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(Hyuuga Compound)

The Hyuuga compound was buzzing with gossip about the arranged marriage between Hinata Hyuuga and Ichi Hamasaki from the tea country. Hinata was eighteen and Hiashi thought it was for the best if she was married off. He wouldn't be around forever and only wanted the best for her. After all it was the dawn of the second Great War. Treaties have been broken and war has been declared between the five great countries.

The five country allies are the water and wind countries. They make up the Hi Mizu Kaze. The lightening and earth make up the Kaminari Tsuchi. Hinata wished the fire country was neutral, maybe then their men wouldn't have to be drafted off to war.

She sat in the tearoom across from the matchmaker and Ichi. Hinata wore a rich red kimono that curled around her, the Hyuuga crest was embroidered on the back. Her long hair fell past her waist and was brushed over her left shoulder. She glanced at her father then back at the ground.

"I believe my daughter will make a prefect bride."

"She is quite beautiful," Ichi sipped his tea and gazed at her. Hinata looked at Ichi. He belonged to a rich clan in the Tea country. He had short cinnamon hair and striking green eyes. Silk dark green robes wrapped around his lean muscular body. Ichi was attractive but not her type.

'Naruto,' she thought of Narutos bright smile and fought back tears. It was all wishful thinking, her ending up marrying Naruto. The old matchmaker chuckled, her wrinkled hands ran through her gray hair, "the wedding will take place two months from now in the spring."

Hiashi nodded. The matchmaker and him exited the room. Ichi scooted closer to Hinata taking her small hands into his. "Hinata I feel like the luckiest man. To wed such a beautiful flower."

"Thank you Hamasaki."

"Why do you look so sad?"

"I am n-not sad Hamasaki."

"Please call me Ichi. I will be your husband after all."

Hinata felt her heart breaking. Ichi helped Hinata stand. He brushed her bangs out of her eyes. "Hinata are you in love with someone else?"


"I envy that man. But Hinata I swear I'll make you love me and I'll protect you from this war."

Once he left the room Hinata fell to her knees. "W-why? After all that has happened. This on top of all of that." Her fist pounded the smooth wooden floor. Not realizing her own strength Hinata had created a crater in the ground. She stared at the splintered wood.


She looked up, "Neji."

Neji hadn't changed that much over the years. He still wore his white Hyuuga robes. Two months ago Neji went on a solo mission and was seriously injured. He now had a crutch to support his healing legs. "I c-can't marry him."

"Hinata it's for the best. I know you love Naruto but what if he doesn't come back."

"Don't say that. The war…"

"Hinata soon I will have to go too and …."

"They can't send you! You're still injured!"

"Hinata it's for the best. You must marry him. For the sake of the Hyuuga clan."

Frustration was building up inside of the weeping girl. She could take it anymore. She pushed past Neji and ran. Hinata needed to get away……………..


(three months earlier)

Hinata rushed down the busy streets to Konohas main gates. Thanks to the old matchmaker she was going to be late seeing Naruto off. The heavy dark purple kimono was slowing her down also. How embarrassing Naruto was going to see her like this.

All of rookie nine was surrounding Naruto, Sasuke and Shikamaru. They were part of the second group drafted to the war. Hinata sighed and slipped behind a pole trying to catch her breath. Sakura and Ino had fake smiles planted on their faces. While Kiba, Shino, Chouji and Tenten frowned. Naruto had a reassuring grin on his face and tried to cheer up the group.

Hinata stared at the three boys. They were dressed in Jounin clothing, their headbands tied tightly around their heads. This was it, hinatas last chance she wasn't going to let Naruto slip through her fingers again. Taking small unsure steps Hinata approached the crowd. Sakura was the first to notice Hinata, "hey Hinata. You look beautiful."

Hinata tried to smile but was failing miserably. Everyone was staring at her now, even Naruto.

She reached into her kimono and pulled out a small gift box. Making her way through the crowd she stood in front of Naruto. Everyone observed the timid girl. "N-Naruto for you," she held out the gift. "Thanks Hinata!" Naruto took the gift, "I'll open it on the rode."

She nodded and blushed, "N-Naruto have a safe j-journey. I know you'll come back unharmed." He nodded tucking her gift in his vest, "that's the spirit!"

"Na-naruto…I…I lo-" Her voice broke off, she couldn't say it. Tears spewed from her eyes and she tried her bast to hide them. Great, now she looked weak in front of Naruto.

"D-Don't cry!" Naruto placed his strong hands on her shoulders. Sakura looked like she was on the verge of tears. Ino was frowning along with everyone else. "Don't you guy worry. Me, Sasuke and Shikamaru will be fine! The war will be over before you know it! Believe it!" Shikamaru stuck a cigarette between his lips, "this war is a drag."

"I'm sorry," Hinata wailed. Naruto smiled and hugged Hinata. She was too upset to faint this time. Her small hands grabbed the back of his vest. She knew she would have to let go, the thought was killing her.


Hinata would never forget Naruto walking into the sunset. There was no telling when she would see him again. One month later Kiba, Shino, Chouji and Sai were sent off. Neji was the only boy from rookie nine left.

Hinata busted into Sakuras house, slamming the door behind her. "Hinata?" Sakura was sitting in the living room with Ino and Tenten. Tenten was crying. "I wasn't expecting you." Hinata looked from Tenten to Sakura. "What's going on?" she whimpered.

Sakura looked away.

"What's going on!?" Hinata stomped her foot. "This," Tenten held up a tiny scroll. "n-no," Hinatas white eyes widened. "Tsunade wanted me to deliver this scroll to Neji," Sakura said sadly.

"No! Are they trying to kill him!" Hinata snatched the scroll and tore it open. It was an official scroll from the Hokage, Neji was drafted. "his legs," Tenten mumbled. "What are we going to do?"

Hinata looked at the three girls, "don't give it to him."

(sa) "But Hinata they will be expecting him."

(hi)"We'll send someone else."

(Ino) "Like who Hinata? Most of the guys are already gone."

(ten) "Neji is stubborn he'll want to fight."

(hi) "Don't show him the scroll and send me."

(sa)"What!? Hinata kunoichi have to stay and protect the village."

(hi) "They are expecting a Hyuuga. Dress me up and send me in his place."


(sa) "are you sure?"



Sakura and Ino helped Hinata bind her breast. They tugged the bandages tightly around her large chest. "They're still showing," Ino groaned. "S-sorry," Hinata wished her chest were smaller. "Here. I stole this from Tsunade," Sakura slipped a thin leather vest on Hinata. Once it was zipped up the front Hinatas breast disappeared. Hinata pulled on her Jounin pants, shirt and outer vest.

"Okay about your hair," Ino appeared behind her with scissors. "Oh no. It took forever to grow my hair." Hinata backed away. Sakura shrugged, "hyuuga boys do have long hair. Look at Neji."

"fine," Ino growled. She started braiding Hinatas silky hair. Then she tugged the long tight braid into a bun. Hinatas bangs still hung in her eyes. She tied her headband tightly around her head. "okay…" Sakura and Ino smirked.


"You look like a guy," Sakura squealed. "Really?" Hinata stepped the mirror. She appeared to be a very thin and short Hyuuga boy. Her girlish features were well hidden and she looked about sixteen years old.

"All your stuff's packed," Tenten carried Hinatas traveling bag. "Wow. Hinata are you sure about this? Sure you look like a guy but you're going to be surrounded by men."

"I have to do this. No only for Neji but for myself," Hinata smiled. The other girls couldn't believe it. Why was Hinata being so brave and risky? "Hinata," Tenten hugged the younger girl. "I have to leave tonight," Hinata whispered.

"Hinata they will probably send a tracker ninja after you," Sakura scowled, "be careful. We'll try to cover for you and keep Neji in the dark." Hinata smiled and struggled out of Tentens death hold.

The three girls nodded.



(week later)

Hinata stood out of Hi Mizu Kaze training camps. It had taken her a week to reach the grass country by foot. She approached the gates with Nejis scroll in her hand. 'It's time.' The guards stopped her and she gave them the scroll.

"Neji Hyuuga from Konoha?" one guard asked. "N-no," Hinata grew nervous, "I am Hinchi Hyuuga. I've c-come in my cousins place." The guards gave her one more suspicious look then let her through the gates.

Hinata held her breath and walked into the campgrounds. Tents were sent up in the high grass, campfires were started and young men trudged through the mud. Some men were in their thirties, some were huge, others about Nejis size. Most of them were giving her interested looks. Hinata was scared out of her mind but she had to suck it up.

Not watching where she was going Hinata bumped into a large ugly man. "Watch it kid!" He glared down at Hinata baring his teeth. "S-Sorry," Hinata tried to speak in a manly voice. Unfortunately her voice cracked.

"Sorry are ya," the man laughed and grabbed the front of Hinatas vest lifting her from the ground. "Look guys the little punk said he's sorry," the large man called his friends over. "I don't like it when punks bump into me."

"Let me go," Hinata kicked, she had been there for a minute and some asshole was already picking on her. Violence was her last resort but her last straw was about to be broken. Before she could mutter Byakugun a flash of green flew through the air kicking the larger man in the face. "GAHH!!" The asshole tumbled over, Hinata fell along with him.

"Neji what is wrong? Why did you let that man handle you like that?" Lee was standing on the mans face. 'Neji?' Hinata was confused. You think Nejis teammate would notice Hinata's not Neji. "umm, y-you're mistaking," Hinata stood and dusted her self off.

"I am not Neji. I'm Hinchi Hyuuga, he's cousin. I've come in his place." One of Lees bushy brows rose on his forehead, "Neji is not here?"

"He is still hurt."

"But Neji would still show up. He is full of youth!"

Hinata groaned , Lee wasn't buying her story. It would take a little more coaxing, "the Hokage thought it would be for the best."

"A shame. My rival not being able to participate in this glorious battle!" Tears twinkled out the corners of Lees round eyes.

Men, why did they think war are glorious? Hinata rolled her eyes. At least she found one person from Konoha. "So you are new here Hinchi?" Lee stepped of the unconscious bully's face.


"Then you have to see one of the commanders. They'll give you a partner."


"you look like you need a companion. Let's go!" Lee jumped through the crowd.

Hinata sighed. Partners? She'd rather be by herself. The thought of being paired with some gross man made her stomach churn. The smell of sweat and other manly odors wasn't helping either.

"Lee w-wait!"


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