Title: Million Little Pieces

Author: Keir

Rating: R overall, for swearing, violence, and sexual situations

The Gist of Things: Kyou and Haru spar in the woods, but somehow things get out of hand when Black Haru manifests. Will he take it too far?

A/N: This will be a oneshot. At least, as far as I know. :P

The cat hissed as he bit the ox, drawing blood along the thin arm between his jaws.

Black Haru snarled as he slammed his fist into Kyou's ribs. The older boy let go and rolled away, lithely gaining his feet to face his younger cousin. "You won't beat me this time, you little bitch!" the ox spat.

"Try me, bastard!" The cat's hair bristled in challenge.

The ox flew forward in a flurry of punches; the cat ducked them and aimed a hard blow into his opponent's stomach. Hatsuharu fell to the ground as the breath flew out of him; he swiftly grasped the foot flying toward his face and twisted, sending Kyou to the ground beside him.

The cat's head cracked against a rock; he tasted blood in his mouth. Hatsuharu crawled over his prone cousin, sneering at the blood trickling over his lip. Kyou, dizzied from the blow, tried to crawl away; the ox placed a well-aimed punch to his leg. Kyou cried out in pain as his entire leg went numb. Black Haru grabbed the older boy's hair, pulling his head back and exposing his neck. "Fuck you, kitten. How does it feel to be beaten by the stupid ox? How does it feel, bitch?" He clawed at the cat's clothes, ripping the seam at the seat of his pants. "No underwear? You are a filthy slut!"

Kyou's vision began to settle, but his head still swam. He dug his nails into the dirt as he tried to pull himself out from under the ox's weight. Then he felt one of the most painful feelings he'd ever known.

Black Haru was forcing his penis deep inside Kyou. The cat howled, his nails violently scratching lines into his cousin's arms. The ox wrapped arms like steel around the body beneath him. "I'm going to please you, Kyou. You're going to be mine and only mine!"

Kyou groaned pitifully, his head reeling in anguish. He and Hatsuharu had always fought, but nothing like this had ever happened between them before. He found himself more shocked at having lost to his younger cousin than at being in such a disheveled state. "What are you doing, Haru?"

"I'm marking you," Black Haru growled, biting viciously into Kyou's shoulder. "Stop looking at Yuki; you're mine."

"I-I never looked at him."

"Don't lie, kitten." The ox thrust forward, but instead of pain, the cat felt pleasure shoot through his body, stars dancing in front of his closed eyelids. "I see you look at him when you should be thinking about me. I love you, not him!"

"H-Haru...Ahhh!" Black Haru had begun thrusting. The cat panicked, having never felt such pain and pleasure mixed together before. His backside was burning, but the flames of passion raced through his body as well. He felt ready to burst into a million little pieces, his body was so full.

Full of Hatsuharu.

Kyou began squirming, trying to wiggle away. "You only make me want you more when you move like that," the ox growled. His long fingers gripped Kyou's feverish hips. The cat couldn't contain his heated yowls as Hatsuharu pumped hard against his prostate.

Hatsuharu screamed along with his lover. He thrust hard into the cat, ejaculating deep inside him. Before Kyou had time to register the sticky sensation on his thighs, his cousin flipped him over, ripping away the last shreds of his torn pants. The ox gripped the cat's erection, enjoying the sight of Kyou panting and straining below him. "Say you love me. Say it!" he demanded.

"I-I can't..." Kyou stammered.

"Don't think about Yuki." Black Haru grasped Kyou's chin, tilting his face upward. His steely grey eyes bore into Kyou's glazed red ones. "Think about me. Say it!"

"I-I lo..." Kyou bucked as Haru rubbed the head of his cock, his semen splashing up and arcing back down onto his stomach. "L-love you..." the cat sighed as Haru hovered over him with a smirk.

"Mine," the ox whispered. And Kyou was scared to realize that he agreed.