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Hisoka woke with a splitting headache. What one might expect from having just been exercised of a demon. He didn't dare to open his eyes as that was never a good idea when one had a headache, instead he would try to go back to sleep and wait for either the pain to recede or unconsciousness.

When he rolled over to get more comfortable he was met with something warm.

"Oh no." Spoke the groggy teen. He carefully peeled one eyelid open to confirm his suspicion. His face was mere inches away of a 'panting'? inu Tsuzuki, wearing a look of pure joy.

"Your awake!" Tsuzuki yipped.

"Baka, head hurts." Hisoka spoke quietly shutting his eyes again to block out sunlight. Actually Hisoka had some questions for Tsuzuki but he just didn't want to be awake right now.

Suddenly the blankets were ripped off of him, Hisoka yelped and pulled the hospital Yukata down to cover his knees. His head whipped around, despite its protest.

"WHAT THE HELL-" Hisoka froze when he saw it was Tatsumi who had so eagerly removed his blankets, not only that, he was smiling. Hisoka shivered, having only witnessed that particular smile when the secretary was deranged from some damage Tsuzuki had inflicted on the department.

He looked up again and blushed as he noticed that Watari, Kyo, Zan, Yuma and Wakaba were standing around the room also.

Hisoka froze what the hell was going on?

"What happened, why are you here, you didn't get rid of the demon did you. I'm still possessed right?" Hisoka asked worriedly.

"Calm down Hisoka!" Watari said rushing forward. "Everyone just wanted to see you, they were worried." Hisoka flinched when Watari placed his hand on his forehead. Watari simply ignored it.

"Then what's going on?" Hisoka asked.

"Nothing." Tatsumi smiled impishly. Hisoka shivered 'that man should never make that face again.' "Its time to get up, you have been asleep for three days. We thought it was time to wake you."

Hisoka sat up more appropriately and tried to make himself seem unaffected by all the attention. He rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands.

"Awwwwe Hisoka is so CUTE when he just wakes up!" suddenly he was glomped by a very warm Yuma, that's when he noticed it. Something was terribly wrong. His eyes snapped to Zan.

"Relax! I just put a seal on you so that you wouldn't freak out with all the emotions when you woke up. It just tones them down a bit, that's all." Zan tried to placate Hisoka, he pointed at his chest. Hisoka wrestled his arm free and opened his Yukata a little to reveal a fuda.

He didn't like it. He almost made to peel it off when Kyo slapped his wrist. Hisoka looked up at the man eyes wide.

"You can take it off tonight ok?" Hisoka nodded meekly still staring.

"Come on Hisoka get dressed! We have something to show you!" Tsuzuki jumped up. Hisoka calmed a little when he could still feel some of the emotions off of Tsuzuki. But he still felt naked in front of them all. The prospect that they all could be hiding some terrible secret made him shiver.

Tsuzuki shoved the clothes at Hisoka, but Yuma grabbed them away before Hisoka could receive them.

"No, Hisoka is coming with me, I picked out a outfit and he will wear that, it is a special occasion after all!" everyone in the room eyes widened in fear, Hisoka began to crawl away from the girl, a look of utter horror on his face. He clawed at Tsuzuki's hands.

"No, please no…. I cant."

"Stop that! I'm not Saya you know! I do have better taste when it comes to dressing men, couldn't you people tell?" Everyone looked around at each other and sweat dropped.

Kyo stood there with an eyebrow raised, and Zan seemed to be squinting at the girl, trying to figure something out.

"I don't get it." Kyo said flatly. Tatsumi's head turned ever so slowly towards the two new comers. His neck seemed to make a creaking noise as it turned.

"Be afraid." He said eyes in utter seriousness. Wakaba stepped through the crowd, and took Hisoka's hand gently.

"Don't worry Hisoka, I helped her pick it out. Now come on." She coaxed the teen up he followed her and Yuma into the adjoining room. He looked over his shoulder in a silent plea for help.

"We should probably help him." Tatsumi stated.

"He'll be fine, I always go shopping with Wakaba." Watari shrugged as he began to organize some papers. The room sweat dropped again.


Hisoka realized that the girls must have reined their flamboyant selves in. He had gotten away seemingly unscathed, despite the choker that he had to keep batting out of Yuma's hand.

"Oh COME ON. Girls don't just wear them!" Hisoka ignored her as he inspected himself in the mirror after he had left the dressing room (behind the infirmary curtains)

He was now wearing a new pair of black jeans (conveniently prefaded) that seemed to fit him better than any pair he owned. And a long sleeved sweatshirt, in thick orange and black stripes. He put the shirt on skeptically but was pleased to see that it fit his slight shoulders, despite having unnecessarily long sleeves. Most shirts hung off of him, accentuating his slight build, but this hid that fact.

He even said yea to the new form fitting black Jacket.

"Welllll?" Yuma was poised in anticipation to see if he truly liked what he saw.

"I can't believe you found stuff that actually…fits me." He blushed.

"But do you like it?!" Hisoka looked again at the new stylized black and orange tennis shoes. He liked those especially.

"I could wear this, I still like my other stu-"

"I KNEW IT I KNEW IT! Ha Saya will be so disappointed I was right she owes me ten bucks! I guessed his style right, and she said that a dark look wouldn't fit because his hair and eyes, oh but I knew it doesn't matter, its all about how you feel in the clothes right? Right. So when I saw this in the store and it just SCREAMED Hisoka…" She continued to babble as Hisoka turned to Wakaba, who hid the studded choker in her pocket before Yuma would notice.

"So you really like this?" Wakaba asked seriously squeezing his shoulder, While Yuma still babbled away in the background.

"Yeah I think so, I never really had a style I just wore whatever was cheap and available. Why did you guys…" he tapered off not really sure of himself.

"We wanted to give you a new look to help start over, every one needs a change and we thought you would like this." She said. A hint of sadness crept into her voice. Hisoka scratched the fuda on his chest.

"Personally I wanted the purple and black striped one for you, to bring out your eyes, and also to match with another Shinigami's eyes, but Wakaba said you would never wear purple…." Yuma continued.

"Well thank you." He looked down. "No one has ever done anything like this for me before, but I'm still going to wear my old stuff too."

"Well I wanted to take you out shopping again anyway. In case you didn't like this, and so you could pick." Wakaba smiled. "I requested a day off next week for Terazuma and I so we could all go shopping together!" Hisoka was dreading it already.

"Where is Terazuma any ways?"

"And when I saw the stripes I thought well its almost Goth, and Hisoka certainly acts Goth sometimes, he is definitely cool enough to pull it off…." Yuma continued on her tirade not noticing that Hisoka and Wakaba paid her no heed.

"Oh well we will meet up with him later after work" Wakaba quickly looked away. She was definitely hiding something

"Now WHERE is that damned choker!" Yuma threw various shopping bags out of her way as she searched.


When Hisoka nervously made his way back into the infirmary, Kyo gave a catcall. Hisoka blushed furiously.

"It really suits you!" Zan rushed over and spun the teen around. "Don't you think?" Hisoka nodded shyly.

"I don't know what you were all nervous about. Wakaba has excellent taste." Watari said approving of the outfit. Tatsumi nodded.

"It is indeed well fitting, you don't look bedraggled like you did in that horrible orange sweater. Tsuzuki I suggest burning that." Yuma walked out behind the teen with a garbage can that had something on fire in it.

"Done and done. Hot! Hot!" She set down the can before her hands got burned.

"You burned it? What a waste! I like that shirt a lot!" Hisoka pouted.

"We'll get a new one Hisoka," said Wakaba who was holding Terazuma's lighter. She realized her mistake and quickly hid it in her pocket. Hisoka shook his head.

He slowly turned towards Tsuzuki, afraid of the purple eyed one's reaction to the change. As soon as he looked at the man though he was glomped again.

"Hisoka looks REALLY GOOD!" Hisoka was thankful for the fuda suddenly as a weak wave of admiration poured into him. Hinted with something else that was even more frightening.

Hisoka's mind wandered back to what Tsuzuki had said just before he passed out and he became suddenly eager to talk to the man. But afraid to ask in front of everyone so he kept his mouth shut. Maybe they would all leave now.

"Well time to get out of here!"

"Watari and I will meet you guys there later, some of us still have to work." Tatsumi smiled.

"Wha- where are we…" Hisoka stuttered

"It's a surprise!" Tsuzuki grabbed his hand and teleported Him and Hisoka to the library.

"What? What's the surprise," Hisoka asked skeptically. Well first we have to pick up something here.

"Its Hisoka!!" The floating birds suddenly were hovering around the disoriented immortal teen.

"How do you feel? You look better!"

"Actually I need to sit down." Hisoka muttered, too much excitement.

"Yes yes, we have been waiting for you and… Tsuzuki." The two birds cast a glare to the purple-eyed one. "We just sat down to tea, would you care to join us?" The twins ushered Hisoka over to a table that conveniently had been set for four.

"So… how have you been?" one of the twins asked nonchalant.

"Quite stalling, what's going on? Hisoka turned to Tsuzuki, "Stop hiding things from me." The two birds feathers ruffled as they hovered about in a tizzy.

"Hisoka nothing bad is happening, just trust me ok?" Hisoka was struck with those words. He had been untrusting hadn't he? He opened his mouth again but faltered. "I promise it's a good surprise now just calm down ok, lets have some tea." Tsuzuki said smiling calmly. He poured Hisoka a cup then the twins whose feathers began to slowly unruffled.

"Hisoka, we have something for you, When Tsuzuki destroyed the library there were lots of damaged books but some of them could be saved. Tatsumi gave us a good budget to replace all the damaged books, we were going to donate them but we thought we let you take them."

"That's very kind of you…"

"Well that was quite some time ago, so we took the liberty of keeping all the books we thought you would be interested in." One of the twins rose and took off a sheet that was covering a huge pile of boxes.

Hisoka was amazed to see five huge boxes of books; he slowly stood and made his way to the pile. Picking up a singed book. These were classics, He picked up the first book he ever fell in love with 'Dog of Flanders' He remembered reading it in the cold cellar by the light of the sun never wasting a minute of precious sunlight.

"I…I don't know what to say." Hisoka was in shock. "I… thank you, but I can only take a few, I don't really have that much room at my apartment."

Tsuzuki smiled as he watched the boy's awe. He looked to the GushoShin and winked. They nodded eagerly.

"Well we can go through them later ok Hisoka? Lets have some tea and relax, ne?"

They sat and had Tea with the twins. Tsuzuki protested at the lack of biscuits, and said tea wasn't tea with out biscuits. In which case the GushoShins pointed out that tea was Infact tea and would remain tea even with out the biscuits. Hisoka was rather quiet, plucking at the sleeve of his new striped shirt and sipping the macha that the GushoShins had decided on serving.

Tsuzuki's eyes lit up with mirth every time he caught Hisoka eyeing the mountain of books. The image of Hisoka crying out in pain as he lay beneath the blanket flashed into his mind. He bit back the sorrow over what this boy had suffered so much in his life already.

He didn't deserve to be brought up like that. No one deserved that. No one. 'Not even me.' Thought Tsuzuki with astounding clarity, he felt a hand on his and knew that Hisoka was trying to read him. He smiled sadly at the boy; he wouldn't hide from him anymore.

Hisoka withdrew his hand as if it had been burnt. Hisoka nervously looked away. But still his face was expressionless. 'I swear to you Hisoka, I will break down that wall that keeps your emotions locked up, whether you will look at me with fear or perhaps… something else. I promise to help you show those emotions.' He mentally vowed.

At that instant a loud crash could be heard

"Damnit, who put these books here?"

"Terazuma" Tsuzuki and Hisoka uttered both rolling their eyes.

"Ok, that's the cue! Out out out, we helped you for the sake of Hisoka NOW GET OUT." The GushoShins were a flutter, placing themselves in-between the two infamous quarrelers.

"We aren't going to try anything, you stupid chickens, I just came to get them." Terazuma pulled his pack of cigarettes from his pocket. One of the twins kicked the pack from his hands. Sending them skidding across the floor.

"Regardless GET OUT" the two birds yelled simultaneously. Terazuma chased after his cigarettes while Hisoka quickly retrieved his new jacket and headed for the door dragging Tsuzuki along behind him.

"Come on Baka, you've outstayed your welcome."

"Me? They started throwing a fit the moment dog-" Hisoka clamped his hand down over his mouth. They made there way out into the morning sun.

"I'm leaving I'm leavin!" The library doors slammed in Terazuma's face and a sign was promptly displayed that read, closed until further notice.

"Jeez, what did you do Tsuzuki?"


"STOP." The two men stopped and crossed their arms staring at each other. "You came to get us, now why?" Tsuzuki marveled at how much like Tatsumi the teen could sound.

"Oh well, I'm supposed to take you somewhere." Terazuma said lighting up one of his recovered cigarettes.


"Never mind that, we are walking though." And Terazuma led the partners through the sakura grove.

"Hey Terazuma, why do you have paint all over you? It looks like you sat on a wet bench." Indeed Terazuma's bottom was covered in a light sage green. Tsuzuki snickered. The shikki possessed man refused to turn, as that would reveal a bright crimson blush.

"No reason."