The Power of the Queen
by the Black Rose

AN: This arc includes 3 side stories, an epilogue, and a light-hearted sequel. This is the main story, entitled "The Power of the Queen", and it is a complete story in and of itself that will be posted to FFN. Side story and sequel may not be posted here due to rating (they include lemons). I have a rough draft completed of the entire arc, minus the sequel which is still in progress (romantic comedy). Will update as quickly as I can in between updating other fics for Gundam Wing and Gundam Seed. Thank you to those that will read it. Love, Rose

PS - Please forgive the Arthurian symbolism (Mom, Geass started it!)
PPS - I've included a little preview for chapter 1 at the bottom. :)

Warnings: Spoilers up through episode 23. Angst. Deals with incestuous feelings between half-siblings. Please do not read if it will make you uncomfortable.

Pairings: Lelouch x Euphemia. Euphemia x Suzaku. Euphemia x Lelouch.

The Power of the Queen
(begins at the end of episode 23 and continues)


I cannot imagine a greater torture for a mother to endure than to watch her child suffer. From the time I first realized there was a tiny being inside me, I wanted to protect you from all the evils and the pain of that world. A mother's love…

But I have watched you suffer, my son, all these empty years.


I was born Marianne Lamperouge, a common woman in a little faming town nestled between the Alps and the Auvergne mountains. Growing up within the Britannian territory known as the Rhone Valley, my mother taught me the duties I would assume as a farmer or rancher's wife one day – hoeing, planting, cooking. By the time I was ten, I could ride a horse, drive a tractor, cook a meal for twenty…The list went on.

As a Britannian citizen, I also attended school and received a solid education. This led me to discover a passion for classical literature. Then, it sent me far from home and even farther from the life my parents thought I should have lived. To college.

My education ended, or perhaps it truly began, with my marriage to Charles di Britannia. I desired more than a common woman's life. And I believed someone intended for me to have more….

I was granted, around the time I turned fourteen years old, a very uncommon gift. One that eventually led me to become a queen. An empress. This gift, this power isn't mine. It doesn't belong to me or to anyone. But, it's a power you know by now, Lelouch.

I wish. Things change.

You command. People obey.

This power called Geass has a will all its own, my son. And as you've just witnessed with your own, horrified eyes on this day - this day that held so much hope, not just for Japan and its people, who I admit mean little to me. But for Nunally, for your friend, Suzaku. And most of all, for the hope she still held for you…

The power of Geass has no soul. No heart.

And as I watch you - with what's left of your kindness and your gentle nature writhing in agony - I wish for the thousandth time, your mother could be of some comfort to you.

But I cannot.

I can only wait, here, in this place they call Caerleon, as I have for the last seven years. Sharing in your torment. Waiting for your judgment.

And in the end, I don't know which would hurt you more. To believe that it is your power, your sin that killed the woman you love.

Or to know that…It was mine.

Preview of Chapter 1

Euphemia's mother, Bethany Valliere li Britannia, was a thin wisp of a woman with pale, delicate skin. We were, of course, rivals at court when your father and I first were married. And exact opposites from one another.

Bethany wore her light blond hair up in an elegant style. I let my dark curls tumble freely down my back.

She spoke in a soft, gentle tone. I was known, scourged even, by the court for laughing out loud and raising my voice to 'inappropriate' levels.

I never knew what Charles saw in her. She always seemed so frail, and as you are well aware, Lelouch, your father detests anything less than the strongest and the fittest. Midway through Bethany's pregnancy (her second) she was placed on permanent bed rest. While I still went for walks and continued to keep my gardens until almost the day you were born.

But Bethany had some things I could never have: position; wealth; power outside your father's influence. Her sons would have held a direct line to the throne. Had she given birth to any boys. Instead, Bethany had two daughters – Cornelia, who was four years old when I had you. And Euphemia. Born several months after you.

All these things, you already know, of course. But in the aftershocks of today's events, I feel the need to gather my thoughts and memories. I want to sort through this because I know the time of your ascension to this kingdom's throne grows near. And nearer still is having to face the judgment of the Queen.