One day Hatsuharu was aimlessly standing in Shigure's kitchen when Kyo walked in.

Kyo asked him "What're you doing?"

Haru said "Baking."

Kyo said "what're you baking."

Haru said "Cookies..chocolate chip cookies."

Kyo nodded and went over to the sink for a glass of water "That sounds good..smells good too."

Haru nodded and pulled them out of the oven using his bare hands and placed the cookie sheet on the counter. "Do you want one, Kitty?"

Kyo shook his head, "No..I'd rather not eat your cookies..thank you though."

Haru turned and looked at him, "what's that supposed to mean, Kyo?"

Kyo said " don't exactly pay attention to what you're doing all the time..for all I know they're poison."

Haru said "You offend me."

Kyo said "I'm sorry..I guess.."

Haru picked a cookie up "Try it.."

Kyo said "No"

Haru said "Eat it"

Kyo said "No"

"Eat it."


"Eat it."


"Eat it."


A few moments pass "Eat it.."

Kyo exclaimed "NO!"

Haru muttered "Okay..."

Silence ensued.

Haru said "Please?"

Kyo said "I just ate."

Haru said "You need dessert then."

Kyo shook his head.

Without thinking Haru smashed about 8 cookies in Kyo's mouth and slapped him, "They're good aren't they."

And Haru walked away.