-1 Harry Potter and the Strange Situation



It was another nasty day at Privet Drive. Harry Potter was packing the last of his things for his return to Hogwarts. Hedwig, his snowy owl was screeching with the excitement of knowing she would soon be free of her cage.

"I know Hedwig. We'll be leaving soon." Harry was trying to console her. He too was excited to be leaving Privet Drive. It had never felt like home to him either. In fact it was more like a prison.

He was hoping to sneak off so he wouldn't have to speak to his Uncle, Aunt, or cousin Dudley. They drove him mad and he didn't want to waste time arguing with them.

He was waiting on Ron Weasley to pick him up and he was getting anxious. Suddenly Harry heard a loud explosion which could only mean one thing, Ron had arrived!

Harry grabbed Hedwig's cage in one hand and his trunk with the other and began dragging them down the stairs. When he reached the bottom he found his Uncle Vernon standing at the door with black soot all over his face.

"Sorry 'bout that." said Ron, "I was just trying my new door knocking spell. Didn't know you were going to open the door right then."

Harry could tell Uncle Vernon was turning purple with rage under the black soot on his face. "OUT!" He shouted as he pointed towards the door.

Harry didn't say a thing her just ran past him as quick as he could. When he got outside, Uncle Vernon slammed the door behind him.

"Whew! Glad to be out of there!" Harry told Ron. "Well how are we getting back to Hogwarts this year?" Harry asked Ron while he thought of all the different ways he had arrived so far.

"Actually," Ron said with a grin, " I thought we'd use the magical car route again."

Harry's eyes got big, "What! You've got to be out of your mind!"

Ron slapped him on the back, "It's OK I got my license this time."

Harry rolled his eyes then, "Oh, great that makes it all better."

Ron smiled and swaggered towards hid vehicle, "Trust me mate! I know what I'm doing."

"Yeah," said Harry, "That's what scares me." Then Harry took a closer look at the transportation Ron was offering. "What is that?!" Harry shouted and pointed at what looked like a golf cart.

"This here is my baby!" Ron said with a look of genuine pleasure as he patted the roof of his car.

"That is a golf cart!" Shouted Harry, "I'm not riding in a golf cart! It has no doors! No seat belts! I know how you drive. I'll be flying out of my seat before we get 10 feet off the ground! ARE YOU CRAZY?! And besides, It's purple and fuzzy!" And it was.

It looked to Harry as if the fashion police would be giving them a ticket any minute now. It was indeed purple, with fuzzy, furry purple seats and matching fuzzy, furry purple dice hanging from the rearview mirror.

"It's hideous! Not to mention unsafe." said Harry.

Ron gave Harry a cross look. "Hey, don't make fun of my baby! Besides, It's safe. It has a magical force field around it to keep you from falling out."

Harry sighed. He didn't have much choice in the matter. "Fine! Let's just get out of here. Just try to keep this thing invisible for as long as possible. I don't want anyone seeing me getting in or out of this thing, OK."

Ron threw his hands up, "Alright, alright, just put your stuff in back and let's go."

Harry loaded his things and got in beside Ron. "Hold on!" Ron shouted as he started the cart and they went around the corner and out of sight before turning invisible and flying away to meet the Hogwarts express.

When they arrived at the train station Ron found an out of sight place to park his baby so they could unload. "Mum and Dad will pick my baby up and take her home for me." Ron told Harry, "We'll meet the others at platform 9 ¾."

They grabbed their stuff and when they arrived at the platform Hermione, Ginny, and Fred and George were waiting for them. "It's about time you got here!" George said to Ron with a smirk, "I didn't think that eye sore would get you here on time."

"Yeah," Said Fred as he elbowed his twin, "We figured Harry would be to em-bare-ASSED to be seen in your magical pimp mobile!"

"Good one Fred!" Laughed George as they both laughed and slapped each other on the back.

Ron glared and started toward his brothers but Hermione put her hand up to stop him. "Come on now! We don't have time for this nonsense. We're going to miss the train!"

And with that she stepped past Ron and into the invisible doorway under the sign platform 9 ¾. The others quickly followed her. They made the train just in time.

Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione found an unoccupied cabin and made themselves at home just as the sweets cart went by. Ron rushed out to get some snacks and Harry decided to ask Ginny about Ron's baby.

"Well, Where did he ever get that ridiculous thing?"

Ginny smiled, "He fell in love as soon as he laid eyes on it. He could have had his choice of about twenty different vehicles Dad said, but Ron picks that one, go figure." Harry just shook his head in disbelief.

By then Ron was back, "Got you a chocolate frog mate." and he chucked it towards Harry, missed, and hit Hermione right in the middle of her forehead. The frog's belly was stuck to her forehead with all four legs spread out like it got run over by a truck.

Hermione turned to give Ron the look of death. But when she did she noticed a familiar figure looking at her from behind Ron's back. "Nice throw Weasel-bee. I couldn't have done better myself." Laughed Malfoy, and kept walking down the aisle.

"Thanks, Ronald!" Growled Hermione as she grabbed the frog off her face and flung it at him, hitting him squarely in his open gaping mouth.