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b Disclaimer: This is JKR's world, I'm just messing in it. /b

i A/N: First of what is expected to be seven chapters of fluff/songfic. Acknowledgements to Andrew Lloyd Webber for the song. Never done a songfic before, but Enjoy :) /i

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b Songfic for: i Memory /i - Andrew Lloyd Webber (Cats) /b

center b Midnight

Not a sound from the pavement

Has the moon lost her mem'ry?

She is smiling alone

In the lamplight

The withered leaves collect at my feet

And the wind begins to moan /b /center

Ginny sat upon the bed with her legs crossed beneath her. An open trunk lay beside her with its contents scattered messily around. Pieces of memorabilia were randomly junked in little piles, forming a unique collection built up over seventeen years of life. Beneath her pillow, tiny versions of the Weasleys in Egypt waved into infinity from the black and white surface of a dog-eared Prophet. Closer to her, a photograph of her brother, Harry and Hermione in their third year was framed neatly in now tarnished metal. A small badge glinted from a fold in her comforter. It had a miniature picture of a snitch and two brooms superimposed upon a roaring Gryffindor Lion.

Ginny smiled as she held a battered train ticket to the light. It's edges were worn and the paper was thin where a younger her had frequently rubbed it, waiting hopefully for her turn to board the scarlet steam engine that was the Hogwarts Express. Clipped behind it was a photo her dad had taken the day Ron had left for Hogwarts for the first time. Ginny grinned ruefully. There she was, childishly pouting by her mother's side as she watched the brother closest to her leave while she was forced to remain behind. The Ginny in the picture began to cry as the train released a last pearly white cloud of smoke as it lurched out of the station. As it sped up, Ginny watched herself chase the train as it left the station, quickly being left behind, coughing as she waved madly at the brother she knew would be unable to see her.

center b Mem'ry

All alone in the moonlight

I can smile at the old days

Life was beautiful then

I remember

The time I knew what happiness was

Let the mem'ry live again /b /center

Ginny sighed heavily as she put down the photograph. Life had been so simple then. As she turned, she saw the photograph revert to its original image. A dark streak in the corner of her eye caused her to pick up the photograph again. An eleven year old Harry walked through the barrier, turned, thanked a younger Molly Weasley and stepped hurriedly onto the train. The corners of Ginny's lips turned up as she observed the thin boy struggle to lug his trunk after him. A frown creased her forehead. Ginny turned and rummaged though the deep recesses of her trunk. Her fingers wandered purposefully around until they felt the knobbly leather cover of her first diary. Suddenly nervous, she gently peeled it open to the first page.

i Dear Diary,

Today is going to be Ron's first day going to Hogwarts! I'm going to miss my brother, now I have no one left to play with. Mummy has been nice, but she never understands. She's probably not even going to allow me to try getting onto the train this year. Everyone's rushing now... As usual, Fred and George have left some of their homework until the last minute. Percy is desperately looking for his prefects badge... I hope he doesn't find it. I broke it while using the pin to pick the lock on the broom shed and hid it behind Mom's clock in the den. No one ever touches that!

I saw Ron just now; his face was looking a little green. I guess he must be really nervous to be going. I wish I was the one going, I wouldn't mind at all! I've been looking forward to it ever since Mom brought me to the station on Percy's first day. I can just imagine the number of people my age there! It's going to be so fun. Mom's calling me down. Bye. /i

center b Ev'ry street lamp

Seems to beat

A fatalistic warning

Someone mutters

And a street lamp gutters

And soon it will be morning /b /center

Ginny ran her fingers through her shoulder-length hair and bit her lip. She remembered how much she had enjoyed writing in this Diary. Dad had given it to her on her ninth birthday. It was enchanted so that cute little pixie-lights danced around the edges in a colourful border. She ran her finger lovingly over the edge, feeling the familiar magic under her skin. She recalled that sometimes she would sit on her bed simply staring, entranced, at the dancing lights before writing in her diary for the night. She found it amazing how quickly she had finished using the diary, after all she just stayed at home everyday. She flipped to the next hastily scribbled entry. It was written on the same date. Oh, she definitely remembered this one well.

i Dear Diary,

I'm so excited! You won't guess what happened at the station today! He was there! I recognize him from the pictures in i So You Think You Love Harry Potter /i ... he's thin but he is so handsome... He even walked up to Mom and asked her how to get onto the platform, he was so polite. I just loved the incredulous expression on his face when Percy first walked through the barrier; his eyes were as large as galleons when he saw that! I can't imagine what it feels like to never have lived as a wizard before. I mean, he looked as if he had never used a wand! Anyway, can you believe that Mom didn't know it was him? I wanted to tell her but she just asked me to stop fussing. You know what's worse? When Fred and George told her she believed them right away! No one listens to me anymore! I'm going to stay in my room till she apologizes. Wait a moment, I'm going to get some magazines from downstairs first, be right back. /i

center b Daylight

I must wait for the sunrise

I must think of a new life

And I mustn't give in

When the dawn comes

Tonight will be a memory too

And a new day will begin /b /center

Ginny grinned wryly. She remembered that time. She had told her mother she wouldn't come down forever unless she apologized; Molly Weasley had just shaken her head and shouted at her daughter's retreating back that she would not have any dinner. She had stayed in the room for half the day, making newspaper clippings of Harry while sulking. That night, a ten year old Ginny had crept quietly downstairs to the kitchen only to find her mother waiting at the table with a bowl of soup and a few pieces of bread. Later, a full and extremely confused Ginny had left, still wondering how her mother had known she was there when she was sure that she had not made a sound. Mother's intuition she had called it. Ginny flipped the page, knowing what she would find. Half a dozen photos of Harry stood doing everyday chores in tiny black and white frames. The clippings were pasted haphazardly with a sticking potion next to untidy captions in her handwriting.

i I'm back. I don't think Mom spotted me as I took the magazines from her dresser. Wow, I never noticed how many pictures those dumb reporters have taken of him... it's a miracle he never spotted them. Look at this one. How can those relatives of him make him wear those? They're gigantic and they look disgusting. The journalist wrote that they were his cousin's. Look at this one! That cousin of his is chasing him around the school. That idiot looks like a pig. I would give anything to just go there and hex that big bully. Let's see what he would be able to do with bat bogies attacking him. Actually, I'm not sure what type of bogies they are, I accidentally let them on Fred once... but those looked rather green. I know I left the spell book around here somewhere. This one is by far the worst of the lot; they are actually making him do chores! They most famous young wizard in the world, and he's weeding a garden! I know I should be disappointed that he's just like the rest of us, but I think I like him even more now! Look at those eyes, I know you can't see the pretty green in these but I saw them this morning, they're beautiful! And his hair, it's so cool. It is so messy and adorable... I never knew that you could love someone so much without even knowing him. I'm so hungry. I think I will try and sneak downstairs for a snack, I'm sure there is no one in the kitchen at this time, at least since Ron isn't home. I'm beginning to miss him already... /i

center b Burnt out ends of smokey days

The stale cold smell of morning

The street lamp dies

Another night is over

Another day is dawning /b /center

Her memory seemed so fresh as she thought about those days. She had waited everyday for some word from her brother. Secretly, she had been hoping that he would also give some word of Harry. It all seemed so childish now. Her waiting by the window everyday, clutching her diary to her chest as she watched the skies for any sign of owls. She remembered the loneliness of being the only kid at home, having nothing to do and no one to play with. That Christmas, Ron had not come home. It was the first Christmas she had spent away from her closest brother. She had cried herself to sleep when Mom had read Ron's note out to her. She had thought that she would never feel so empty and disappointed in her life again. She was wrong. Feeling the weight of loneliness on her chest, she dropped the diary back onto the bed, only to have a thin stack of photos drop out. She picked them up hesitantly and turned them over.

She remembered these too. It was the only time Ron had sent photos of himself from school. Hermione had convinced him to do so, just so that his family could see him. She thumbed through them. Pictures of Hogwarts Ron had gotten his friends to take, just for his baby sister. Her brother, Harry and Hermione laughing deliriously as they celebrated in the common room after a Quidditch match. She smiled sadly as she remembered the way she had jumped and squealed in ecstasy when she had found out that the boy of her dreams was her brother's best friend. The trio sitting with heads bent as they sat by the common room fire, writing essays for Snape. At that thought, Ginny mentally cringed. She quickly moved on to the next photo where a struggling Harry was being forced to read a charms book by Hermione. The miniature Harry kept shooting longing glances out the window where several chasers were flying happily around the Quidditch pitch. Last, a picture of Ron and Hermione cheering in the stands as a clearly exhilarated Harry caught the Snitch. Tears formed in Ginny's eyes as she returned the photos back to the diary.

center b Touch me

It's so easy to leave me

All alone with my mem'ry

Of my days in the sun

If you touch me

You'll understand what happiness is

Look a new day has begun ... /b /center

As the girl stowed the diary back in her trunk, a single tear rolled down her cheek and fell towards her bed sheet.

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i A/N: So... there's the first chapter. I hoped you all liked it. I know it's not very plotful, but it sets part of the scene for the later chapters too... /i

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