From the distance, I will watch you, Sakura. Every time you smile, every time you heart beats, I will be there. I'll be standing there somewhere, in the distance, hidden in the shadows of your innocence. There is where I'll remain, until you grow old and decide to step a little closer.

And I'm happy, really. Because I know, one day, you'll reach out your hand for me and you will ask me to step a little closer.

For now, I'll watch and dream. For now, I'll keep pretending it's still the same.

You're like a dream, my dream. You so close, walking with your little legs beside me, and yet, I'll never be able to come close to you.

But I don't mind, Sakura.

I won't lose hope.

Because here, from the distance, from the shadows, I still get to see you. I'll be like the wind, caressing your pink locks. I'll be like the love you always needed.

Always there, never seen.

I think the distance is shrinking, a little more each day. I think we're getting closer, step by step, smile by smile, heartbeat by heartbeat.

I'll be there when you fall, I'll be there when you rise. I'll be there when you cry, I'll be there when you smile. I'll be there when you break, I'll be there when become a little stronger again.

Because, Sakura, I want you to think of, just as much as I thought about you. I want you to turn around and noticing me. I want you to decide we're too far away. I want you to smile to me and ask me.

"Oi, Sensei. Move a little closer."

And until that day comes, I'll wait here, hidden in the shadows.

Is it just me or does Kakashi sound like a stalker? XDDD Well, anyway. I kinda like it, but I think it misses the 'depth' of my other stories. I wrote this in, like what? ... 5 minutes. Probably even less. That one sentence "oi, sensei. Move a little closer" just got stuck in my brain and I HAD to write it. That "hidden in the shadows of your innonce" too... Well, I hope you like it!

I'm really on a KakaSaku-obsession-way... It's scaring XD

So, expect to see more KakaSaku stories of me!

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