A Whole New Battlefield

Baffled, Komos jumped back and looked to Tyaka and the others before looking back up at the alien. (Yeah, so it's obvious it's a pred, kay?) "Drrrakk clrrr." It said to him. Komos didn't know what drak clr was supposed to mean, but it didn't sound threatening.

"What is that?" asked Jolsak in fear.

"A...Drak Clr?" he shrugged, when the alien suddenly slapped a metal patch onto Komos's neck. He screeched in terror a moment, then realized it was doing him no harm.

"Can you hear me?" the tall alien said in a now understandable tone.

"Y-yes. What did do?" he scratched at the patch.

"It allows me to understand you, and you I. A translator."

"Who...what are you?" he asked suspiciously.

"Oh, of course. My name is Hala'reathova. My people and I need your species' help."

"Yes...well, much as me may like, I've business to tend." Komos signaled the others that it was safe.

"Name it and I shall have it taken care of." Hala'reathova said bluntly.

"We need base to be infiltrated and shut down. Without hurting aliens."

"You mean the ooman kind? That is exactly what we need you for." He turned as an explosion was heard. "We must destroy them."

"What?" Komos felt as though too much was being put upon him at once.

"There is no time to talk here. We are keen at finding your hives; wait for me outside of it."

Little prologue thing here. Sorry it took SO DANG LONG to get this story running again, but I've been working on other things. This part is short, and I've got other things to finish, so this story is making slow progress. Sorry, I'll do my best. Otherwise, thanks a lot for the great reviews! Apparently it did better then I would've thought. I'll try and get more up sooner. ^^;