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b Disclaimer: This is JKR's world, I'm just messing in it. /b

i A/N: The last part of my story. Enjoy :) /i

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"N-no... Please." Voldemort smiled at the hopeless horror in Harry Potter's eyes. Turning to Ginny, he spoke in a mocking tone.

"What your darling husband doesn't want you to know, sweet Ginevra, is that I am going to even the odds by strengthening myself. What better way to do that... than to drain your daughter's immense magical reserves." Ginny's mouth fell open in shock at the ruthless chill in his voice.

"No!" She screamed, leaping forward recklessly. Before a spell could fly from her wand, she was sent sprawling with a flick of the Dark Lord's wand. Scrambling over to his wife's side, Harry gasped as he saw the deep gash of the stomach wound beneath her tattered robes. Falling to his knees, he cradles Ginny's head in his lap, his wand out as he prepared to heal her.

"D-Don't..." her normally forceful and lively voice was reduced to a mere whisper as the life literally leaked from between her fingers.

"I'll heal you up quick, Gin. Just hold still...It'll only take a little bit."

"No!" her voice rose a little before dying down once more, "I trained as a healer, remember... before... It'll take too much. Save our Emily..." With that little exertion, she grimaced, before schooling her expression into a small smile for her husband. i A cruel shadow of her smile... /i With fire in his eyes, Harry stood shakily, his chest clenching with pain. The next moment seemed to span a lifetime, as bolt of blue flame flew from the tip of Harry's wand.

" i Immolatio! /i " Voldemort screeched at the same time. Emily's eyes widened, her mouth widening into a surprised 'oh', as a bolt of white flew from her chest and into the Dark Lord. Even as her frail form crumpled lifelessly onto the floor, Tom Riddle dodged the bolt with sudden agility, letting it fly past harmlessly as the chair behind him burst into flame. With a scream of anguish, Harry blindly sent a rain of curses towards Voldemort, which he easily dodged.

"Is that the best the savior of the wizarding world can do? Reduced to blind firing like a mere rookie..." Voldemort spat, as Harry stood unmoving, each word sending shards through his already-torn heart.

i The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches /i

"They all died for nothing, Harry. All those people who died fighting..." Slamming his eyes shut, Harry fell to his knees by his wife's limp form, his worst fears being read from the lines of his heart, right before his eyes.

i born to those who have thrice defied him /i

"Your teachers. Yours friends..."

i born as the seventh month dies /i

"Your parents, Harry. Their deaths haven't protected you well..."

i and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal /i

"Your Wife..."

i but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not /i

"Your Daughter..."

i and either must die at the hand of the other /i

"All their deaths, their love... futile, isn't it? It all ends now, your love cannot protect you anymore, Harry Potter." A soft hand wrapped reassuringly around Harry's calf. It was reassuringly warm against his clammy skin as Ginny sent a trickle of power through their matrimonial bond.

i for neither can live while the other survives /i

"No." Harry said, rising to his feet slowly, Ginny's hand still at his calf; he continued, his voice steady and cold, "Their deaths were not futile. Their love was not futile!"

As if upon some greater compulsion, both their wands flew up, joining once more as they were forced to do battle. Without ceremony, the two wizards threw all their efforts into fending off the other, each willing the beads of golden light along the beam. Harry gritted his teeth as Voldemort's unholy magic caused the beads to move slowly but steadily towards him. As they drew close, his wand began shuddering, heating up to near smoldering within the fiftieth part of a second. Crying out with the pain of keeping his hold on the wand, Harry suddenly felt a burst of magic racing up from Ginny. With a mighty roar, he threw the raw magic into the fray, letting months of pent-up emotion rise to the surface. Fear. Anguish. Hurt. Anger. i Love /i . With a blinding flash, and a deafening crack, the beads of light expanded and imploded under the onslaught, destroying the beam in a shower of sparks, and leaving the brother wands but piles of ash in their owners' hands.

i the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies... /i

"Nooo!" Voldemort howled, turning suddenly as he prepared to Disapparate away. Without a thought, Harry's right arm flew up, fingers splayed, magic pulsing in his veins. In a flash, Tom Marvolo Riddle was caught, struggling against his mystical bonds with growing fear as he fought to escape.

"Love isn't futile, Tom. For there are worst things then death. They will live on in our hearts, as we will in their love." Tom cringed away from the sight of those cold eyes, feeling them bore into his very soul as he was stripped of his power, his dignity, "But you, Tom... You will suffer the most futile end of all. You will be forgotten. For you, death is Death. Goodbye, Tom." Without another word, Harry closed his eyes, pouring the magic of his love into fulfilling his destiny, willing it to be done. Briefly, a light flared in Tom Riddles' eyes, cleansed finally of the Darkness which had gnawed at it for his entire life; and then he was gone.

Pulling his unwilling eyes open, he turned and found what he knew he would see. Swallowing deeply, he could not help the stream of tears as he caressed Ginny's lifeless cheek. She had given him too much; she had given him everything...

Now staggering, he turned and made his way to his daughter's still form. With absolute tenderness, he cradled her body in his arms, gently laying her down by her mother's side. Picking up Ginny's fallen wand, he at last lowered himself into a kneeling position, even as the desperate footsteps of the rescuers echoed in the tunnel beyond.

"We won, Honey. We won."

He raised the wand.

A flash of light-

...and Harry James Potter fell, lifeless, to the ground.

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i A/N: Gah, that was really depressing, but I just really wanted to write that before I started on the Christmas Challenge. This year, I'm studying Tragedies for Literature, and, having read the new books, suddenly have it in my heart to write something like this. Some of you probably hate it, and some may like it, but I just needed this just the same... Thanks for reading, now review :) /i

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