Title: Million Little Pieces

Author: Keir

Rating: R overall, for swearing, violence, and sexual situations.

The Gist of Things: The morning after and there's a rat in the cat's bed.

A/N: Woo update! I abandoned cleaning the house like I should have been doing because we're hosting a D&D game tomorrow (neeeeeerds~!). And I even resisted the allure of a new "My Little Pony" episode!

Kyou grudgingly woke up at his body's natural urging. His mind was fuzzy and he rebelled at the thought of having to get up when he was so warm, but a niggling part at the back of his mind knew he had to start getting ready for school. He gave a grumpy grumble and tried to roll over only to realize there was a weight on his arm and it took his mind a moment to register what was trapping him.

Crimson eyes shot open. There, laying across his arm, was none other than the rat. The other boy was on his side facing the cat, deep in sleep. His lips were parted, breath coming softly, features lax. Memories of last night surfaced, memories of a hot mouth and cumming in the other boy's hand, and his face flushed with heat. Yuki really did look beautiful when he was so peaceful. Kyou shifted, free hand lifting to touch silky-looking grey hair and froze when an arm wrapped around him from behind. He stared down at the limb now draped over his waist, the hand resting dangerously low on his belly.

He held his breath, hardly daring to move. The skin of the trespassing limb was pale. For a moment he thought of Haru and snippets of the dozens of fantasies Kyou had had of him flitted through his mind, and yet somehow he knew it wasn't quite right.

Warm breath tickled his ear, sending shivers over his skin. "Mm, Kyoukichi, sleeping with you is always a joy. You always manage to be so hot." The pale hand rubbed over his stomach.

The cat shrieked. Kyou flailed as he tried to extricate himself from his bed. The rat grunted as a tan limb hit him. Once he was free and on his feet, the cat whirled to confront the intruder. "Ayame! What the fuck!"

"Mou, Kyoukichi, so loud!" the snake complained with a pout. "That's not very cute. Come lay back down with us." Ayame drew little swirls over the vacant space Kyou had previously occupied with his long nails.

"No!" the cat blurted out. His skin was crawling at the thought of that pale hand on him.

The older man sat up, obviously sulking; the edge of his red silk robe was slipping from one shoulder. Kyou felt a rush of relief that the snake had not been naked like so many times before. "Is it so wrong to want to cuddle with my young cousin and my darling, beloved brother?"

Yuki's eyes shot open as he finally registered the other voice. Kyou had never seen him wake up so fast. "Ayame," the rat said coldly. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh, my! Well, baby brother, Hari and I decided to drop by for a visit and I just felt such a chill! The weather really has been so awful lately. But then 'Gure invited me to just come up here and snuggle with Kyou to keep warm. He was so very generous about it and it always seems to put a spring in Kyoukichi's step in the morning! And imagine my most thrilling surprise to see none other than my absolutely adorable little brother up here with our little Kyonkyon! And, oh, I was so overcome with joy that you two seem to be getting along now, and what better way to celebrate than a little three-way cuddle?"

Kyou clenched and unclenched his fists while listening to the bubbly dialogue. At first his heart had beat fast in terror; he thought there was no way that Ayame hadn't deduced what had been going on between himself and the rat, but as the snake continued to blather on he realized that the older man seemed to really be that oblivious. Before relief could fully settle in, though, Ayame opened his mouth again.

"By the way, Kyoukichi, you've definitely grown since last I saw you. I must say, you are quite the well-formed youth now." Golden eyes stared at him, or rather at what was between his legs, with unwavering intensity.

"Ayame!" Yuki snapped.

It was only then that the cat realized he was naked; the snake smirked at his discomfiture, pale lips quirked upward. Kyou felt like he might vomit knowing the white-haired man was staring at his junk.

Kyou snatched a pair of boxers from the floor, cupping his manhood from view as he shimmied them on. How had he ended up being in the nude? He distinctly remembered both he and his lover going to sleep with their boxers on. He was so distracted by the question that only when they were on did he realize they were too tight because they were Yuki's. His eyes shot to the rat, who was looking very guilty. Violet eyes met his gaze and the other boy had the decency to blush at what his errant hands had done without permission in the night. Kyou shifted uncomfortably; the boxers were extremely tight, but he'd be damned if he was going to get naked again!

"I must confess, though," the snake said, interruping their silent stares, "I am rather disappointed that you will cuddle au naturale with my little brother but not me." Ayame pouted again.

Kyou growled and cracked his knuckles, advancing on the snake, murderous intent blazing in his crimson eyes. Golden eyes widened at that look and pale, well-manicured hands clutched at his younger sibling.

Yuki sighed. "Leave him be, Kyou." He shook the other man free. "He's a harmless idiot," he added scathingly. And he was glad that his brother was an imbecile because neither of them wanted another member of the family to know about their relationship.

Kyou hesitated, glancing between the two, then gave a snarl of disgust that the rat would bother to protect his useless brother.

But just because Ayame was off limits didn't mean there wasn't someone else he could pound into oblivion. Completely forgetting that he was only clad in a pair of overly tight boxers, he tromped downstairs, fueled by anger.

Shigure looked up from his seat at the table at the sound of heavy footfalls coming down the steps. Hatori was seated next to him. The dog smiled. "Ah, Kyou-kun, you're awa—"

"Shigure!" the teenager bellowed, making the man wince.

"Awake and with a healthy set of lungs," Shigure finished.

The cat lifted a foot and kicked the dining table with a snarl; it screeched across the floor and hit the dog, knocking the breath from him. Hatori had the foresight to lift his coffee mug from the table to keep it from spilling. "You sent that freaking fruit into my room!"

"My poor cousin was cold and how could I deny him the best way to get warm?" The dog pouted as he rubbed his torso, which he was sure would bruise. "Why are you so angry, Kyou-kun? Did Aaya interrupt something lewd?" he asked slyly.

Kyou growled and launched himself at the dog. Shigure yelped at the sudden attack, immediately regretting his quick mouth as the enraged cat throttled him. "Stupid, perverted mutt! You're such a goddamn nuisance! I'm going to kick the shit out of you!"

"Kyou." Hatori's calm voice cut through the cat's tirade and Shigure gasped as the hands around his throat eased up.

"What!" Kyou hissed in fury, but he settled a bit at the stern look on the doctor's face.

"Haru told me you've taken one of my books. I want it returned."

Kyou frowned, crimson eyes clashing with hazel. "It's in Shigure's study." The cat let go of his victim and stood. "I read it and I know about where you got Black and White Haru from."

The dragon remained silent as he stared up at the cat, one brow crooked. He took a sip of coffee.

The orange-haired boy glowered at the lock of reaction. "His borderline personality disorder. I read all about it. Don't you think it would have helped Haru to put a name to his condition? He's trying really hard to change but he needs support. When the hell are you going to do anything about all this shit?"

Hatori listened to the tirade without a change of expression. When the cat paused, the dragon said, "Haru does not have borderline personality disorder."

Kyou blinked. "What?" When the man didn't answer, he bristled. "What about his quick mood changes and the...'splitting' or whatever? It even says 'black and white' in the description!"

The doctor chose not to answer the questions. "Just because you read it in a book doesn't make it true. Kyou." His gaze was direct, mouth a thin line. "I didn't come here specifically for my book. I came here to tell you, don't break Haru's heart."

The cat's mouth worked for a moment but no sound came out. "H-How do you..."

"Haru has been my ward for many years. I know when he's heartsick." Kyou stared at him, looking so bewildered and young. The dragon set his cup down on the table. "Now go get ready for school. Yuki's boxers don't fit you well."

The teenager blushed and stammered then scowled at his injured pride. With one more baleful stare at the still-prone dog he retreated upstairs. When they were alone again Shigure whined, "Hari, why would you let Kyou-kun beat up on me like that?"

"Because 'Gure," the dragon replied, staring into his coffee cup, "sometimes you benefit from taking a good beating." He took another sip.

Kyou flew up the steps to the roof. He needed some space; he had been having a hard time looking at Yuki without remembering intense hazel eyes piercing straight at him. Hatori's words echo through his mind.

"...don't break Haru's heart."

It wasn't like he wanted to hurt the ox. If anything, Haru had hurt him first! Things had gone way too far that day and their relationship would never be the same, even if Kyou didn't choose him. The door handle was cold beneath his hand and then he was walking out into the crisp spring air; the day was overcast with dark grey-blue clouds hanging low and heavy in the sky. He didn't want to hurt either Haru or Yuki, but he was going to stay true to his feelings.

His eyes widened at the sight of the boy that was currently occupying his thoughts standing at the railing. "Haru."

The black and white-haired boy didn't turn, but the cat saw his hands tighten on the metal rail. "Kyou." The cat stood for a moment, unsure what to do. The ox was staring out into the distance. The orange-haired boy shifted his weight before walking to stand next to the taller boy; Hatsuharu didn't even glance toward him. Kyou watched the ox out of the corner of his eye.

He had to break the intolerable silence. "Umm...I saw Hatori this morning. He said you were...out of sorts lately." Still no reaction; he changed topics. "Are you going to come over tonight for more training?"

Hatsuharu was quiet for some time and Kyou was grasping for something else to say when the ox spoke. "Is there any hope for me?"

The cat frowned at the quiet question. "We just started. It's going to take some time to correct the problem."

Pale hands flexed, making leather fingerless gloves creak. "That's not what I meant."

"Then what—" The ox finally looked at him, eyes so dark they were almost black. Kyou stilled, hardly daring to breathe. Haru must have learned a look like that from Hatori.

"I can smell him on you." Hatsuharu's voice was almost a growl but not quite. Kyou trembled, unsure what to say in the face of such intense emotion. The ox looked away again, head bowed. "I think about what I did to you all the time, and I worry that I ruined what we could have had before it could start."

The cat felt his trembling worsen. "I..." He swallowed past the constriction in his throat. "I think about it a lot too." The ox tensed further. It was true; the incident had haunted his thoughts just as it had Haru's. It had come between them, but he had forgiven the big, stupid cow.

He paused, assessing the thought; it was so sudden that it took him aback. Kyou mulled it over for a moment and his heart beat faster when he realized the truth of it. He really had forgiven Haru, maybe even in the week that he and Haru had had sex. He blushed at the memory. A tan hand reached out to cover a pale one. "I forgave you, Haru. I was mad and I hated you for a little while, but I avoided you because you stirred up feelings in me that I didn't know how to deal with. I already liked Yuki and then—" He cut himself off, wondering if he had messed it up by mentioning the other boy. "I'm just...confused," he finished lamely.

Hatsuharu shifted. "You don't have to tell me what I want to hear, Kyou," he said softly.

Kyou scowled. "Stop being an idiot!" he snapped. "I'm trying to tell you something important and you're just doing a bunch of self-pity crap!"

The ox snorted a little laugh. "I know you're being honest when you start insulting me." Even though he was trying to be cheerful about it, the lines of his body indicated he was still depressed.

"I really do forgive you, idiot. And..." He bit his lip. "It wasn't a good thing to do, but...it kind of felt good." Kyou blushed as he said it and his heart flip-flopped at Hatsuharu's stunned look.


"Sometimes I, um... Sometimes I think about trying it again." The cat felt his body flush with heat at the statement. "Not like last time, obviously! Sometimes I just think about what it would feel like and I...I get hard..."

Hatsuharu felt like he would fly apart at the seams; his mind whirled with this new information. It was all so overwhelming. "Can I kiss you?" It sounded more like a demand than a question. He hoped he wasn't misreading what he thought was eagerness as the cat gave his assent. He caught the shorter boy's face between his hands, heart feeling like it would beat out of his chest, and brought their lips together. The cat surprised him with his enthusiasm. Their lips moved against each other softly as the savoured the feel of one another.

Kyou's hands lifted to cover Hatsuharu's, hot on cold. He tilted his head further, lips parting so slightly in invitation. The ox moaned raggedly and the cat could feel his body taut and thrumming with excitement. The younger boy's tongue ran over the swollen split in the cat's lip before stealing into Kyou's mouth, smooth and wet, and Kyou's own tongue met it, rubbing gently. The ox tasted mostly of spearmint, fresh and clean. Kyou arched, breathing faster as he brought the front of his body into contact with the younger boy's.

Hatsuharu gasped and pulled back, breaking all connection between them. Kyou stared at him, confused and worried. "Haru, what..."

"I'm sorry." The ox tried to slow the rhythm of his heart. "I don't... I don't want to get carried away and..." He let the fear-filled thought hang in the air. Knowing Kyou might want that from him again made the terrible desire a thousand times worse.

"Okay." The cat tried to gather himself, thoughts scattered. "It's okay," he repeated. The warning bell rang, startling him; it echoed across the school courtyard below. "We should go to class," he said softly.

"I haven't been all day," Hatsuharu confessed.

They stared at each other, neither making a move. "I want to do that again too," Kyou rasped, licking the other boy's saliva from his lips.

Hatsuharu's left hand reached out and grasped the railing as if he were trying to hold on for dear life. He was getting stiff, half-hard erection pressing against his clothes. "You should go now if you don't want to be late," he warned, voice hoarse.

"Will you come over tonight?"

The ox tried to stay focused and not be distracted by wet, red lips. "Not today. I just need some time."

Kyou nodded, trying to hide his disappointment. "Yeah. Tomorrow then?"

Hatsuharu nodded, not trusting himself to speak. Every part of him cried out at him to grab Kyou and pull him against his body and take, but he restrained himself, watching the cat walk away and disappear down the stairs. He stared out into the distance, more hopeful than before.