A/N: Sorry this first chapter is so short. Some of the chapters are shorter or much longer than the others. I have 10 chapters written out so far and have about 2 more to write then i'm done so i'll be updating frequently. Enjoy.

This is our story. It's wonderful, it's tragic, its painful, its funny, its great and its horrible memories all wrapped into one thing, love. I loved him. I wish I could say love, because of course I do, but saying that, in the present tense, just doesn't sound right anymore. Not when he's not here to hear it. This is my way of trying to get over him, my way of trying to get ride of the pain. It probably won't work but at least I tried, he would want me to at least try.

1. NCI- what?

I looked at her like she was the strangest person on the face of the earth. She was supposed to help me find a job, not make me look like an idiot. She seriously wanted me to send in an application to these people. It was part of the Marine Corps for heavens sake, these people would eat me alive.

"Come on Abby this place is a great place to work at." She shoved the application into my hand again, trying to make me reconsider.

"Julie I don't even know what NCIS stands for." I didn't want to work at a place like this. They seemed like a bunch of paper pushers, way far down on the marine food chain. Up until Julie showed up at my door and shoved this stupid application in my hands I had never even heard of NCIS. I looked at the paper, turned to her and quite blatantly said, "NCI- what? Are you seriously trying to get me to consider this application cause I'd rather burn it."

She pushed and she pushed. She showed me some info on NCIS, explained to me what it stood for, and showed me all the pro's for working there. I personally thought there were more cons than pros.

I stood up from my chair, pushing it backwards with my black booted foot and turned to look at Julie. "Julie look at me. You see this tattoo, and this one and this one, I've got more tattoos than you'll ever see. Now look at the way I dress. You see these chains, all this black? Do you think a place like NCIS would actually hire me? They'd probably search me for drugs, then run about a million drug tests to see if I'm a druggy and then when they can't find anything they'll do the test again and again." I folded my arms in front of me and stared her down.

She stayed seated, the stubborn woman she was held strong against my complete disregard for this place. It was a long night of her pushing and me wanting her to go away. Eventually I suffered from Caf!Pow shortage for so long that I finally gave in. What a great friend Julie was, she wouldn't even let me leave my house until I considered the job.

I went to the marine yard the next day. The director was busy so he passed me off to Special Agent Gibbs. I had only talked to the man for five minutes before I figured out I hated him. Later on it shocked to me that I ever hated him.

Every time I tried to explain something he would give me one of those "bottom line" looks which I had come to get used to because of an old friend of mine, Chris. I must have said something right because I got a call from him the next day. He simply said "Be here tomorrow 0800 sharp." And that was it. No hello, no goodbye, nothing, he just hung up on me.

I put the phone down and stared at the fridge for while. I didn't want the job. I had told Julie that enough times. But then again they wanted me to work for them even with my appearance it didn't seem to affect their choice. Well actually his choice. So I sat and stared and then suddenly it hit me. "Oh shit, what the hell is 0800?" Yeah I'm just that stupid.