-fragile sanity starting to slip. I will not loose control, I will not loose control…

"How did I ruin your first kiss with Ken?" Henry asked lightly, far too amused with the situation.

"You kept telling me that a first kiss was supposed to be romantic and after one of those corny pauses, like you see in the bloody movies!"

"No," he corrected, raising his free hand to shake a finger in her face. "I said that a good first kiss was supposed to be like that."

"Exactly!" She took a deep breathe, and told herself to calm down. Why can't he see the problem here? It's obvious! "And now every single 'first kiss' I have with someone I'm going to think it should be like that, and my kiss with Ken wasn't like that!" There was a deafening pause, and tension hung in the air. But…

"… but your kiss with me was," Henry finished. Rika felt her cheeks heat up and the blunette's smile grew tenfold. "Awe… how cu-"

She snapped. And slapped him. "Cute? Cute!" Fuming, Rika yanked her arm out of Henry's grasp and turned away from him. "So what if your kiss was that way? That just makes it even worse! Now I'll think of you every time I kiss someone!"

He was silent behind her, and Rika worried for a moment that she had crossed a line… No! This is all his fault! He deserves this!

She moved to take a step forwards, a step away from him, when he started laughing again. "So then go kiss him again Rika!" Henry chuckled. "Because, logically, the second kiss shouldn't remind you of me at all. Right?"

"No, of course not!" She could already feel herself calming down. "Because I've only kissed you once." Okay… it's still his fault… but now I feel silly. Looking down at the heels dangling limply in her hand, she tried to remember why exactly she had agreed to go to the stupid dance anyways… sure, she liked Ken, but she hated dances… "Henry, I'm sorry."

"Hey, momentai," he said jokingly, moving to stand behind her. Rika glanced up into his grey eyes, seeing the harsh red mark on his cheek. "The past is the past… no hard feelings?"

She chuckled, feeling embarrassed. "None… I can't believe I overreacted that much to a stupid kiss."

"Wait until your second one," Henry teased.

"Oh no you don't," she glared at him again, and started walking; he kept up with her easily, and shrugged off his jacket to cover her bare shoulder's politely.

"Hey, it's not ruining anything," he insisted even as she tried to refuse his jacket. A breeze drifted past and she relented. "Second kisses could be anything… could be another slow, romantic one… or it could be fast and unexpected. Just like that."

"And you would know," she couldn't help but roll her eyes at him, like he had earlier.

"Better than you would."

"And how many second kisses have you had?" She was starting to get a sense of déjà vu…

"Déjà vu much?" Henry laughed. "And what next..? We kiss again?"

"No," she sent him a glare, but he only smiled at her. He's been smiling a lot lately… idiot. "Next you tell me now many second kisses you've had."

"Ah, so this is déjà vu…" he nodded, almost solemnly. "Lets see… at least 3."

"At least?" She continued to glare at him. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Jealous?" He teased, but didn't let her respond. "It means that kisses before high school don't actually count."

"You kissed someone before you were in high school?" Rika paused again, and Henry pushed her forwards gently so that he wouldn't have to stop.

"Yep," she watched him nod out of the corner of her eye. "One of Jeri's friends had a crush on me at one point or another. She attempted to hook us up; didn't turn out too well."

Oh. Rika tried not to feel curious, but couldn't help it… she wanted to know. Looking down at her bare feet as she took step after step, she chewed on her lip lightly. "What happened..?"

She saw him shrug out of the corner of her eye. "We went on a few dates. Kissed. Went on another date, kissed again. Decided to call it off… she kept sending me stalkerish Emails and phoned me every day or so for a month or three afterwards, but eventually she got the picture." He chuckled, a light coming to his eyes as he remembered. "Literally."


"Me and Kazu took a couple dozen pictures of this girl we know and stuck them all up in my locker, and then Kazu 'accidentally' gave her my locker combination." Henry looked almost guilty, and Rika rolled her eyes.

"That's called an invasion of privacy."

"Yeah I know," he shrugged. "But I'm sure that if the girl had known the situation, she would've understood and agreed to being a pretend girlfriend, if only for a week or two… after that Kazu insisted that I had this huge, fake break-up episode over the phone; it was pretty dramatic."

"How'd you pull that off?" The digimon queen felt a smile tugging at her lips in spite of herself, and attempted to school her features as the two of them stepped out of the park, and closer towards the street that Rika lived on.

"Takato sucked up some helium and said some pretty words, very loudly, over a speaker phone that I rigged up to the PA system…"

"That's downright sneaky," Rika giggled, feeling girlish for the moment; she shook the comfortable, light-hearted feeling out of her head, and looked around to see where she was. "Oh… I'm going the other way."

"No worries." They both stopped, and gave each other smiles like any old friend would.

"Goodnight Henry," she lingered a moment longer, before turning away from him… and that's when it happened.

She had barely finished turning when his hand glided over her back; time sped up and slowed down for that fraction of a second it took him to grasp her arm just tight enough to make her turn around. The hand on her back drifted up to her neck, tilting her jaw back as the blue-haired, gray-eyed seventeen-year-old digimon tamer she had known since they were in middle school, leaned forwards and kissed her.

It was deeper than their last kiss, pulling teeth over lips and tongue over tongue as she fought simply to breathe and remember why this was supposed to be making her mad… and then he pulled away, gave her that idiot smile that he had been smiling all week, and stepped away from her.

"… and now I've ruined all your second kisses as well," he chuckled, giving her a wave as she stared at him in a daze. Turning around, Henry walked away.

what..? Rika blinked, and the world crashed in on her from all sides. "You'll pay for that Wong!"

"Momentai, Rika-kun!" He called back to her, not stopping. "Oyasumi!"

"Ugh!" She wanted to throw a tantrum, like she would've done as a child. "I'll never kiss anyone ever again!"

He laughed again, the sound tinkling back to her from all around. Little did either of them know was that for the next 6 years, Rika would keep that promise.