Chapter 1 the past

I woke to the sound of thunder outside my room. I got up out of bed and sat down on the window seat. I opened up the book that was sitting there and smiled as it was Cinderella, my favorite story. I was so into the book I didn't hear the light knock on the door. When the door opened it creaked and my head shot up only to sigh in relief at finding it was my twin brother Robin.

"My dear cinderalie how are you this wonderful evening? Reading I see if only mom or dad saw you would be in big trouble." He said, I rolled my eyes at the name he called me.

"I thought I told you not to call me that, and I'm just peachy." I nearly shouted with false anger. He looked around before saying,

"It's almost time Raven."

"But I don't want to go and dad will surly punish the maids when they find us missing" I had tears in my eyes when I finished talking.

"We have to go they would do worse to us if they knew what we did. Besides you can sail the seas like you always dreamed of doing and no one can hold you back."

"And you what will you do. Still from the rich and give to the poor" I joked. He nodded

"That sounds like a fantastic ideal" he said with excitement in he's eyes.

"I was only joking." I said quickly but it was too late he had all ready decided that was what he would do.

I sighed as I got up knowing we needed to leave and it was a lost cause to argue otherwise. I glanced around my room with tears in my eyes as I realized that it might be the last time I saw it. The walls were a sea blue like my eyes. I had a light brown desk and dresser and a bright pink bed that I hated but it was the only way I was allowed to have a blue room.

"We're only 10 maybe we can get a lighter sentence."

"No they would probably just let us rot in the jail until we were old enough to hang," He sadly said, "come on I found you a ship to leave on, it sails in an hour so we need to hurry." With that said he pulled a bag out of the closet and filled it with all the things I would need and more. Then we grabbed my hand and lead me to the passenger ship still carrying my bag and his. As we got closer I began to think that this was no ordinary ship, but a pirate ship. I didn't dream of telling Robin though in fear of him not letting me go. When we were right next to it the captain came down the ramp and took my bag.

"This your sister young man?" he asked in a gruff tone. He then looked me over and saw that I didn't believe that it was a passenger ship. "She looks a lot like you. Are you twins?"

"Yes sir" we said at the same time then grinned at each other. The captain smiled he saw a great future in both of us and that this was going to be a painfully parting. We said our goodbyes and warnings then parted ways.