Chapter Eight: Goodnights

"Daddy? Is Kagome-chan going to be my mother," Rin's voice had taken him by surprise. Not only that the fact that Rin was still awake in the backseat, but the question as well.

"Nani," Rin could hear the shock in her father's voice as he stopped at a red light and turned to look at her.

"Ano… well since we are always around her and you are happy with Kagome-chan I thought maybe Kagome-chan can be Rin's okasan," Her blush was endearing to him as he watched his little girl fumble with the edge of her skirt.

"Do you want her to be your mother Rin," at first the thought of him not being enough for his precious daughter went through his mind before tossing the thought away. Rin needed a womanly figure in her life and he wouldn't mind having one in his life either, but these thoughts were too soon. He had only met the mesmerizing woman a couple of weeks ago thoughts of wedding bells shouldn't be going through his mind, nether should the images of little Sesshomaru's and Kagome's running around be desirable this soon either.

'This woman is going to drive me nuts,' he shook his head as he heard his little precious daughter speak up.

"Hai, I would very much, she is kind and fun and way cool," her reaction forced a chuckle to emerge as he watched her animated hand gestures, wide smile and she kept nodding to herself as if to agree with her own explanation.

"Kagome would make for a great mother, but we are getting a little ahead of ourselves here sweetheart," he said more to himself than to Rin, but Rin answered anyways with a nod as a big yawn escaped her mouth.

"Go to sleep Rin you have school tomorrow," the rest of the ride was uneventful as Rin slept soundlessly in the backseat and thoughts of the mystery that was Kagome rampaged through his mind.

He drove home in silence listening to his daughter's light breathing as she slept in the backseat with her doll clutched to her chest.

He reached their home less than 15 minutes later. As not to wake his precious daughter he opened and closed his door as silently as possible before opening the back door to lift Rin out of the car.

As he unbuckled her seat he heard Rin stir and stilled in hopes that she would settle back down.

"Don't forget Aieka-chan," Rin murmured, going back to sleep instantly. Looking in the backseat beside her he found the doll and grabbed it before picking up Rin and closing the door and locking them as he made his way to the front door.

As he walked through the silent hall of their home he went through the door that had pictures of flowers all over the door that led to a pink room with doll and teddy bears scattered all over the cream-carpeted floor. Making his way to the frilly canopied bed Sesshomaru placed his daughter on top of the pink floral comforter. Looking around he spotted Rin's teddy bear pjs he went to grab it and trying to not wake his little girl he pulled her shoes off and dress over her head and pulled the long gown on. After tucking his bundle in he bent over and kissed her genteelly on the head.

"Goodnight my little Rin, Daddy loves you," with that he closed her door and went to his room and collapsed on his bed without changing and went to sleep exhausted.

-*- Shikon Elementary -*-

It had been a long day.

'Maybe going out with Sesshomaru and Rin last night had not been a good idea,' thought Kagome as she rested her head on her desk listening to Kohaku, Shippou and Rin play over in the corner.

'Then again I had a great time,' she sighed.

After Sango comes to pick up Kohaku, she was planning on taking Rin and Shippou to Sesshomaru's work were they all would meet up and hang out somewhere for the day. The likely plan was probably a day at the park.

"Hey hun ruff night," Kagome lifted her head from her arms at the sound of her friend's voice.

"No, just a late night with Sesshomaru, we went bowling with the kids and stayed over for tea. Let me tell you, I am really feeling the lack of sleep now and Sesshomaru, the kids and I are planning of going to the park latter," she really was looking forward to spending more time with Sesshomaru and Rin, but she could hardly keep her eyes open.

"Wow it sounds like you guys a serious," Sango went over to Kagome's desk and sat on the edge of the desk crossing her legs as she looked down at her sleepy friend.

"I really like him Sango. He is sweet, great with kids, can do just about anything and not to mention handsome. I hope he finds me agreeable, a plain elementary school teacher who is living with her 23 year old brother," she sighed dropping her head back into her arms as she thought about how totally different her and Sesshomaru were. It was like they came from two different worlds.

"Ahem," Sesshomaru suppressed a smirk as he watched Kagome's head shoot up almost causing her to fall out of her chair. He had heard her from the door and he couldn't disagree with her more. Sure they were two diverse people, the woman was one of the most beautiful and intriguing person he had ever met. Also the little spiel she gave about him stroked his ego.

"Sesshomaru how long have you been standing there," Kagome at the moment was doing a very good impression of a tomato in Sango's opinion as she watched the interaction of her best friend and the man that has caught her attention.

"You think I'm handsome," his deep laugh further embarrassing the poor woman as she buried her face into her hands groaning in misery.

"Daddy," Sesshomaru turned around just in time to catch the little girl that had thrown herself into his arms, allowing Kagome to have time to compose herself.

"You were on your best behavior for Kagome-san today right Rin," Rin nodded vigorously as she went on to tell him what she all did that day.

"Well you four have fun Kohaku and I, are going out to dinner with Miroku tonight," grabbing Kohaku by the hand they waved good bye before leaving the classroom.

"What happened to the plan of me coming over with the children," Kagome pouted crossing her arms childishly after Sango had left the room. She was still embarrassed that he had heard her earlier and her face would not return to its normal shade.

"Well I figured since you didn't go to sleep at a reasonable hour I thought about coming and getting you three before heading to my house were the children can have fun, allowing you and me at the same time, time to relax. I hope the change in plans doesn't upset you," the soft smile from Kagome told him that he made a good choice.

"Let me straighten up here then we can go, but what about my car," he had allowed Rin down so that she could go and gather her stuff, while he leaned against one of the bookshelves placed along the wall watching Kagome tuck a piece of hair behind her hair as she gathered papers into a pile to shove it her bag to bring home.

"I will just drive you to work tomorrow. I doubt that there will be too much trouble with leaving it here for one night," Kagome flashed him a smile agreeing with him with a single nod of acceptance.

"Well I'm ready when you are," Kagome turned her head towards the two mischievous little devils that was Rin and Shippou, "Are you two ready to go."

"Hai, okasan," Shippou smiled up at his mother, grabbing Rin's hand walking toward their parents.

-*- At Sesshomaru's-*-

The ride there was full of laughter as the children in the backseat sang along with the kiddie radio station.

"Nice place," Kagome commented as she got out of the car. The house looked like any normal two story home with a white picket fence that matched the paint on the house. The shudders were blue with a blue painted porch that wrapped around the whole house. There was also a little garden in front of the house giving it a homely feel. Kagome didn't expect Sesshomaru to own a place like this.

"Rin chose it. We moved in about a year ago because a flat didn't seem good enough for her," Sesshomaru mused Rin's hair in affection as she giggled at her Daddy.

"Yup that place was a guy's place this is a home," Rin laughed grabbing her father's keys and Shippou's hand as she ran towards the house.

"I have to say I never pictured a place like this," Kagome smiled at Sesshomaru as he offered her his arm as he led her inside the house.

"I hear that a lot from people who sees this place for the first time. Rin said this is a family home in hopes of having a family one day," he smiled softly at the thought of having a family with the woman beside him before shaking his head quickly reminding himself it is too soon to be having these thoughts.

"What a sweet gesture, Rin is such a sweet girl," she could hear the children in the other room.

"Well let's go down stairs and I will show you my play room," Sesshomaru laughed as he lead Kagome though the living room and down the stairs to the basement.

Kagome laughed at what she saw, it was defiantly a man's play room with a pool table, foosball table, air hockey table, a bar along one wall and a huge flat screen TV on another faced with nice leather sofas. He even had a pin ball machine and dart board.

"Wow…" she kept laughing as she looked at Sesshomaru's miffed expression.

"I guess this is why Naraku comes here so often," Kagome busted out laughing again because she couldn't get over how very male this room was.

"Well if you are just going to laugh at my pride and joy I guess I can kick you out," he couldn't help but, smile at the gloriously laughing woman who was now sitting on the floor holding her midsection.

"I… I I'm sor-… I'm sorry I can-… can't get over the fact how… how utterly male this room is," Kagome wiped the tears from her eyes as she tried to catch her breath.

"Hn," was all he said as he walked over to the bar and got himself a beer for both of them and handing the still sitting woman hers.

"Thank you," she went over and plopped herself down beside Sesshomaru on the couch when she was finally able to pick herself off the floor.

"Done now," He took a sip of his beer peeking a look at the still smiling woman who nodded her head as she too took a swig of her beer.

"Well we can watch a movie if you want," he got up and walked over to the shelf full of movies scanning for a good movie.

"Sure," she pulled the lever on the side for the recliner as she watched Sesshomaru, more like his butt, as he crouched down to grab a case off the shelf.

"I have The Last Samurai how does that sound to you," he looked over to smirk at catching her blushing.

" yeah that sounds good," quickly taking another swig of the beer to distract herself and give her something to do instead of staring into Sesshomaru's amused eyes.

Sitting back down and pushing play he put an arm around the small woman getting comfortable. Not even 5 minute into the movie they were kissing and making out like naughty teenagers in high school.

"Eww," they jumped apart from the sound of the proclamation from behind them. Looking behind the couch they saw the kids laughing at them.

"What are you two doing down here," Kagome blushed.

"We wanted to see what you two were doing Momma, can we watch the movie too," Shippou laughed as he was holding Rin's hand, looking like siblings.

"Uh… sure," Kagome snuck a glimpse at Sesshomaru who looked agitated at being interrupted.

When everyone was settled back down they resumed watching the movie now with two children on their backs lying on the floor with a blanket on top of them. Sesshomaru bent down a kissed her softly once more before turning back to the movie. Snuggling under his arm with a happy smile she went into a light slumber. Kagome really didn't get a lot of sleep the night before even after Sesshomaru left she still couldn't go to sleep with thoughts of the silver haired man preoccupying her thoughts.

When the credits started to play Kagome's head had moved to Sesshomaru's lap with his hand tangled in her hair. Sesshomaru's head was leaning against the back of the couch deep asleep as well.

Rin shook Shippou and pointed to their guardians with soft giggles as she went to cover Kagome with her blanket while Shippou pushed the power button on the remote. The children silently giggled as they tip toed up the stairs to go play in Rin's play room leaving the adults to sleep.


Kagome woke to gentle stroking fingers combing through her hair.

"Unn," she grunted softly as she stretched her legs and turning on her back.

"Hey," Kagome smiled sleepily up at the man who was still combing his fingers through her hair.

"Hey" he chuckled back. He felt more relaxed than he had felt in a long time.

"Where are the little devils," she asked as she looked over at the floor where she had last seen them.

"It seems that after the movie they went upstairs to continue playing," he could hear Rin's high pitched laughter through the ceiling and smiled himself. He realized that he hasn't smiled and laughed this often since his mother use to tackle and tickled him when he was younger.

"They are so good together," Kagome sighed as she slowly sat up and turn around to look back at Sesshomaru to give him a quick kiss on his cheek.

"I don't think that they are the only ones that are good together, hm. How about you and me, just the two of us, no kids, go out this weekend on an actual date," Sesshomaru leaned in to leave a quick kiss on Kagome's lips.

"That sounds like a plan we can leave the kids with Sango and Miroku for the night because Kami knows what will happen if Naraku was in charge," they both leaned in for a deeper more passionate kiss.

"Ewwww," this time they just sighed and looked over at the children who somehow had the worst timing in the world.

"Yes," Sesshomaru sighed again as he leaned his forehead conveniently against Kagome's.

"Um… Daddy we are hungry can we order pizza," Rin smiled sweetly up at her loving father.

"Didn't you have pizza last night," he gave the kids a weary look, he thought that kids having too much cheese wasn't go for them.

"How about we go upstairs, see what there is to find in the kitchen and make ourselves something to eat. How does that sound," Kagome watch as Shippou nod thoughtfully.

"Momma is a great cook, what do you think Rin," Rin shrugged and nodded as well.

When they reached the kitchen Kagome went to the frig to see what Sesshomaru had. She saw that he was well stocked in about everything.

"How about bean chili," Kagome looked over her shoulder to see what the other three thought about her idea.

"I haven't had that in a while, sure," Sesshomaru went over to the cabinet to get a frying pan and started the stove to cook the meat.

While Kagome was chopping the onions, Sesshomaru was looking through the cabinets for the rest of the ingredients while Shippou stood on a stool stirring the meat and Rin was setting the table.


Dinner was done quickly and all was sitting down for a good meal. Sesshomaru sat there looking at all the faces sitting around the table he saw Rin laughing and grinning he had never seen her this happy before. Rin had always been a care free child, but he could tell when they were home that she was a little lonely. I guess because when she was a child that she had an older brother to play and to keep her company and his father had killed the boy right in front of Rin.

Sesshomaru felt like he was back at that house again, with the rain beating on the window panes and the wind whistling outside. A shiver went down his spine. There was blood everywhere and if he hadn't done anything Rin's blood would have been there too.

"Sesshomaru are you alright," Kagome's voice brought him back to his senses as he gave a small smile and nodded.

"Yeah I'm fine I was just… yeah. Kagome this is really good," he saw the concerned look on her face before turning to look at Rin. She had this knowing look and gave him smile.

Rin still remembered that fateful that she lost her family. She did not tell Sesshomaru because she knew that he hated himself for even being associated with a man who would kill a little girl let alone a whole family because her real father knew about Toga's secret life. She knew that Sesshomaru's only wish was to have nothing to do with his father's gang.

Even though she still remembers vaguely about her old family she was never really happy, her father was always working and never had time for them and mother only paid attention to her older brother who was always too busy to play with her. She knew no one could bring back her real family so she was glad that her new one, even if it only consisted of her and Sesshomaru, was a good one. Her new father always made time for her and made sure she was spoiled rotten.

Her only wish was for her Daddy to find someone that would make him happy where she couldn't she also wouldn't mind having a sibling or two. Looking over at Kagome who had a hand on her Daddy's trying to silently comfort him, even if Kagome didn't know what was wrong; Rin knew that Kagome would be perfect for her Daddy. Shippou would also make for a great older brother.


"Wow look at the time I really should be getting home," Kagome said jumping off the counter she had been sitting on.

She and Sesshomaru were in the kitchen talking over a cup of tea after cleaning up the mess they made as the kids were watching cartoons in the other room.

"Alright let me go grab the kids and we will be on our way," Sesshomaru turned to put his glass in the sink before going to gather up the kids and get them ready to go.

-*- Kagome's Apartment -*-

The trip was mostly silent with sleeping kids in the back. Once Sesshomaru arrived at her parking lot he got out of the car and walked over to Kagome's side as she was closing the car door.

"I had a real good time earlier and the night before," Kagome blushed. She had no idea why she was blushing, but here she was next to this man that made her happy and wouldn't mind spending the rest of her life doing a good impression of a tomato. She had only known him for a little while, but she already knew he was perfect for her and Shippou.

"I did too; don't forget our date this weekend. I was thinking Saturday at 7pm, does that sound good to you," Sesshomaru placed a hand on her cheek staring in her grayish-blue eyes waiting for an answer.

"That sounds perfect, just you and me without the kids," Kagome smiled placing a hand on top of his.

"Just you and me," he agreed leaning in to kiss her softly.

"Perfect," Kagome whispered against his lips lifting her head to kiss him again.

"Goodnight Taisho-san," she smiled stepping away to open the backdoor to pick up her sleeping son and all of their stuff.

"Good night Higurashi-san," he smiled back helping her put the bags on her shoulder before watching her walk away.

He got in the car when he saw Kagome disappear behind the apartment doors and drove away.


Closing her door behind her as silently as possible trying not to wake either her son or brother she dropped all the bags on the floor with as little noise as possible.

Walking down the hall to Shippou's room that was decorated in the Cars the movie theme; she went over to his bed and placed him there gently. Without waking her son she took of his shoes and pants leaving him in his t-shirt, she tucked him under the covers.

"Goodnight baby, Mommy loves you dearly," Kagome whispered into his hair as she bent down to kiss his head.

Walking out of his room and closing the door behind her she made her way to the kitchen to get a cup of water.

"And where have you been sis," Kagome nearly screamed when she heard her brother's voice from behind.

"Holy mother of pearl I thought you were sleep," Kagome had a hand over her chest as she glared at her smirking older brother.

"I couldn't possibly sleep worried about my baby sister with no clue where she could possibly be," Naraku pouted as he fallowed Kagome into the kitchen.

"Bull crap, I was at Sesshomaru's house if you must know," Kagome sighed blissfully as she thought about what a great day she had.

"You really like him don't you," Kagome turned around looking at the rare serious face of her dear brother.

"Yes, yes I do. He is everything I want in a man he is smart, funny, good looking and most of all great with kids. I still can't believe you two are friends," she smiled at Naraku before turning back to getting water for bed.

"Well I'm glad you found someone Kaggy," Naraku went over to kiss the back of his sister's head affectionately.

"And he has no choice in the matter of being my friend," he laughed as he turned around to go back to bed.

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