Chapter 12: The Mansion at the Border

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Saber, Rin, Shiro and Azuka finally reached the mansion. It took quite long, but they managed to reach it alright.

Suddenly, a loud voice boomed, "The King of Heroes has been finished by Archer!" and our heroes sweatdropped. Who would know that a person who was sleeping in a coffin all her life actually knows how to comment on a match and very well too…

They slammed the door open, and to their utter dismay, saw two staircases each leading to a different room. However, before that, was a gigantic maze made of glass. Shiro correctly identified that it could not be broken, and it would be painstakingly long to get through it, if you did not count that it was totally transparent and you can slam into a wall because you cannot identify it from all the other glass pieces.

"This competition is screwed…" Rin finally said after a long while in which they were staring at the maze to find a way out. They realised that this was no ordinary maze. There were complex steps and all, and some were even against the law of gravity. Talking about a fourth-dimension maze…

But a while later, as they stepped into the maze, they found rubber boots, and suddenly, they were floating.

"Looks like the fun starts now," Azuka shouted in glee while bouncing around, sadly, bumping his head once in a while. He appeared a while later, using the rubber boots, hanging himself upside down to get around.

"You forgot about my ability, didn't you?" he said, "I have read Arcueid's mind. It tells me of critical information on how to escape the…" Suddenly, he yelled in pain and clutched his head. And for a moment, Rin sweatdropped.

"What an idiot…" she said finally after a sigh, "He has just told her how he would get out of here… and of course she has done something about it…" And Shiro and Saber could not agree more with her.

After a while, Azuka fainted as a sign of his inability to subdue Arcueid's power. Shiro sweatdropped. "How are we gonna get out of here?" he asked. Rin replied promptly, "I do not know, but please carry Azuka around while we go. You would not want the ladies to do that for you, do you?"

Shiro sighed while carrying the limp body of Azuka on his back. 'Good thing he is not yet a teen, if not I would die of the exhaustion… wait… he is supposed to weigh nothing due to the lack of gravity… that's good,' he thought.

While Saber and Rin tried their best to find a way out of the mess, Shiro remembered something that his future form had once said.

"In order to trace of a strong weapon against an enemy, you must think of a weapon stronger than thou himself…"

He set to work, thinking off a glass-shattering blade. And his answer came to him as a simple blade, which Rin recognised immediately.

"No… the same weapon that Archer uses… It cannot be…"

A rather spiral blade which only has one handle. Its design was unique, other than Ea, there was no blade like it. Shiro examined it in awe before asking, "How do I use it?"

Rin was still dumbfounded on the resemblance between Shiro's future self and present self. She then replied, "Find a bow to shoot it through."

Shiro sighed. He had not touched a bow for the last few years. He would need a few tries to totally break the glass, and he had only one shot before the rest of the shots with this blade would be ineffective. He carefully traced a good bow he that he reckoned would be the best choice for shooting a sword. This led to a gasp and an "I don't believe you are actually equally as good as your future self now, Emiya-kun," and Shiro slowly started to aim and shoot. Luckily, for him, he managed to remember his techniques and shot an arrow…

Rin and Saber watched in hope for the arrow to lead them to one of the staircases, and then in utter dismay as the arrow simply floated like the rest of the objects would. They forgot… there was no gravity inside this part of the mansion.

"Opps…" muttered Shiro, and then he exclaimed, "Hey! Isn't the ceiling of the maze open?"

Rin looked up and gasped in awe of her retreating intelligence. She smacked her forehead in disbelief. "How could I not think of that?" And so, the four of them jumped out of the maze in record time and headed towards the left door.


Inside the control room, Arcueid was clutching the microphone and sighed.

"Damn… I hate commentary jobs… but this was the order by Zelretch a few hundred years ago. Anyway, are you ready?" She said to a certain person with blue hair whose face was obscured behind the shadows.

The figure just smiled before disappearing behind the shadows.


Meanwhile, Archer deactivated his Unlimited Blade Works and said to Rin, "Alright, keep the plan a secret, okay?"

Rin nodded, as she stood up and saw Dracula pacing to and fro.

He approached them hurriedly and said, "I was really worried of you two. I could sense that Gilgamesh is dead, but you two were missing, so I came to find you. By the way, I am sorry, but Joan of Arc lives for another day."

Rin replied, "Alright, so what now? Shall we rescue the master of yours?"

Dracula said, "That's fine, but I warn you, Kronos and Lancer are two tough people. It would be wise not to engage in a whole-hearted fight with them. That was what I did, and later that was what happened…"


Dracula and his master landed in Germany, distinguishable by the remains of the Berlin Wall.

His master said, "Very different from modern Germany though, the Berlin Wall remains are supposed to be removed by now…"

Dracula only agreed as they treaded on. However, suddenly, Dracula was thrown back by a powerful spell, and he managed to keep his balance, but saw his master enclosed in a grey, spherical force field.

His master took out a small dagger and slashed the force field, however to no avail. It was at this time, which a man wrapped in paper and cloth, a mummy, appeared, and shouted, "There is no use trying to break open the shield, fool. The shield is immune to all physical attacks and can only be nullified by magical powers."

Dracula was furious but could do nothing for his master but to see him dragged away from him into a crystal ball that the mummy used. Then, two more shadows appeared behind the mummy and they were that of CuChulainn's and Kronos'.

"Heh… didn't expect us to get a grab so early in the war," the Lancer-class said, "And a master too… how careless."

Dracula summoned his 'Bats of Kamikaze Doom' at the shield, but Lancer simply pierced them with Gae Bolg.

"If you want to rescue your master, try something harder," Kronos said, while blasting a grey energy at Dracula, who immediately fainted afterwards and found himself awake at France.

"Master Ryougi… I failed you," he said finally, as he though of a plan to rescue his master before it is too late. Then, he found Rin and Archer…

(End Flashback…)

And thus Dracula, Archer and Rin treaded on, to find Kronos and Lancer to free Dracula's master before it is too late. Just then, a pair of eyes was looking at them from afar.

"So that is where they're heading. Kronos and Lancer would appreciate extra help," Joan of Arc said before leaping towards the Caster and Lancer's position, faster than Rin, Archer or Dracula.


Shiro entered the room first, followed by Rin and Saber.

"Wow… great lighting," Rin said, "I can't see…"

They were literally feeling for each other in the dark, but then suddenly, they could hear an extra pair of feet.

Tip tap… tip tap…

Rin turned around and fired a Gand shot, but it hit the wall instead. Saber turned to the left and then back to the front. Shiro, was tracing for a light.

Tip tap tip tap… tip tip tap tap…

Rin bumped into a person and fired touched his outline. Physically harassed, Shiro stopped tracing and immediately grabbed hold of the hand that was molesting him while Saber heard the footsteps coming from her right.

Tip tap tip tap tip tap tip tap…

As the footsteps became more hurried, Shiro and Rin were engaged in a fight, while Saber was on the right spot, chasing the pair of footsteps until the fourth person led her into the fight, and the three of them fought each other unknowingly. Then, he fired a bright shot at the three of them and the whole area was lit up. Shiro, Saber and Rin found themselves right beside each other, constricted by a glowing object that looked like gum.

And the fourth figure appeared from the shadows, and he had dark blue eyes and his hands were holding on to a dagger. He announced, "Welcome to my room."

Shiro realised that they were in serious trouble as the person leapt towards them.


Ilyasviel woke up, to find herself on Berserker's palm. She thanked affectionately, "Thank you Berserker!" before Berserker let her down without a word except a glow of his red eye. And then, they saw, Rin and Archer literally passing by with Dracula. Berserker was posing as a statue before letting Ilya down and even now, they were still unspotted. Berserker had cut off the flow of mana between him and Ilya, so that enemies would not detect them, as he hated people who disturbed his mistress.

"Nee-chan!" Ilya called out. Startled, Rin found her in front of Berserker. "Can I join you guys?" She then said. Rin nodded, as the five of them walked towards the position where Kronos are Lancer are.


"Alright, so what is the deal, Joan of Arc?" A young man with black hair asked.

"In exchange for my services, I ask of you, are you my master?" She said as she knelt down before the man.

"Permission granted," he replied, as a large book appeared in front of him.

Then, Kronos said, "Five approaching us, due a few minutes." With that, he created a large amphitheatre where the planets were hanging above while the background was blue. There were a lot of orbit lines around, which added to the effects of the territory. Of course, Kronos had made use of the 'Territory Creation' aspect of Casters, and created a whole battlefield in which he would perform at best.

Then, Lancer sat on the ball representing Jupiter and said nonchalantly, "This sucks, they do not move."

And Kronos' master smiled, muttering, "This is getting interesting…"


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Servant: Dracula

Abilities: Shadow Constriction (prevents people from moving by stepping on their shadow); Bats of Kamikaze Doom (powerful projectiles that fly); Bite of Doom (injures severely); Leech Blood (sucks blood from particular servant without a bite); Bat Form (can turn into or from a bat freely, thus becoming nearly invisible).

Servant: Kronos

Abilities: Time Sphere (have the effect of altering people's time sense, much portrayed as an ability to knock out people); Territorial Creation (creates his own battlefield); Reality Marble: Alternate Time (same place as the current location activated, but anything could happen); Time Barrier (used on Dracula's master, can only be destroyed by magic); Time Warp (whoops… did he go to the dinosaur age?).

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