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Author's Note: This takes place a year and a half after my last fanfic "Stranded" and is set during what would be the fifth season of Stargate: Atlantis, that is if there is one.

The lead members of the Atlantis Expedition sat around the conference table with Col. Carter at the head of the table. Lt. Col. John Sheppard sat at her right with Dr. Rodney McKay next to him, followed by Ronan Dex. Teyla Emmagen sat to Carter's left followed by Dr. Radek Zelenka.

"I've just received a message from the SGC. All of you, along with SG-1 and other members of the SGC, have been invited to the White House Christmas Party in honor of your service to the planet," Col. Carter said with a smile.

"Really, what exactly are they going to tell the other guests we do?" Rodney asked skeptically.

"We've always maintained that we work on deep space radar technology. If they mention what we do, they will probably use that as our cover story," Carter answered.

"What is the White House?" Teyla asked curiously.

"The White House is where the President of the United States lives. It's a big…white house," Sheppard explained with a frown, after all it was hard to explain something you had always known.

"Ronan, you will need to wear a tuxedo, and Teyla, a formal gown," Carter explained. "We leave tomorrow morning at 0800." The team stood and left the conference room, except for Teyla.


"Yes?" Sam answered.

"I do not believe I have a formal gown that would be appropriate to meet your President."

"No need to worry. I need to pick one up myself once we get to Earth. Vala and I were going to go shopping. You're more that welcome to come with us."

"Thank you, but I don't think I have anything to trade with your people for such a gown," Teyla told her concernedly.

"Don't worry. I'll pay for it. Consider it a Christmas present and a thank you for all you've done for Atlantis and my people," Sam said walking over to Teyla and putting a hand on her shoulder.


"What's a Tuxedo?" Ronan asked the guys when the reached the hallway, clearly having no idea as to what a Tuxedo would be.

"Ah, the penguin suit. It's a black suit with a white shirt and black bow tie. Men usually wear them at weddings," Rodney explained.

"And Proms," John added.

"Well, I didn't go to my Prom," Rodney said indignantly.

"That doesn't surprise me," John threw a smirk at Rodney.

Rodney gave John a look that said 'what's that supposed to mean'.

"Once we get to Earth you guys will have to go get fitted for one at a rental shop," John continued, ignoring Rodney.

"What about you Sheppard?" Ronan asked.

"I have to wear my dress uniform. It's similar to a tuxedo. All male military personnel have to wear their dress uniforms at these kinds of events. Takes the guesswork out of it. The ladies get to wear gowns instead."

"At least we get to go home for Christmas," Radek said as they reached the cafeteria. "My family keeps asking why I can't come home for the holidays. I can't exactly tell them that I live in another galaxy." He chuckled.

"Yes, it will be nice to see my sister again. What about you Sheppard, going to visit your family? Introduce them to Teyla?" Rodney asked as he grabbed a plate of roast chicken for his lunch.

"Maybe, I know my mom would like her." He smiled. "I was actually planning on asking Teyla to marry me for Christmas."

"Really?" Rodney nearly choked on his food.

"Why are you so surprised?" Radek asked. "It's not like no one knows they have been seeing one another,"

"Now that we are going to Earth, I can buy a ring to ask her."

"A ring?" Ronan asked, still equally baffled at all the Earth customs being discussed.

"It's tradition on Earth for the man to give the woman a ring when he proposes to her," John took a bite of his lunch.

"Why don't we all go with you to pick it out?" Rodney asked.

"If you want," John said with a shrug. "I could probably use the input considering the last time I did this I was barely 19." Silence prevailed over the lunch, allowing them to finish eating and then get to packing.


The next morning the group assembled in the Jumper Bay. They climbed in, placed their bags on the floor, and took their seats. Colonel Sheppard sat in the pilot seat while Colonel Carter sat next to him.

"Control this is Jumper I, we're ready to go," John said into the comm, raising the jumper into the gate room launch tube.

"Roger that Jumper I," a technician answered.

"Dialing the halfway point in the gate bridge." Carter punched the buttons on the on-board DHD as the Jumper descended into the gate room.

"Major Lorne, I trust you to keep everything under control while we're gone," Carter said.

"Will do ma'am," he answered, waving from the balcony.

"Let's go," she said with look to John.

John moved the jumper forward and disappeared into the event horizon.

A few minutes later they emerged between two gates at the halfway point.

"Just a few more minutes and we'll be at the SGC," He said turning his chair around to face the others.

"Well, good because I'm hungry," Rodney stated, breaking any hope for silence.

"We just had breakfast," Ronan glared at the brilliant astrophysicist.

"I know, but it will be almost noon on Earth."

"Rodney, shut up," Carter shook her head.

"Rodney, Ronan behave. As Colonel Sheppard stated, we will be at Stargate Command in a few minutes," Teyla stated in a low voice to quite everyone.

Carter then dialed the coordinates for Earth. The gate activated and they transmitted the Atlantis IDC before going through.

When they arrived, General Landry and SG-1 were standing in the control room waiting.

"Welcome to Earth. I'll meet you all in the briefing room," the General said over the comm.

Once the Puddle Jumper was stored on one of the above floors, the team made their way to the briefing room were General Landry and SG-1 were waiting.

"Welcome home Colonels, Doctors, and welcome to Earth Ms. Emmagen and Mr. Dex," the General said stretching out a hand for Teyla and Ronan.

"Thank you General, it is an honor to be here," Teyla said shaking the man's hand. Ronan shook the General's hand and nodded before taking a seat next to Teal'c. The Jaffa exchanged glances with the Setedan.

Colonel Carter exchanged hugs with her former teammates before she took a seat opposite the General. The rest of the team shook hands before sitting around the table.

"The President's Christmas party will be held on the 23rd. You all are on leave until the 28th when Colonel Carter and her team will return to Atlantis," General Landry said.

"Sir, I was hoping to visit my family, would that be possible?" Zelenka asked.

"Of course Doctor. We can have a military transport ready to take you the Czech Republic immediately after the President's party," Landry answered with a smile. "For now, you are all dismissed." Landry stood and walked back into his office. All three Colonels rose when the General did and relaxed as soon as his office door was closed.

"Well, ladies I guess we'll see you later?" Colonel Cameron Mitchell asked. He folded his arms and smirked.

"We're going to the mall to buy our dresses for the party," Vala Mal Doran answered as Colonel Carter shook her head.

San, Vala, and Teyla left the briefing room.

"Should we not also leave so that we may be fitted for tuxedoes?" Teal'c quirked an eyebrow.

"I don't see why not." Daniel answered. "Afterwards we could all do lunch."

"Perfect, then we can help Col. Sheppard pick out the ring for Teyla," Zelenka said as they began to leave the room. Daniel turned and stared at John with shock in his eyes, Teal's raised his eyebrow, and Cameron balked.

"Sheppard wants to buy Teyla a ring so he can propose," Ronan explained.

"Congratulations, Colonel Sheppard." Teal'c said. "I wish both of you many years of happiness together."

"Thank you Teal'c," Sheppard said, a little annoyed that Zelenka had spoiled his surprise.

"You're going to marry a woman from another planet?" Colonel Mitchell asked skeptically as they resumed their walk down the hall.

"There's nothing wrong with marrying a woman from another planet Mitchell." Daniel snapped at Mitchell. "I did it."

"Yes, but you didn't know you were married at first," Mitchell retorted.

"That may be so, but Daniel Jackson fell in love with Shar're," Teal'c responded in defense of both men. "That is why he did not return with General O'Neill after the first mission,"

"Besides, we all know how they feel." Ronan stated as the group rounded a corner.

"Ronan's right. Everyone has heard the gossip about those two," Rodney said also in defense of his friend and teammate.

"Thank you...I think," John said.

"The three of us have offered to help him pick out the ring. We could use a few other opinions," Zelenka said pushing his glasses up on his nose.

"I'd be honored to help," Daniel offered.

"As would I," Teal'c nodded. The Goa'uld had made both Daniel and Teal'c widowers.

"But isn't she the leader of her people?" Mitchell asked. "How do you know they'll accept you marrying her?"

"She may be the leader of the Athosians, but they have become our allies and her people trusted her to make that decision." Sheppard explained as the entered an elevator to take them to the surface. "If they don't accept me, that means they don't trust her to choose who she wants. I don't think that will be a problem,"

"Alright, I guess you guys know them better than we do," Mitchell finally conceded. "I'd just hate to see you jilted by an alien woman, Sheppard."

"Call me John."