Author's Note: Sorry it took me so long to update but I really have hard times to write duels

Author's Note: Sorry it took me so long to update but I really have hard times to write duels. It so freaking hard to write good duels between characters that I really took some time.

This particular duel is kind of pathetic but it has been so long since I have updated that I had to post it like this already.

The duel in this chapter shows how powerful Michelle's deck is so let's not wait any further.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh. I do own the Angel-Knight Cards and Michelle and Akira.







Chapter 3: Techno-Geek








Outside KaibaCorporation


"So here we are. What are we supposed to do next?" Akira asked Michelle through their mind link.

Before Michelle could answer an angry voiced called out to them. "Hey!! It's off limits here! Get lost!" The owner of the voice was a tall man with a suit on. He had black hair and was wearing black glasses.

"Hello Roland", Michelle said turning around to face Seto Kaiba's assistant who always does what he's told. "I guess Seto told you to shoo off any duelists who go this way?"

"My apologies Ms. Mutuo. I didn't realize it was you," Roland said bowing his head in honor of respect. Even if he didn't showed his face, Michelle knew that Roland was turning red of embarrassment. "Yes, Mr. Kaiba left specific orders not to let anyone in the office while the tournament was on going."

"Well figures he would," Michelle said looking back at the building in front of her. Then Akira said something.

"How are you suppose to investigate now?"

Michelle suddenly had a plan.

"Hey Roland is Mokuba inside?"

"Yes, I think he's working on something down at Basement 5."

"Thanks." Michelle said before running towards the office entrance and pushing the down bottom.

Not everyone is allowed to go to Basement 5. Only the duel scientists, the Kaiba Brothers and Michelle were that's why they had an identification card that they had to slide in to access the floor.

Basement 5 wasn't that all special as Michelle knew. All she knew was that it was were Seto had practiced with the duel disk for the tournament.

"Hey Akira get ready we're nearing the floor. I want to give you a body now." Michelle said to Akira.


The Millennium Medallion around Michelle's neck suddenly glowed, and then her entire body glowed as it split into two.

Before the light disappeared, Michelle and Akira's forehead both had the Millennium symbol on them.

"Now this is much better," Akira said stretching her arms like she just woke up.

What all the other people know is that Akira is just a cousin of Michelle and Yugi's. Only Pegasus, Gozaburo, Mike, Sara, the Kaiba Brothers and Yugi's friends know who Akira truly is. Even though Seto still doesn't admit it.

Akira is an exact replica of Michelle only her long black hair had white highlights. She's a skilled swordsman and duelists but she only takes over when Michelle's worn out.

They arrived at Basement 5 and when the elevator doors open they were surprised at the sight that greeted them.

Up ahead was a human size robot but it had no legs and it had a duel disk strapped on. Mokuba was right beside the robot maybe fixing it.

"Hey Mokuba," Michelle said waving at him.

Mokuba noticed them and waved back. "Hey Michelle! Hey Akira!"

"What are you working on?" Akira asked.

"Well I was just prepping this duel robot." Mokuba answered.

"Duel Robot?!" the two said in unison.

"This thing knows how to duel?" Michelle asked. "Are you serious Mokuba?"

"Yeah it does. Seto made it to test the duel disks on. You can set which duelists level you want it to be then duel it." Mokuba explained.

"So basically it's like a duel simulator?" Akira asked.

"Well, yeah." Mokuba said. "You want to try dueling it?" he said to Michelle.

Michelle liked the idea. "Why not? What's the highest duel level?"

"'Bout the same level as Yugi and big brother."

"Set it to that Mokie and let's see what this thing can do," Michelle said activating the duel disk on her left arm.


KaibaCorporation, Office of the CEO


Seto Kaiba was just about to leave when a signal from his laptop caught his attention.

Apparently when Mokuba was prepping the robot for a duel it alerted the inventor of the machine.

He checked the security cams at Basement 5 and was surprised to see Michelle making her way in front of the duel robot. Akira and Mokuba stood at the sidelines.

He smiled.

"Hmmm, I'll watch this duel first before I duel myself at this tournament." Seto thought. "Come on Mitch, show me what you're new deck has got."


KaibaCorporation, Basement 5


Back at Basement 5 things were ready to go. Mokuba and Akira stood at the sidelines where the control booth for the robot was. They didn't know that a certain CEO was watching them.

"Alright Michelle the duel robot is at its highest level." Mokuba called out. "Don't forget it was made by big brother so don't under estimate it." He smiled to himself then looked at Akira before adding. "And if you do get the upper hand please don't destroy the thing."

Akira chuckled. Sometimes when Michelle gets fired up she may just destroy her opponent literary.

Michelle heard the comment. "Don't worry Mokuba; I'll take good care of it."

She then faced her opponent. "Let's see what this bucket of bolts has to offer."

"Let's duel!"

Michelle (LP 8000, Hand: 5)Duel Robot (LP 8000, Hand: 5)

"I'LL GO FIRST." A mechanical voice said. This surprised Michelle a lot.

"Wow you didn't tell me it could talk." Michelle said to Mokuba.

Mokuba smiled. "Well it's supposed to act like a duelist doesn't it?"

"DRAW" the duel robot said. It paused for a while to process its strategy.


A nasty looking warrior materialized itself to the field. It bore an axe that is said to be marked by its countless victims.


Michelle was surprised that the robot ended its turn without any face down cards.

"Alright then it's my turn!" Michelle drew her card from her deck. Then she two postulated her strategy.

"Sorry guys but looks like I'm going to end this duel here and now," Michelle said.

Mokuba was taken a back. Also another person in the building.


KaibaCorporation, Office of the CEO


Like his brother, Seto Kaiba was baffled.

"Can she really do that?" he thought to himself as he continued to watch the duel. "The duel-bot is set to the maximum level, can she really defeat it in one turn."


KaibaCorporation, Basement 5


Akira chuckled.

"She can Mokuba. If she have the right cards I mean." Akira said to Mokuba.

"Hey Mokuba do me a favor tell Seto to get down here. I know his watching," Michelle said to the control booth.

A small chuckle was heard from one off the intercoms.

"How did you know?" Seto Kaiba's voiced said.

"Just get down here."

"I'm already here."

Michelle, Akira and Mokuba looked towards the private elevator at the other side of Basement 5. Seto Kaiba emerged from it. Only 4 people could use the private elevator and currently all four of them were there.

"I knew that once the duel robot was activated that it would alert the inventor of its activation," Michelle said as Seto joined Mokuba and Akira at the control booth.

"So let's see you defeat my invention as easily as you say you can" Seto said.

"Buckle up 'cause you guys are about to see a show," Michelle said as she turned to her opponent. "I believe it was my turn."

"Starting off I play the trap card Ultimate Offering," as she said it she slid the card to a slot on her duel disk and the card materialize itself on the field.

"It allows me to summon level 5 or higher monsters into the field from my hand just by sacrificing 500 LP per monster."

Michelle then took one card from her hand. "Of course I summon one of my ace cards into the field." She placed a card on the top of her duel disk in Attack Mode. "Let me introduce you to 'Angel of Light'!" (A: 3000 D: 2500)

A knight like creature materialize itself unto the field. Its armor was pure white. It unsheathed its sword using its right hand while it's left maintained its shield. The shield bore an image like the sun but it was white. At the back of Angel of Light bore white wings.

"It has a special effect when summoned but I can choose to not use it," Michelle said. "'Cause everything I need is already in my hand."

She then took another card from her hand and slid it unto a card slot on her disk.

"Now I use my Magic Card, 'Angel Calling' which allows me to summon up to 4 more Angel monsters unto the field from the deck, graveyard or hand." Michelle said before getting the cards she needed.

"Looks like the family's all here," she said as she summoned Angel of Darkness, Angel of Friendship, Angel of Love and Angelic Dragon.

The other Angel card had the same attack and defense points and looked like Angel of Light the only difference is their colors and the symbol on their shield. For Angel of Darkness, the color was black and the symbol was the moon. For Angel of Friendship, the color was blue and the shield bore no symbol. For Angel of Love the color scheme was red and of course the symbol on its shield was of a heart.

As for Angelic Dragon (A: 2500 D: 2000) it was like Curse of Dragon only it wasn't that hideous. Its wings were feathered like an angel; it had a horn on its fore head and its eyes and the whole body and wings were light blue.

"And sorry to say that my turn is far from over yet," Michelle said as she took yet another card from her hand.

"Now I use the Ritual Magic Card 'Angel Guardian Ritual'!" She slid the card unto her disk.

"It requires the 4 Angel Knights on the field and one Angelic Dragon also on the field. Since I can oblige to the requirements I can summon 'Angel Guardian of the Gods'!" (A: 4500 D: 4000)

As she explained what was happening, the four knights raised their swords and pointed to the dragon who took flight. The energy was blinding and when the light finally faded, a magnificent Knight stood on the field.

It wore a white helmet, black armor, a red shield and a blue sword.

"And wait there's more," Michelle said that surprised the others.

She took one more card from her hand leaving her hand with one card only.

"I play Card of Sanctity which allows you and me to draw until we both have six cards in our hand."

Michelle said as she drew five cards from her deck while the duel robot just drew 1.

Michelle studied her cards. "So sorry but it really looks like that I'll win this duel."

"I use Polymerization to combine my 'Angel Guardian of the Gods' with my second 'Angelic Dragon'!" Michelle said as she showed her opponent the two cards she just said.

Angel Guardian of the Gods leaped and rode over the Angelic Dragon. Its sword grew bigger and it lost its shield.

"Everyone I present the strongest card in my deck 'Angel Dragon Knight Guardian of the Gods', Michelle said. "I know it's a handful to say but it also has a handful of Attack Points." (A: 4900 D: 4300)

Akira chuckled.

"Now I use its special effect, if I have any Dark, Light or a Dragon card in my hand then I can sacrifice those monsters and their Attack Points becomes this monster's Attack Points and with those attack points I can attack your Life points directly."

She showed everyone her 4 remaining cards. They were the Dark Magician (A: 2500), Summoned Skull (A: 2500), Curse of Dragon (A: 2000) and the Dark Magician Girl (A: 2000).

"And if you'll add 'em all up, my Dragon Knight has a whopping 9000 temporarily Attack Points." Michelle said triumphantly as she discarded all her hand cards.

The Dragon Knight raised its sword and collected power from the cards that were just sent to the graveyard.

"Now my Dragon Knight attack the robot's life points directly with Mystic Life Sword!"

The monster prepared itself. Its sword was surrounded with light as the dragon soared forward hitting the robot. It was thrown back but not that far as it didn't hit the wall behind it.

Michelle (LP 8000, Hand: 0)Duel Robot (LP 0, Hand: 6)

Michelle suddenly realized that it was smocking. With panic she said "Hey Seto that things not going to explode anytime now?"

Seto was still baffled at Michelle's play but quickly recovered and hit the off button in the control booth. "Don't worry I turned it off already, if I didn't it would have."

Mokuba cut in, "But not before saying 'DEFEAT NOT POSSIBLE' over and over again. Since it was programmed after Seto."

Mokuba and Michelle were the only people who get away with insulting the CEO of KaibaCorp.

Akira and Michelle laughed at what Mokuba had said. Seto didn't looked angry at it.

"Hahaha, very funny Mokie but remember you'll have to check it again," Seto said earning a groan from his younger brother.

Dismissing that he got punished Mokuba ran towards Michelle. Followed closely by Akira and Seto.

"That was awesome Michelle, I never knew you could do that," Mokuba exclaimed.

"Well I'll have to have the right cards to pull it off. It was a strategy Akira and I made. It's called "One Turn Defeat'" Michelle said looking extremely proud of how the duel turned up. But then she frowned.

"But I kind of hoped that the duel would have lasted longer," Akira laughed at Michelle's words.

"Well we should be going then," Seto said with his back to business voice. "The tournament has already started and I don't want to fall behind."

Michelle nodded. Then something in the room caught her eye. "Hey what's that?" She pointed to a motorcycle looking car. It was blue. With black windows.

"Oh it's something that KaibaCorp. Got as a present. It's a combination of a motorcycle and a car. It turns as easily as a motorcycle but it has a roof and air condition. It can also sit two people." Seto explained.

Michelle eyed the car eagerly. She then lifted her to Seto, looking like a child asking his parent to buy her a toy. Seto gave in.

"Fine you can have it as long as you don't destroy it," Seto said as he too wanted to test drive the supposedly car.

Michelle smiled. "Thanks Seto!!" she exclaimed.

Akira just sighed at her partner. "Don't worry I'll keep an eye on her."

Mokuba then realized something. "Wait the company that sent us that thing also sent this watch." He then gave Michelle an odd looking watch.

"it's called the 'Battle Watch'," Mokuba explained. "Why don't you Press the button 'Retreat'."

Michelle did what Mokuba said and the car vanished. "What happened?" Michelle asked baffled.

"Well the company that develop the transportation technology tell us that it's on stand by and when you need it just press the button 'Retrieve'" Mokuba explained.

Akira looked astounded. "That's awesome!"

Michelle on the other hand figured out a plan. "So we'll roam around Clock Tower square before heading out of the plaza into the city using the car."

Akira agreed. Then they realized that Seto had already left.

"Big Brother really is impatient," Mokuba said. "So I guess good luck Michelle. I hope I'll see you at the finals."

"You can count on it Mokuba," Michelle said.

Both her and Akira boarded the elevator and went up towards the lobby. Leaving Mokuba to test the duel robot and make some few modifications.








Chapter 3: Techno Geek







Author's Note: Well that was that. Hope you guys liked it. Oh and I used the effect of 'Card of Sanctity' based on the anime.

The Motor-Car was just another thing I came up with. Just for laughs.

In the next chapter we meet up with Bonz and Tristan.

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