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Introduction of Original Characters

Michelle- She is the main character in this story. She holds all 3 magic items (even though they are called magic items they are still called "Millennium") which were created by the Pharaoh's step-sister. The "Millennium Bracelet" which houses the Pharaoh's step-sister, Akira. The "Millennium Medallion" which let's the other self of that person have a body and the "Millennium Sword" which defends the person wielding it from the Shadow Realm effects. Michelle's parents were forced into marriage that's why they broke up after 2 years. Michelle's father named his best friend, Gozaburo Kaiba, Michelle's Godfather and his alternate if he dies (he does a month after). Michelle's mom, on the other hand was sisters with Yugi's mom. She married again. Her husband was cousins with Pegasus. Michelle's mom and step-father died on a plane crash when she was 7. Michelle guardians became Solomon, Gozaburo and Pegasus. She also has an older step-brother from her mom's second marriage (they only adopted) who lives in the United Kingdom. Her deck is composed of the "Angel Knights" cards which are very rare and powerful. She is currently working for both KaibaCorp. and Industrial Illusions.

Life with Gozaburo- Michelle was smart so Gozaburo was fine with the fact that he had to be her guardian. She became the playmate of Gozaburo's sons (first Noah, then Seto and Mokuba).

Life with Pegasus- After 6 months with Gozaburo, Michelle now has to spend the next six months with Pegasus. There Michelle learned about the "Angel Knight" cards. She asked her uncle if she could have it. Her uncle only agreed if Michelle could find the cards in a treasure hunt game around the world. She earned the cards eventually. Since she had 6 months with Pegasus and 6 months with Gozaburo she could only see her adopted brother in the United Kingdom and her other relatives during Christmas.

Akira- Akira is actually the Pharaoh's cousin but her parents died in a war. Her mother's sister (which is the Pharaoh's mother) kept her as her own but she also died. Pharaoh Akunumkanon adopted her. She locked herself in the items she created so that she can help her brother when the puzzle is solved.

Mike- Mike is Michelle's older step-brother he is currently in London, studying about Egyptology. He has a girlfriend which is Michelle's best friend, Sara.

Sara- Sara is Mike's boyfriend and Michelle's best friend who went to Domino to check on her. Like Mike, she is also studying Egyptology in London.

Yugi- Yugi is Michelle's soon to be step-sister but for now she is just his cousin. Both of them are entering Kaiba Corporation's Battle City.

Joey- One of Yugi's and Michelle's best friend. He is also entered in the Tournament.

Tristan- One of Yugi's and Michelle's friend. He is a member of the booster club that helps duelist to train.

Seto Kaiba- Michelle's childhood friend and crush. He is the CEO of Kaiba Corporation.

Mokuba Kaiba- Another of Michelle's childhood friend. He is the younger brother of Seto.

Ghouls- Rare card hunters that seek the 3 Egyptians Gods.

Marik Ishtar- The leader of the Ghouls. He possesses the Winged Dragon of Ra and one of the Millennium Items the Millennium Rod.

I know this is very short but it is only an introduction page for the original characters in this story and the other characters. The next chapter is coming out next week. Promise that!