Cotrin moved his hand over his crushed leg. It was then he realized that he was trapped under the rubble. Blood was trickling down his face, but he felt no severe pains. Nothing heavy enough had landed on his leg to break it, but it throbbed under the pressure, none the less.

"Help! God, someone please help me!" Cotrin heard the desperate cry of a young soldier.

Cotrin closed his eyes and sighed. "Someone out there?" called a man very close to him.

"Yes..." groaned Cotrin. "Right here."

The moment he uttered the words, the debris around him immediately was ruffled and swiped away, leaving him to face a soldier. "You okay?" he asked quickly, pulling him out.

"I-I believe so." He said, rubbing his back. He was then quickly swarmed by medical men, grabbing onto him and talking all at once to his face. He was bruised, confused, and rather disoriented, but as they shoved him into a helicopter, the events began to replay themselves, bit by bit...

He knew there was something else wrong. Preston had run down the hall and exited, but something was indefinitely still wrong. He could hear screams from down the hall. "Mother of Jesus, get the Hell out of here!" yelped a young man. There was a growl and a sputter, screams and choking, then the steady sound of footsteps was heard coming towards Cotrin's door. It must be a guard. He thought, for the sound remained two steady footsteps. Rushing out into the hall, he skidded to a stop in front of something that was definately not a guard, or a human.

"Oh Lord..." he said, backing away from the tan-skinned monster. Somehow, he found himself back in the lab room, and the alien nearly had him against the table.

"Kchch kch kshirr..." it rumbled, snatching his coat with a muscular hand. "Drrakirr!" it sniffed him harshly and lifted him off of the ground. Cotrin screamed and he was brutally hurled back over the table and into the wall with a crack.

The monster reached onto his back and pulled out small laser gun. Before it fired, however, there was a tremendous thundering crack from the ceiling. The alien uttered a horrified cry of terror, and all went black.

"Let us by for moment, please!" Komos pleaded to Olata, who refused to let them check Alakimra's status.

"No!" she hissed, baring her teeth. "Have you not caused trouble enough? He will be back in hives when he is healed!" she snapped.

Jolsak and Ryreni'ke shrunk back, while Komos and Tyaka remained still. "Olata-" Tyaka began.

"I said no!" she lashed her tongue at his face, barely missing the side of his face.

The four drones quickly backed off. They sat in the nursery chamber for a long while, letting small ones crawl upon them in meager exploration missions. "What did alien say to Komos?" Tyaka asked, looking at him.

"It matters none." Komos replied. He growled at an infant who was prodding at his sensitive gums.

"But Komos, why did it leave in such hurry and angry?" Jolsak questioned.

"It does not matter!" he growled. "Enough talking of it, all of you." He snapped again at the young one at his mouth, then grabbed it by the tail and flung it into another crowd. The small facehugger scurried away and burrowed itself into a hole, whimpering in self-pity. "Nursing..." he grumbled. "I am sorry for you, Tyaka."

"Yes...I will-" Tyaka stopped as the ground under them shuddered. "Attack." He said simply.

"You three be stay here." Komos ordered, jumping to his feet. "Bury the young." He ran head long up the tunnel and up out of the main burrow outside where hundreds of others were scattered about.

"I no understand." Came the muffled whispers of his people. There were no humans, no tanks, nothing but the desolate plain.

Komos slowly slunk to his haunches and sniffed the air. "I can smell the smoke of fire tubes."

"He is right." Said another.

Komos froze in shock. "Look-"

It was too late. There was a whistle from above, and an explosion, sending xenomorphs left and right. Komos was shoved rudely to his side by the blast. They were being, "Flamed from above!!" cried a few.

Komos rushed with the others back into the hive, back down to the nursery. "Tyaka!" he howled. "Get them, get them all! Get out!" he panted harshly.

The earth shook, knocking him down in his tired state. Tyaka and the others obeyed immediately, screeching at the little ones. Knowing the evacutation protocal, the young ones latched their legs around the bigger aliens, bracing themselves. Their tight little legs clutching for life. They swarmed on the other aliens as they entered the burrow. The older creatures were covered in small, pink bodies, covered every space. Once this was done, the covered aliens dug their ways out to freedom.

Komos ran to the Queen's chambers, finding the entrance open and the contents exposed. "Komos, get out of here NOW!" roared the queen as her giant body lowered. Her egg sack was detached, and she quickly lay her massive body over the horde of eggs. "GO!"


"Komos, I will kill you here and now with no remorse unless you GET OUT OF HERE!" she shrieked. Komos bent down, gathering as many young as he could. On his body, in his teeth. He then ran out of the hive, evacuating for the last time.