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/Daisuke to Dark/

//Dark to Dai//

\Satoshi to Krad\

\Krad to Sato\

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Dark was standing in a dark alley late at night. He was breathing heavily and leaning on the wall for support. His left arm was wrapped around his side to slow the blood flow from his wound, but it wasn't working very well and blood through his fingers and onto the pavement. Krad landed quietly behind him. Dark turned to face him. Krad smirked.

"I know you were separated from your tamer like me so Satoshi and Daisuke aren't here to save you. So I can take my time in torturing and killing you." With that said Krad lunged for Dark. Dark tried to get away but Krad caught his arm and threw him up against the wall. Krad took his wrists and held them against the wall above his head with one hand. Dark struggled furiously to get away but Krad had him pinned to where he couldn't move.

"Relax Dark-chan. We're just going to have some fun." Krad leaned forward and whispered in Dark's ear. Dark shuddered.

"Your definition of fun is something to be scared of Krad." Krad laughed maniacally and kneed Dark in his wounded abdomen. Dark hissed in pain and glared at Krad, breathing heavily. Krad smirked and crushed his lips onto Dark's. As Dark sat there trapped he thought back to how this all began.


"Daisuke! Come down stairs for a minute, we've got a suprise for you!" Emiko called up the stairs. Daisuke groaned and dragged himself down stairs. Last nights heist had been particularly difficult because Saotshi had changed into Krad. Krad had then proceeded to knock them silly until Dark escaped with the artifact. /What do you think she wants Dark?/

//I don't know. It's prolly just another Hikari artifact that needs stealing.//

/Aw man!/

//Relax Daisuke. If it is you can just sleep while I work.// Daisuke could tell he was smirking.

/And leave you unsupervised?! I don't think so!/

//Suit yourself Daisuke. Just don't come running to me when you fall asleep in class again.//

/Shut up Dark! It doesn't happen that often./

//Sure. Everyday isn't very often.// Dark replied sarcastically. Emiko cleared her throat to get her son's attention. Daisuke realized he was already down the stairs and had been standing here arguing with Dark in front of his mom while she had just waited for them to finish. "Sorry Mom." Daisuke said sheepishly.

"That's okay sweetie! Come into the living room. We have a suprise for you!" Emiko beamed. She ushered him into the living room. There Daisuke saw Kosuke, Daiki, With, Towa, and Satoshi.

//Oi!! What's creepy boy doing here Daisuke?!//

/Dark! That's not his name and you know it!/

//So he's still weird and...just plain creepy! I think he has a thing for you.//

/Oh! Like a present?/ Daisuke asked with false innocence.

//No Dai-chan. Like a handcuff and playboy fetish thing for you.//

/Ew Dark! Don't put those images in my sweet innocent mind./

//Innocent my ass. I've seen your day dreams about creepy boy.// Dark snorted. Daisuke blushed furiously. //See? You can't fool me by pretending to like Riku.//

/How did you know?!/

//I'm your other half! You don't think I don't know about this stuff?! Sheesh! You really are naiive.//

/Shut up./

"Are you two boys ready for our suprise?" Emiko asked Daisuke and Satoshi. Both boys nodded. She whipped out something to fast to see what it was. Suddenly a blinding light filled the room. When Daisuke could see again he saw Dark standing next to him and Krad standing next to Satoshi. Krad growled and lunged at Dark. Dark barely avoided him and ran outside and flew away with Krad hot on his heels. Then Krad threw a magical blast at him wounding him and forcing Dark to land. Which is how he wound up trapped by Krad.

End Flashback

Dark was starting to feel light headed from the blood loss and Krad still forcefully kissing him. Finally Krad broke away and Dark slumped in his hold as his vision started to blur and darken at the edges. The last thing Dark was Krad's evil smirk before he gave into the darkness and passed out.

End Chapter 1.

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