-1Harry Potter Strange Situation

Ch 19

They Hid Ron's Baby near the shrieking shack and used the secret entrance into Hogwarts to arrive undetected.

Everyone in the castle was asleep. They took Draco to the infirmary door, knocked and hid, and then waited to make sure he was found. Once he was safely inside they made their way back to the dormitory, all in silence. Hermione climbed the steps to her room, tears silently falling down her cheeks. She knew Draco would never again care about her. She wished she could do the same. She fell back on her bed letting exhaustion take her away to the blissful place where she too would have no memory.

The next day Harry, Ron, and Hermione went to classes as if nothing had happened. Hermione knew it was inevitable that she would soon have to deal with Draco not remembering her. Potions class was next and she dreaded seeing him. She wondered if he was released from the infirmary yet. She was so deep in thought and watching her shoes slap against the marble floor that she didn't watch where she was going. She ran right into someone. " Ugh! Granger! Watch where you are going! Now I'm going to have to get my uniform cleaned since your filthy mud blood hands touched it! Disgusting!" She looked up to find Draco right in front of her. She just couldn't do it, it was too hard. She ran back to the dormitory with tears running once again. Draco laughed and walked on as if it were any other day before the love potion had changed him.

Harry and Ron had watched the whole thing in silence for once, not really knowing what to do or say. "This sure is a strange situation we have here." Stated Ron. "Yeah," Said Harry, "I really started to get to like him, I mean when he wasn't such a, a…" "Big git, you mean!" Finished Ron. "Yeah, that's what I mean. Poor Hermione, I really don't know what to say to her about all this." said Harry glumly. "Me either." Ron told him, " But maybe we will just pretend it never happened and hope she gets over it soon." Harry looked at him thoughtfully, "Well we can try, but I don't think she's going to get over this one." They walked to class the rest of the way in silence.

Draco was walking back to his dormitory with Crabb and Goyle after potions class. Crabb punched Draco in the arm, "Hey, where were you this morning anyway?" Draco frowned, "I woke up in the infirmary. Don't know how I got there. Can't seem to remember anything about the last few months. It's really strange." Goyle chimed in, "That's probably why you gave me this remember all the other day. Here." He said as he shoved it into Draco's hand. They walked off and Draco just kept looking at it. He took it back to the dormitory and waited to be alone before he used the smoky ball. He gave it a shake and the word pensive popped up inside. He walked to his closet and opened the doors. Inside was a glowing bowl, just swimming with silver threads of someone's strange memories. He decided he would just pop his head in for a look.

"Come on Hermione." Whined Ron, "You need to just come down and eat something." She looked despondently into the fire. "Ron's right Hermione, you need to come down and eat something." Harry repeated. She just shook her head. Harry used his stern voice. "If you don't come down with us and eat something I'm going to tell the infirmary and you will not like the way they will make you eat." She stood up and stomped her foot. "Fine! Let's go! Just GO!" She started shoving them out the door in front of her. They walked slowly towards the great hall with Hermione dragging behind and looking at her feet. Harry and Ron just shook their heads and continued to march towards the hall. They figured she would catch up sooner or later. They rounded the corner and left her behind sulking and slowly dragging her feet. She was so wrapped up in her despair that she didn't see the pair of hands reaching out from the unicorn tapestry as she passed. Two hands grabbed her from behind and pulled her underneath. Before she could protest, two lips had found hers, and were greedily sucking the life from her. "Draco! Is it you?" She pleaded as she pulled away. " Oh, Hermione! I told you I would never forget you! I told you!" He said as he kissed her again and again. "How? How!" She asked him. He held her tight. " I knew my father would try something like that. I had been saving my memories of our time together ever since I took the potion. I had a whole pensive full! I never wanted to forget any of it! And I never will! I promise you! I promise you! I love you so much Hermione, forever!" She kissed him. " And I love you forever. With every thought in my head!" And they kissed, while the unicorns danced.

Harry and Ron had back tracked to find Hermione and saw the whole thing. "Well I guess he finally remembered." Harry said. " Yeah," said Ron, "But I don't think I want to. Let's go eat before I loose my appetite." Harry smiled and smacked Ron on the back. "Me too." he said, as they walked away.