The pale figure drifted in on thin air, long robes fluttering behind and beneath as the harsh light behind it faded. Glancing for but a moment at Gideon before addressing the council. "This drama has gone on for long enough. You look upon a true human my children, your collective histories, your countless religions, all bear witness to me. You know this to be true. The beauty of my divine form has been worshipfully rendered by your artist since time immemorial, This small hairy thing-"

Stunned as he was, Gideon still bristled at that.

"-Which stands before you today is the pathetic of remnant of an over ambitious race which were too proud to worship me and my kind. They even dared to emulate our divine forms. This crude blasphemy--this sacrilege--was too abhorrent for us to allow. They were warned, they were commanded, yet still these arrogant fools ignored our council. We concluded that only the most stringent actions could end this order."

The counsel broke into a low gurgle of murmuring that quickly died as the figure spoke on.

"We enlisted the faithful N'Kul--whom you aptly herald as Seekers--and commanded them to clean this arrogant race from off the face of our galaxy. I come here before you today to absolve them of any crimes. I come here for another reason as well, my children, to return from the shadows of power, to retake our throne of stars, to rule our scattered children once more." The androgynous figure raised it's hands and it's voice. "Rejoice, my children, for your gods have returned."

Enorym stepped forward, cutting his hand through the air in a firm denial. "No, This is a lie! I have seen the true power of humanity. This creature intends to deceive us-" A sudden blast of telekinetic force cut him of before he could finish, knocking him off of his feet, and sending him tumbling across the chamber.

"No! Enorym!"

Lifting it's pale arms above it's head, the light all about it seemed to dim, to gather in on itself, shifting to bright yellow. Coalescing into a sphere nearly a meter across, it was flung down, clearly with the intent of finishing Enorym off.

Moving rapidly to stand between them, Gideon lashed out with a fist, focusing his energy through his arm and outwards to repulse the globe of power away before it could bring any harm to his friend. "Not again. I'm not losing anyone again!"

The next few minutes of life, had he the chance to think about it, could be described as a fantastically deadly game of chess. Every move had a counter move, and every counter had a counter to it too. Massive shards of stone were flung at him, and he dove and flipped, narrowly avoiding them.

Smaller, much sharper rocks came, faster than the big ones, and he conjured shields of shimmering transparent light to block them. Waves of force, much bigger than he himself could produce, swept the chamber from side to side, and he wrapped his shields about himself in a dome, barely holding the immense power at bay.

Worst of all was those blasts of darkened light. The first he had deflected, before the fight had really began, so the next had caught him off guard. He had barely got a shield up in time, and it still knocked him halfway up the length of the chamber. The sheer strength of the impact had knocked him senseless, but the distance he had covered gave him enough time to gather his wits.

Just as a third blast rushed at him.

This time, Gideon was ready for it, and with a wave of his hand, a blast of telekinetic force rocketed the attack back at it's creator. His triumphant smile died as the sphere was deflected back at him.

It seemed that two could play the game.

Out of desperation, Gideon swatted the rippling orb back again and again, and each time he did, he found it harder and harder to repulse. It was if the blast was growing stronger, feeding off of the respective energies they were moving it with. In that case, let's see what happens when I hit it with everything I've got! Raising both hands, Gideon summoned all his power, every last scrap of energy he had, and projected it into the incredibly heavy ball of energy.

For a moment, it didn't seem to have any effect, as if the human had waited to long to make his last gambit. But slowly, oh so slowly, the sphere ground to a halt, hung there in the air for a moment, then began moving back. Gradually, it drifted towards the hovering figure, picking up tremendous speed in the short time it took to travel back. Racing back, it was halfway down the chamber, and then suddenly, it was there, slamming into the pale, hairless creature with enough force to rock battered chamber.

Letting out an agonized scream, the figure writhed a moment before crashing down to the chamber floor, thrashing about in pain. After the sound died away, the figure struggled to raise itself, slowly lifting from the chamber floor under it's own power, raising it's blood smeared head to look at the human, trembling.

"You have the face of someone I once loved... But you are not them." Feeling a familiar heat deep within his chest, Gideon closed his eyes, and again gave into the feeling of raw power burning his being from the inside out. Levitating into the air, surrounded by a pillar of yellow-orange light, a burst of pure energy washed over his body, making the massive council chamber shudder yet again.

Quickly floating back to the floor, his conscious mind delved deep within, probing the new font of power that he had unlocked.

By this time, the pale being's shaking has ceased, and it rose a little higher. "I tire of this. Give my regards to oblivion." Again, darkness seemed to surround the pale figure, this time in the form of vertical distortions that made the air about it seem to shiver. Raising a hand and pointing it straight at the mere human a gathering of violet light wrapped about it's fingers and began to grow.

Lifting his head, Gideon opened his eyes. He knew exactly what to do with his newfound power. Raising an arm, he concentrated forward, and the purple light wrapped around the being's hand began to grow brighter and brighter, spreading outward to envelop it's entire body.

Startled by the sudden flow of energy, the creature looked about, realizing that the very air about it was filled with purple light, all flowing in to wrap about it. "Wait- what're you-" The chamber shook once more, the most violent quake the building had witnessed yet, and it continued to go on. "Stop!"

Gideon growled out a single word. "No." Snapping his hand closed, the vibrant waves of light jerked inwards, and the pale being's limbs distorted, warped, and crumpled in on it's torso. Gideon had created a gravitational flux so strong, that even the light of the chamber itself was being drawn into it. And the creature was at it's center.

There was a sickening crunch as it's frame collapsed in on itself, and a horrible, guttural cry, and a bright flash of light that blotted out the horrible sight.

Lowering his arm, Gideon Wyeth, nearly the last of his kind, let out a sigh, and hung his head. At last... It's over. But the chamber continued to tremble."Huh?" Raising his head, his eyes widened in shock.

A flash of violet light, and a vertical gap rent the air, quickly widening to half fill the chamber. A flash of light snaked across the floor, pooling around the human's feet, and continuing along behind him. Without warning, a sudden force yanked Gideon off of his feet, and hauled him through the air, pulling him into the rift.

Massive chunks of stone were yanked in for a few, scant seconds, and then there was another bright flash.

And two figures dropped to the ground.

One was Gideon Wyeth, a little battered, but none worse for the wear. And the other, who held the human in his arms...

Was a man in a bright yellow shirt belted at the waist, and dark pants bound from knee to ankle in red cords. Dark bangs spilled over his pale face as he looked down at the human, staring with large green eyes.

"You're..." Gideon stared up at the face, he knew what this creature was. "...Human."

"Yeah, close enough." Smiling, he tilted his head to the side, revealing a hint of yellow, something bound about his forehead. "This wouldn't happen to be Earth, now would it?"