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Chapter 5: The Date

Holly checked herself in the mirror. She looked pretty good. She was wearing an emerald green blouse, a black skirt and black shoes (not high heels). She couldn't believe that she was wearing a skirt but she wanted to look nice for Trouble. She wouldn't admit it to herself but she really did like him.

Maybe more than like. Came a voice in her head. Shut up! She told herself.

There was a knock at the door. She walked to it quickly and pulled it open. Trouble was standing there. As he saw her he caught his breath. She looked stunning.

"Holly! You look great!" He said.

She blushed and smiled. "Thanks. You look nice to."

He smiled and held out his hand.

"Do you want to get going?"

"Sure. Let me just get my keys." She ran into her living room and grabbed her keys. She returned to Trouble and they left.

They walked to a restaurant at another part of Haven. Holly caught her breath as they stopped in front of it. It was the Taj Mahal, (I couldn't think of anything else at the time) the most popular restaurant in Haven.

Trouble smiled at her as they entered the building. They went over to a table and sat down.

A waitress came over. "What can I get you two?" she asked smiling at the couple.

Holly looked up from the menu. "A mineral water please."

Trouble ordered the same.

For a while they said nothing. Trouble racked his brains for something to say when Holly started giggling.


"I was just remembering the looks on the gnomes' faces when we came in and started blasting."

Trouble started laughing to. "Their expressions were nothing compared to Root's when you shot him with that paint ball gun at the initiation."

They were both laughing now and from then on they had no problem talking. An hour later they left the restaurant and went to the movie theater across the street. It was a very good film but Trouble barely saw it.

He was to busy thinking about Holly sitting next to him. He liked being so close to her. She was so pretty. And not just that. She was a nice person, brave, fun... he could go on forever.

After the film ended they slowly walked to Holly's house talking the whole way.

Outside Holly's door Trouble turned to her. She was looking up at him. (He's a little taller than her).

"I had fun tonight." Holly said.

"Er... Good. Maybe we could do it again some time." He said.

Holly smiled. "I'd like that." She bit her lip, as if thinking about something. She came to a conclusion and looked up at Trouble.

He was about to ask her something when her lips touched his. He was surprised for a moment and then started kissing back. She broke away in a few seconds and smiled.

"See you tomorrow." She said softly and went into her apartment.

Trouble grinned, put his hands in his pockets and began whistling as he walked home. Today had been a very good day. He couldn't wait for the next date.

I'll have to remember to thank Vein for convincing me to ask Holly out. He thought as he entered his building.


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