Epilogue –Nothing's Gonna Change My World

"Ash! Please come help Ray set up chairs out back?" Alyssa called up the stairs to her son. She patted the baby's back, encouraging him to burp as she waited for Ash to appear at the top of the steps. It took a minute, but he arrived with little protest. He was a good helper, even now, and he still absolutely adored anything to do with Ray. Alyssa knew they were fortunate in that respect – those two having always gotten along so well. Initially, their friendship made discipline difficult for Ray. But really, Ash rarely needed much correcting. Alyssa usually took the lead in such matters, though, with Ray, Jason, and even Jessi backing her up. Poor Ash wasn't ever going to be one of those kids who played one parent off another. They had all worked hard to make this work; they'd been making it work for the past four years.

Ray had returned to Baton Rouge, taking the local job upon graduation from his residency the month after Jack and Jacy's wedding. Nine months after he moved back to Louisiana and three months after he and Alyssa were married, he felt he'd given the ER the fair chance Alyssa and Darren had insisted upon. That September, he applied for residency positions and in March of the next year, he matched into LSU's PM&R program in New Orleans. When Ash finished second grade, they made their move.

Leaving Jacy, Jack and Darren behind in Baton Rouge had proven difficult for all of them, especially with the new baby on the way, but after a short time, they all settled into new routines. Alyssa's job had transferred easily, and following her maternity leave with baby Rosalind, she started back to work part time. Ray quickly fell back into resident life. Although he had to admit that the hours and workload were quite different and much more manageable than his ER residency, the new baby was something he hadn't contended with before. At first, he had been slightly hesitant with his daughter, worrying that since his father hadn't been present in his life, he'd have no idea how to father his child. Alyssa calmly pointed out that Ray had been successfully serving as Ash's father for two years prior to Rosalind's arrival. That realization served as a calming force for him.

Ash had been a big help, too. Almost instantly, he'd bonded with his sister. He imagined himself her protector and Ray's assistant in anything baby-related. There were plenty of times when she would cry and Ray, exhausted and overwhelmed, would turn to the boy for help. Every time, Ray shook his head in awe of his young son's ability to pacify the baby. On top of all this, Ash excelled at school and sports, especially soccer. Darren had still managed to make it down for most of the games, taking his place beside Ray, Alyssa and occasionally Jason on the sidelines.

The years had passed more quickly than Ray thought possible, until he found himself here today, standing in the backyard of their home, a full six years after he'd first met these people who had quite literally become his family, setting up for this party Alyssa had planned for him. He wasn't sure exactly how many people she had invited. He knew a couple of the other residents were having their own shindigs today, but two or three of his V.A. patients had promised to stop by.

As he looked around the yard, he wiped dripping sweat from his face and eyes. It was already a scorcher. He glanced over at the stack of chairs on the deck. Luckily, his new career kept him in amazing shape. He ran a seven-minute mile and had dabbled in marathon running before baby Benjamin arrived in February. He promised Darren they could start up again next season. Still, he ran daily. Ash had started joining him last summer. It was kind of their thing. Ray couldn't help him with soccer, and he didn't need it with school, but the running, well, Ray could do that. He'd only done six miles that morning. Alyssa had given him a to-do list as long as his arm, anyway. Arranging the chairs was the next item he planned to check off. As he started toward the deck, Ash appeared beside the stack.

"Mom said I should help you," he said as he grabbed a chair.

"Yeah, thanks." Ray picked two chairs off the top of the stack and carried them out into the sunshine. He set them down and looked around the yard again. "Did she say where she wanted them?"

Ash shook his head. "She just said I should help you with them. I think it's because you're getting so old."

Ash ducked as Ray came toward him, wrestled him to the ground and pinned him. Sitting atop his son, Ray grinned. "Who's getting old?"

Alyssa, who had been watching them out the kitchen window, stepped onto the porch with Ben in her arms. Ray released Ash and crossed the yard to meet them.

"Did you all come to help?" he asked as he plucked the baby from her arms.

"Well, we thought someone should actually set up the chairs," decided Alyssa.

"Yeah," Ray said as he situated Ben on his forearm so the baby was facing outward and could be part of the action, "But we didn't know how you wanted them."

"Oh, right, I had to come and bless the moving of the chairs before it could actually happen. I should have known," laughed Alyssa.

"Is Rosa still asleep?" asked Ash as he set up the three chairs.

Alyssa nodded. "I just checked on her. She's snoozing."

"So how do you actually want these?" Ray asked, motioning toward the seats. "It might be too hot to have them out here. Maybe I should set them up on the deck for now."

"Or you guys could set up the pavilion. This would be the perfect opportunity to use it, right?"

Ray looked over at Ash and rolled his eyes. The boy shrugged his shoulders and trudged off to the pool shed. The pavilion was impossibly difficult to set up and take down, but Alyssa's assessment of the need for it was unavoidable. They were going to need the shade it would provide; otherwise their guests might boil in the sun. Ash reappeared with the box in tow. Ray handed the baby back to Alyssa and moved to help Ash unpack and organize the equipment.

They spent the better part of the next two hours embroiled in the task before Darren showed up on the back porch. Ash dropped his wrench and ran toward the other man.

"Oh, man, Darren. It's a good thing you got here when you did. Ray's trying to put up the pavilion, and it's pretty much a disaster."

"Nice, Ash. I thought you said it looked like we almost had it," Ray grumbled as he stood between the four posts with the canopy tangled around his feet. He carefully extracted himself and walked toward Darren. "Although, if you wanted to help out, who am I to protest?"

Darren laughed and hugged both of them. "Why don't you hop in the pool while Ray and I work on this, Ash. You look like you could use a break." Ash nodded, peeled off his sweat-soaked shirt and kicked off his flip-flops as he ran toward the pool and jumped in.

Ray pulled off his own sopping shirt and tossed it on the ground beside Ash's. "What about me," he sulked, "Don't I get a break, too?"

"Sure, if it will keep you from whining. I'll straighten this out while you cool off a little." Darren motioned for him to get in the pool.

Ray didn't have to be told twice. He grinned at Darren and jogged over to the water's edge. As he was slipping into the pool, Alyssa exited the kitchen with Ben on her hip and Rosalind trailing behind, holding onto the hem of Alyssa's cover-up. Alyssa handed Ben down to Ray, who dipped the baby's toes into the water. Ash swam up to the side so Rosalind could jump to him. Alyssa pulled the long shirt over her head and swept her hair on top of her head, securing it with a plastic clip. She slid into the water and took the baby back from Ray. He pressed his chest against her back, wrapping his arms around her and the baby. He kissed her neck before letting go, diving under the water and swimming the length of the pool. He hopped out of the pool, dried off, changed into the dry shorts Alyssa had left on the beach chair, and put himself back together to help Darren. Alyssa handed Ben back to Ray. He placed the baby in the shaded swing on the porch where he and Darren could keep an eye on him until Alyssa was finished swimming.

In the time he'd spent in the pool, Darren had assembled the pavilion and was only waiting for Ray to help him put it in place. Ray scratched his head as he approached.

"How in the world did you do that?" he asked.

Darren shrugged. "I've done it a couple of times before. I'll show you how to do it next time."

"Well, thanks. Here, I'll help you set it up." Ray reached for one edge while Darren grabbed the other. They righted the tent-like structure and secured it to the ground. Darren stood back, crossed his arms and nodded.

"I think that will do it," he assessed. "Let's arrange some of these chairs, now."

Under Alyssa's direction and with help from Ash, they realized her vision for the backyard setup. She and Rosalind collected flowers from around the property. Alyssa tied the arrangements with ribbons and placed them in small glasses around the house and yard. By 11:30, Jack and Jacy arrived. Jack fired up the grill and Jacy took over in the kitchen. They shooed Ray and Alyssa upstairs to get ready while they watched the little kids. Ash helped Jack on the grill. Rosalind stood on a chair beside her grandmother, mostly watching but occasionally adding an ingredient or helping in some small way wile Baby Ben contentedly hung out in his stroller. Darren finished tidying up in the yard before they all reappeared.

A little before one, the guests began arriving. Friends, colleagues and even some patients poured into the house. Alyssa paced around nervously, almost jumping each time the doorbell rang. Ray watched her as he greeted guests and directed them to the yard for food and swimming. He finally made his way over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"What do you need me to do?" he asked, feeling her tighten slightly beneath his touch.

She turned and forced a smile, the tension furrowing the faintest lines in the corners of her eyes as she clenched her jaw.

"Why don't you go with your mom and sister and I'll help Rosa get something to eat," he tried. But she kept her eyes on the door.

"What?" she asked after a few seconds. "I'm sorry, did you say something?"

He pulled her into a full embrace now. "What are you worrying about? Everyone is having a good time. You should get a plate or a drink or something."

"Yeah." She smiled more convincingly this time. "I'll get it in a minute." Her phone vibrated in the pocket of her sundress. When she pulled it out and glanced at the screen, color flooded her face. "I'll be back in a minute," she whispered as she slipped out the front door.

Ray shrugged to no one and turned back to find his daughter. Darren had already claimed her, though, and Ray watched her munch on chicken nuggets (God knows where she'd gotten them) as she sat happily in the large man's lap. He observed Ash playing volleyball in the pool with his cousins and three of his former patients. His mother bounced Ben on her knee as she conversed with Alyssa's mother and the lady from down the street who sometimes watched the littler kids.

Jason and Jessi had called from New Zealand the day before. They had been living there for almost two years. Jason had found a position on a sheep ranch while Jessi worked as a nurse in a nearby camp hospital. Their daughter, Adelaide, was a few months older than Rosa. Ash was planning a visit over winter break and had been mowing lawns throughout the spring to save money for the trip. Having talked to them made Ray feel like everyone important in his life and the life of his family had been heard from. Well, almost.

He'd kept in touch with Abby since they'd been apart. Through her, he had heard about where all their old friends and co-workers had landed over the past few years. Many had gotten married, started families and even moved from the area just like the two of them had. One thing they never really discussed in any depth, though, was Neela. Ray had Googled her a few times, most recently about three months ago, and found that after her trauma fellowship at County, she had completed another in cardio-thoracic surgery at Baylor. According to her department biography, she joined the staff there when she finished and had remained for the past three years. The page also mentioned that she had been married to fellow surgeon Lucien Dubenko for the last two. Relief flooded over Ray as he'd read that. She'd chosen someone worthy of her, someone he assumed she loved and who would always show her love and respect in reciprocation. Knowing that allowed him to let go a little more. He hadn't checked the site since then, and he was okay with that.

Still, every now and again, like right now, she would cross his mind. He knew that Alyssa knew when she did, but his wife proved to be a generous and trusting woman. She never said a word when that little nostalgic smile would crowd his face when one of those silly 70's horror movies came on TV. She would simply kiss him on the cheek as she walked through the room. She always let him have his space. It was another of the many reason why he loved her so much.

He suddenly remembered how jumpy Alyssa had been the last time he'd seen her. Ray came back through the house, trying to find where she'd gone after taking that phone call. He walked through the ground floor, glancing in each room, looking for her. He finally opened the front door to find her standing on the porch with the very last people he expected to see – Abby, Luka, and Joe. Before he had a chance to ask them why they hadn't yet come inside, he saw another car pulling up directly in front of the house. Alyssa came toward him and placed her hand on his arm. He started toward the steps and the down walk toward the sedan. The passenger side door opened. Ray shaded his eyes and waited.

Neela Rasgotra stepped out of the car and into the sunlight. She maybe took a step toward Ray before he gathered her in his arms and swung her around.

"Ray! Put me down. I'm too heavy. You're going to fall," she laughed. He let her down but didn't immediately break the embrace until Lucien tapped him on the shoulder.

Ray looked up and grinned embarrassedly. "Sorry, man. Didn't mean to assault your wife or anything. It's just so great to see you," he said looking fist at Dubenko and then down at Neela. "It's great to see all of you," he kept smiling as he turned to the others on the porch. Slowly, he moved back toward the house. Alyssa stepped forward to meet him on the walk. His hand found hers as he breathed into her hair. "Thank you."

She looked up at her husband and smiled. This time, no hint of tension lined her face. "Why don't we all go inside?" suggested Alyssa.

The entire group followed and amidst hugs and handshakes, made it into the kitchen where Alyssa called Ash inside. He took Joe upstairs to change into a swimsuit before the two of them headed back outside to meet up with Mary and Mark. Jacy, Jack and the Brafords brought the little kids inside. Rosa immediately climbed into Abby's lap while Jacy handed Ben to Neela, allowing them all to get acquainted. Ray got drinks for the men as Alyssa and her mother fixed plates for the women. Eventually, they all proceeded outside to the deck. Darren joined them to help with introductions of the rest of the guests, even though the crowd had thinned out significantly by now. After a few harried minutes, they all sat down to eat together.

Abby glanced around, and realizing that someone was going to need to get the conversation going, she started it.

"So you think you actually want to be an attending for good now?" she jibed, grinning in Ray's direction.

"I guess so," he laughed in return, "But I'll give it a few months before I know for sure. That's what I normally do. Besides, it would be impossible for all of us to be as content as you up at Mass General."

Abby let her eyes fall on Luka and then Joe who fitted in seamlessly with the other kids before she answered. "I guess I have to agree with you there, Ray, but it does look like you guys have a very good thing going here."

Ray blushed. He felt Alyssa's hand inch underneath his. "Yeah. We really do. I mean, who would have pegged me as the family man, but it stuck."

Lucien decided to speak up. "I don't think anyone really would have, Ray, but you've always been a bit surprising."

"Somehow I don't think I should take that as flattery," Ray uttered cautiously, allowing his eyes to drift toward Neela. She laughed easily with Lucien's arm draped casually over her shoulder. And then, as though the floodgates had opened, they all began talking and sharing at once.

Still, he kept his eyes on her. After a second of listening to their chatter and laughter, she looked up and caught him. He picked up an empty wine bottle and slowly slid out of the picnic table, listening to Abby and Luka start yet another County story. Alyssa's voice cut through the twilight as he walked across the lawn. He didn't even notice her following (although he was sure her husband had) until he turned around to find her standing in the doorway, blocking his exit route. She had painted a sad smile on the face he knew so well. Yes, there were more lines around her eyes and even one on the left side of her mouth that didn't completely disappear when the smile faded, but he could have described that face in such perfect detail even now. The expression was one he found familiar as well. He tried to smile in return.

"I'm so happy for you, Ray," she said, taking one step toward him. "I honestly am."

"Thank you. I think we have a good life here." He wasn't sure what she wanted, what she was expecting.

She nodded slowly. "I was glad Alyssa called." She dropped her head slightly, embarrassed. "I guess I needed to know that you were okay, you know?"

Ray stifled a little cough that rose involuntarily in his throat. "Yeah." He paused. "I wanted to see you sooner, Neela, but I didn't know how to go about it. I kept hoping we'd wind up somewhere in the same city at the same conference or something. When we never did, I couldn't ever figure out how it would possibly work."

"I think this was the only way," conceded Neela. "She is so right for you, more so than I could ever have been, I think." Doubt slowly fell across her face as though fog had just rolled through a valley. "Maybe if we had tried it here instead …" she let the thought trail.

"Don't, Neela." He shook his head. "You're happy with him. I can see it all over you. Even though this is hard, the way we left things and being here now like this is awkward, despite Alyssa and Abby's best intentions. I understand how you're feeling, but it's not that.

"Lucien is a thousand times more right for you than I ever could have been. And Alyssa and our life here is right for me. I needed this. You needed what you have. We both turned out alright, didn't we?"

She watched him move closer to her as he spoke. When he finished, he stopped maybe an arm's length away from her. She wanted to reach out and take his hand in hers. She wanted to touch him.

"I'm very good at what I do," she rationalized.

"And so am I. All of it."

"Do you think I can be, too?" she asked, almost in a whisper.

He glanced at her sideways, squinting slightly. "I'm sure you will be. How soon?"

Instinctively, she wrapped her arms protectively around her waist and smiled at him. She knew he would know. "November."

He nodded. "I thought earlier but didn't want to be wrong. You felt a little heavier than I remembered."

She swatted at his head. "You wanker!"

Ray ducked and backpedaled at the same time. "It was a joke, Neela. But I hoped that it wasn't only Lucien Dubenko that made you look so alive."

She rolled her eyes. "Oh come on, Ray. I really won't dignify that with a response."

"Fair enough," he agreed. "But you are practically glowing," he admitted, ducking again in preparation he knew was coming. When she was finished swatting at him again, he walked up beside her finally and placed his arm around her shoulder, pulling her into a little half hug. "I'm happy for you, too, Neela."

"Thank you, Ray. It means so much to hear that from you."

He shrugged again and kissed the top of her head. "We should probably join the others now. I'm sure Luka's put money on us hooking up in the garage."

"He would," she grinned mischievously.

Ray grabbed another bottle of wine on their way back out. He couldn't help but notice how close Abby and Luka were sitting. Obviously, their relationship had grown even stronger than ever. He stood watching Neela take her place beside Lucien. Dubenko placed a protective, slightly possessive hand on hers as he gave her a silent look. She shook off his concerned gaze and darted her eyes from person to person, making sure no one had seen. Ray averted his eyes just before she reached his face. Instead, he slid into the seat beside Alyssa, brushing his lips across the side of her neck as he did so. Her hand slipped to his leg. She left it there as his found its way around her waist.

Darren grabbed the bottle and filled the empty glasses. It was only now that Ray noticed that Neela's place had no wineglass. He sat back and listened to the rest of their stories. Abby, Neela, and especially Luka related ER tales from even before Ray arrived. Dubenko added his own anecdote here and there, mostly dating from the time Neela switched to surgery. Ray realized that they were glossing over his intern year, for which he was thankful. Alyssa and Darren had to have an idea of what he'd been like at 26; he'd given them a reprise at 29. But he'd worked hard to put most of that behind him and appreciated the others not throwing it in his face. Suddenly, he noticed that everyone had gotten very quiet. He glanced up quickly and found Alyssa and the others staring at him.

"What?" he asked, since it was obvious everyone was waiting for him for something.

Abby smiled at him and tried her question again. "I asked if you were playing anymore."

Ray felt himself blushing as he recalled the time he quit his residency to make an album with the band only to find out that he'd been voted out. He'd had to beg Kerri Weaver for his job back. He hadn't played with a band on any regular basis from then until they moved to New Orleans. Ray found that when he arrived in the city, it was impossible for him to escape the urge to play – music was everywhere. He and some friends from work, a mixture of an attending, two patients and another resident had worked up a little group. They played on the weekend when they could find a booking somewhere. Ray was writing again, more furiously than he had since right after the accident. The music was different now, though – more blues influence and less punk than Chicago, but he still came alive when he played the guitar.

"A little," he managed, leaving it at that.

"More than a little," added Alyssa. "He's been playing with some guys from work for almost three years."

"Ray! That's great." Neela chimed in now. "I always thought that you were so talented, even though I'd never have told you. Especially after you decided you were really going to be a doctor," she grinned at the last little part she had tacked on.

He rolled his eyes. "It's been fun."

Conversation lulled again, and Luka glanced at his watch. "I hate to be the first one to break up the party, but it's getting late. We'd better be heading out."

"How long are you going to be in town," asked Alyssa.

"Just for the weekend," Abby explained. "We flew to Houston on Thursday to spend the day with Neela and Lucien. We all headed over on Friday morning and went downtown last night and this morning."

"And you drug poor Joe with you?" Ray inquired.

"He's a pretty easygoing guy," Luka explained. "That and he's leaving for soccer camp when we get back to Boston. He decided he could put up with the four of us for a long weekend."

"I think he's a little nervous about going," revealed Abby.

"And by him you mean you," finished Ray.

"It's only a week but it's also his first overnight camp," she added, ignoring Ray's remark. "I'm thinking about going with him."

"Ash has been bugging us all year to go to this one in North Carolina for the whole summer," Alyssa revealed. "I think it's a little early for him to be gone that long, but he is going to a couple of camps around here and the MLS camp in Houston."

"Oh, you'll have to come visit when you're in town," piped Neela.

They promised to do so as the party broke up. Abby collected Joe and his dry clothing while the others said their goodbyes. Everyone exchanged contact information and wished Ray congratulations and luck as they gathered at the front door. A moment later, after the hugs and tears were done, Ray and Alyssa found themselves standing alone on the porch, watching the lights of their friends' cars fade away.

Ray wrapped his hand around hers and directed her down the steps and around to the backyard. Someone had already cleared up around the pool. He guessed it had been their mothers. They were both inside with the kids now. Audri, Mark and Mary were staying with at the house, too. But right now they were alone. He turned on the stereo as she led him toward the pool. At the water's edge, she stepped out of her dress before she poured him a glass of wine. He took the goblet in one hand and draped his other around her waist. The birth of their two children hadn't affected her figure in the least. In fact, she was in even better shape now than when he'd met her. She untangled herself from him and slid into the water. As quickly as he could, he joined her. He leaned against the side of the pool, and she walked through the water toward him. When his fingers could finally reach her, he untied the strings of her swimsuit. The top fell into his hands. She pressed her chest tightly against his. His arms snaked around her again.

"I've thought about it for a long time now," he started, "And even if I had the chance, I wouldn't change it."

"Oh, Ray," she whispered. "You don't have to say that. Please don't say that."

"If it means I wouldn't have been here, needing you, or that I would have stayed there as that same person …" he tried again to elucidate how importantly she figured in his life.

She stopped him. "If I could give it all back to you, even if it meant we'd never had met, I would do it in a second." Her voice quivered when she said it, but she felt she had to let him hear the words.

"I know you would, and that's why I don't need it. But I do need you," he explained, holding her close to him.

"You're happy here, Ray? I mean even after seeing the others, this is enough?"

"Oh God, Liss. Yes. I'm happy. This is more than enough. It's more than I could have imagined, even before."

"But Neela," she started again.

"Is pregnant," Ray said, completing Alyssa's statement. Her eyes widened. Ray continued. "And happy. With Dubenko. In Houston."

"Wow. That's, wow," she stammered.

Ray nodded. "It is, isn't it?"

Alyssa worked hard to regain composure. "How does she feel about that?"

"Excited and scared, I think. I don't know if she ever imagined it."

Alyssa smiled. "Well, neither did Abby, right? And look at her. She's doing a great job. I'm sure Neela will, as well."

"Yeah," he agreed. "It's not like she's ever been bad at anything she tries."

"Exactly," grinned Alyssa. "The baby will be fine."

"Yeah," he repeated, a smirk forming on his own face. "I'm sure she's already read all the books."

She sighed contentedly as she leaned back into him. "I need to ask you one more thing."

"Mmm hmm?" he mumbled, loving the feel of her in his arms.

"It was nice to hear their stories tonight. It must have been tough to leave it all."

"Alyssa." He didn't like where she was going.

"I'm just saying, what you did there, Ray, it meant something. It was important."

"What we're doing now is just as important."

"In some ways, I guess, but I've never saved anyone's life, Ray."

Ray turned her in his arms so they were facing. "Alyssa. Is that what you think?" She nodded. Horrified, he shook his head and placed his and on her chin. "Oh, baby, that's not even close to being true." She rolled her eyes a little. He continued. "I guess I can why you'd assume you have to cross-clamp an aorta or do a femoral cutdown with blood squirting all over the room in order to do that." He let his fingers trail down her face before he reached back and braided them in her hair. "But that's not what I needed, and you saved me."

Her eyes rolled violently now. "Talk about dramatic," she muttered.

"I'm serious, Alyssa. Where would I be now without you? Sitting in my mom's garage? Drunk? Dead?" His gaze bored deeply through her eyes. She thought he might be trying to visualize the back of her skull. "You can try to brush that off, but there were days when I considered all three of those options, even with you around."

"Ray," she panted, as though he'd just slugged her squarely in the stomach. She gasped for more air. "You wouldn't."

"Not now, no." She pressed her body against his as he spoke. "You gave me a reason to keep going, and it got easier every day." He felt her nod, her head leaning on his chest.

"And you're happy at the V.A?" she asked. "You'll be happy there." It was more of a statement than a question.


"And you are happy with me."


"If you're sure."

"I am. I'm more sure of that than of anything." He paused for a moment, thinking and then looked at her. "How did John Lennon say it, pools of sorrow, waves of joy?"

She nodded.

He flashed his little sexy grin at her as he pulled her close once again, planning to hold her in his arms like this for as long as he lived. "I'm diggin' these waves."


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