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Hinata sat alone in the cold grass fumbling with the hem of her oversized robes. Her hair was dull and black circles were around her eyes. Several of her fingernails had to be bandaged because of her broken fingernails. Other than that she had no other injures. But she felt like she was hurting, like her chest was empty.

It had been a week, they still could not find Naruto. Kiba would catch a whiff of Narutos scent but then it was covered up again. Hinata feared the worse. Time was flying by and there was no telling what Akuma was doing. Or if Naruto was even still alive.

Hinata looked at the black scroll next to her. The silver detailing glowed and she touched the smooth parchment.

"You should open it," Sasuke stepped from behind a tree. Hinata was startled a bit but quietly regained her composure. "How long have you been there?" Sasuke sat next to her, "long enough to see you cry." Hinatas bloodshot eyes looked up at him, 'crying is all I can do right now."

"Have you tried using your eyes?"

"M-My atokusare kako."

Sasuke nodded, "It shown you things before." Hinata thought then shook her head, "it's still not working correctly. My byakagun chooses what to show me."

"He's still alive," Sasuke said bluntly. Hinata held her heart. "Hinata you have to stop acting like this. You must be ready for battle. If you are depressed then your skills suffer.


"Naruto sacrificed himself to save you."

"It's s-so hard," Hinata cried. "There's some way to get him out of this," Sasuke stood. "We'll leave soon." He started toward the others. "S-Sasuke," she bowed. Sasukes eyebrows went up, "we're going to have to get you new clothes."

Hinata looked down to see what he was talking about. She immediately turned a shade of red at seeing the robes neckline exposing her chest.

"S-Sorry," she held the robes closed. He continued on without her. She reached out to pick Narutos scroll up. As her fingertips brushed the old paper it throbbed. She slowly opened the scroll. The first image her eyes fell on made her gasp.

"T-That's the seal…"


Rinji busted into the infirmary pushing med nin out his way until he was over Hugos bed. The commanders lips were blue, there was a clear oxygen mask over his face. Dark circles were around his eyes and his hair was sticking to his forehead.

"Hugo tell me what happened!!" Rinji jerked the half conscious man up by his hospital gown. "Commander!!" Three nin tried to pull him back. Rinji swatted them away like flies. "Hugo!!" Hugos eyes cracked open then he snapped them back close. "Get up bastard and tell me what you saw!!" Rinji shook the weak man.

Hugo was annoyed and tired. He pushed Rinji arm away. Hugo rose his shaking hand and pulled finger after finger down till his middle was left. "Why you-"

"Full of energy," Kakashi stood behind Rinji. "Why did you drag back a dead corpus," Rinji grunted. By then Hugo had drifted back into a deep sleep. "Such a disgrace to the Hamasaki family." Kakashi glared, " he's in critical condition, he can't make a report now."

Rinji snorted, "three of our nin and that girl are missing. There is something going on, a conspiracy." Kakashi scratched his scalp, "I admit I feel like something else is brewing with the Kaminari Tsuchi. But Hinata Hyuuga and the three missing nin have nothing to do with it."

Rinji pushed by Kakashi. "You can stop acting now," Kakashi sighed. Hugo cracked one eye open and pulled off his oxygen mask. "thought he'd never leave," he smiled and placed his mask back on. "SO Akuma has Naruto. This whole time he was after the Kyuubi," Kakashi sighed. "Should the Kages be informed?"

Hugos eyebrows furrowed together and he started breathing unevenly. The med nins rushed to Hugos bed. It was not looking good. Kakashi wanted to know all of what the water commander had seen.


Akuma stood infront of the demonic boy. Naruto was laying on the cold marble floor breathing heavily. The seal had drained him completely. "Looks like it's time," Kamada was leaning against a wall. Akuma smirked and ripped his sword from his sash. He pierced both his wrist and as the blood dripped from his wrist he walked around the black circular seal trapping Naruto.

The blood was drained in by the Shijuu ippuu. Akuma ripped his demon mask from his face and sat infront of Naruto. Black markings moved up Akumas pale skin. Two long horns pushed through the skin of his forehead.

He performed ten quick hand signs. "Youkai Ashidai!!!" Akumas neon green eyes flashed and the demons around him flew to the glowing seal.

Naruto squirmed in the new seal. He laid on his back screaming out. His eyes rolled back in his head. Red chakra swirled around him but was compressed by the double seal. Akuma had one hand held out controlling the seal.

"When the time is right we lead the Hyuuga to us," he smirked. Kamada walked slowly to him, her hips swayed seductively. She uncrossed her arms from over her chest and wrapped them around his neck. She sat in his lap. Her head was tilted so his horns didn't pierce her forehead. "SO there's no other way?" Her lips brushed his. He nipped her bottom lip, "if there was I wouldn't have went through all the trouble."

Kamadas eyes looked sad, "then can I make love to this body one last time?" Akuma chuckled, "such a foolish question." He ripped her kimono open, that was her answer. She freed herself from the fabric and kissed her lover.


Through the thick forest Hinata led the three men behind her. She zipped through the tall trees and up the snow covered hills. "Hinata slow down," Kiba and Akamaru were falling behind. Sasuke landed on a branch beside her, "Hinata do you even know where you're going?" Hinata glanced at him before dropping on a lower branch. She wasn't sure if she should tell them about the pulse of the scroll.

The black scroll throbbed against her back like a heartbeat. Once she started in this direction the pulse got faster and faster. She was sure the scroll was leading her to Naruto.

"Just trust me," she whispered and fell onto another hill. Suddenly Hinata felt the skin around her eyes prick. Her eyes iced over against her will and silver veins crept around her skin. Hinata lost her footing on a thin branch and tumbled down below. Her surroundings broke apart like glass and she landed in a black tunnel.

She spotted a small light and fell toward it.


There was a loud pop and Hinatas vision turned white. Her body felt as if it was being compressed, her thoughts scrambled. When she woke she was laying on her stomach with her cheek pressed against the cold stone floor. Her vision was blurry, pain ran through her limbs. Slowly her eyes focused and she stared ahead of her.

Akuma sat infront of her a foot away. His oni mask was propped on his head, black fur fell down his bare back. Black markings crept like snakes around his naked upper body. His right hand was held out as if he was reaching for something. Hinata grinded her teeth and stood fast. She wobbled on her weak feet. Now she could see what Akuma was doing. Up ahead of the demon lord was Naruto trapped in a glowing red seal.

Long golden hair was matted to Narutos forehead, saliva dripped from his mouth. He was on his back like a dying bug. His eyes were rolled back in his head and his skin was deadly pale.

Fury raged in Hinata, she ripped a kunai out and rushed at Akuma. She was not sure if it was possible to hurt Akuma in this state. She didn't care, all she could feel was Narutos pain and hear his screams falling on deaf ears. Hinatas feet slapped on the ground and her kunai was swung on a low sweep.

Akumas ears twitched and he caught Hinatas kunai wielding hand with his left. "But how?" Hinata gasped. "Using your eyes to strike me down," Akuma looked disgusted. His neon eyes went from the seal to Hinata.

"I can sense your spiritual presence Hinata," he peered into her iced eyes. She looked down at her body. Her hands were glowing silver, "spiritual…" Hinata stared back at Akuma. The black seal creeping on his body marked his beautiful face. Two horns pierced through his forehead, his canines rest on his full bottom lip.

He snarled, yanking her arm he brought her into his lap. With one hand he disarmed her and grabbed a fistful of her navy hair. His right was still outstretched toward Naruto focusing on the seal. "I won't have you interfering Hyuuga," his lips brushed hers.

Hinata scanned her surrounding, committing it all to memory. "Do you really think you can kill me?" He tightened his grip on her hair. "Yes, I will be the one to destroy you. I don't care if I lose my life trying…I will free Naruto!" Hinata said with so much fierceness Akuma shook.

"Watch what you say," he growled. The grip on her hair tightened pulling her head back. Akuma gazed at her long slender exposed neck. "I love you but I won't hesitate to put you down!" He brought his lips down to her neck. He sunk his long fangs into her neck ripping the flesh open.

Hinata screamed, her surroundings broke apart like glass. She was spinning into oblivion. She held her severed neck, the wind whipped around her. Hinata spirit was slammed painfully into her body. She flung from Nejis arms. Blood spilled out her mouth.

They were on the snow covered forest floor, everyone crowding around her. Sasuke, Kiba and Akamaru. Neji was holding her up. She ignored their worried faces. "I know where he is!!"


Akuma cursed, he could still feel her warmth on him. Anger was building up inside him. Why now, he has almost completed the seal. "Kamada!!!" In the blink of an eye Kamada appeared beside her lover. Her arms were folded over her chest, keeping her lavender kimono closed. "Yes my lord,' her tone was more bitter than usual.

"Get the men prepared for battle," his face was twisted with scorn and hate, maybe even desperation. Kamada pretended not to notice his shaken state. "As you wish."

"Another thing. Kill them all…"

"Even the Hyuuga?" Kamadas eyebrows went up. For so long Akuma warned her not to harm the precious Hyuuga Girl, why the sudden change. "If she stands in my way. SO be it!"


(Time jump)

Her eyes opened, pools of crimson. Tight leather pants covered her lower half, sitting low on her hips. Boots came up to below her knees. She wore a violet corset, black silk tied up the front a bow rest between her cleavage. Leather fingerless gloves covered her tiny soft hands. Two katanas were tied to her sides and a kunai hoster was on her left leg.

Her silky silver hair fell messily to the nape of her neck. She clenched and unclenched her hands, then flexed her arm muscles. Her arms had healed completely. Her pale pink lips stretched into a smile. Kamada stood in the entrance of the dark fortress. Stepping into the harsh sun cold air whipped her hair.

Her men stood in formation across the barren land surrounding the fortress. Snow and ice covered the gray rocky land. In the far distance the forest stopped.

Kamada smirked, they were there. As if they were contemplating on what to do. She wasn't going to give them time to think. They were dressed in all black clad. The figure in the front was a woman wearing a cloak to cover her face. Kamada started walking. Her men looked up at their beautiful commander. "No one touch the girl, she's mine," her eyes flashed sending chills through the marrow in their bones. "Exterminate the others. Show them no mercy!" With that said her men started toward the thick forest in the distance.

"Looks like they're giving us no choice," Neji grumbled. Kiba cried out, "but there's gotta be more than thousands of them do there." Akamaru whined. Hinata stood motionless in front of them, the wind whipped her cloak. Sasuke could see the silver veins dancing around her eyes. "Are you scared Kiba? Would you like to back down?" Neji snorted.

"Enough," Sasuke ripped off his cloak. He was naked from the waist up except for the gloves stopping below his elbows. The others watched as his muscles flexed and his skin turned from ivory to a rich tan. Wings sprout from his back and his navy hair turned light purple falling to his waist. He peered at them with black eyes with crimson pupils.

"These men can't even call themselves ninja. All we have to worry about is that cursed woman and the demon lord."

All three men and dog stepped into a line with Hinata. "The woman is min," she whispered. "What! She is too dangerous," Neji growled Hinatas iced eyes fell on him silencing him. "We should go," Sasuke peered through the shrubby at the approaching men. "But first……."

Sasuke bit his finger. As the blood trickled from the wound he performed several hand signs.

Kamada was walking through the stampede of her men. Up ahead in the forest a huge cloud formed. Her men were screaming. She did not need the cloud to clear for her to see. A huge snake summon was eating her men. Five figures moved through her men cutting them down with ease. Kamada saw no need to move, she stopped in the middle of the rocky terrain. She would come to her, as always.

Unexpectedly behind Kamada the top of the fortress was blown off. Kamada glanced back questionably. Red chakra swirled up into the sky. The pressure was suffocating, it caused the fortress to crack apart.

Hinatas palm hit a mans face causing his skin to rip off. To her left Kiba and Akamaru fought. To her right Neji was forming orbs of chakra. She felt arms lift her from the ground. She shrieked, prepared to attack. "Hold on," Sasuke breathed in her ear. They lifted into the air. The wind ripped the hood of her cloak off, she stared into Sasukes eyes.

Her leaf forehead protector was around her forehead and her hair was pulled into a low ponytail. "Tsukuyomi: Fire ball jutsu," a rain of flames fell on the men below. Hinata could see Kamada waiting for her in the middle of the battlefield, just like before. Sasuke swooped lower to the ground, Hinata jumped from his arms landing on the jagged land.

Hinata tore off her cloak. Under she wore skin-tight black pants, a navy tank top and fingerless black gloves came above her elbows. Narutos scroll was tied to her back. Her ninja sandals slid up and down the rocky surface. One of her palms was outstretched.

Hinata reached Kamada first swinging at the older woman's heart. Kamada evaded the attack with ease. Black steel almost sliced into Hinatas chest. Hinata spun, chakra emitted from her fingertips ripping at Kamadas pant leg.

Kamada placed one of her katanas between her teeth. She flipped and spun her legs in a spiral. With her free hand she hit one press point in Kamadas left leg. Kamadas attack ended abruptly and she back flipped away.

She was crouching, holding her leg. "You little bitch." Hinata had a little smile on her face, both her palms were held out now. Kamada chuckled, "you have a little advantage. But I can still destroy you without my hair."

"I'm stronger now Kamada. I don't need your handicap," Hinatas eyes flashed.

Kamada could tell the girl was telling the truth, it was pissing her off. Kamada struggled to stand. She peered at the girl. Hinata could see purple smoke drifting through Kamadas slightly parted lips. Kamada had one of her katanas in her hand, the other katana was discarded to the side.

Kamada smiled, her lips formed a small circle. The purple poison created a cloud around Hinata. Before Hinata could breathe in the smoke is cried out. "Shugohakke Rokujuyon sho!!" The orb of chakra cleared out the poison. But when Hinata stopped spinning Kamadas katana sliced at her. The black steel blade dug into Hinatas collarbone almost cutting into Hinatas face.

Hinata cringed, jumping back she held her wound. Blood trickled through her hand. Kamada was still coming at her. Hinata ducked before the blade could slice her throat. Hinata grounded her feet on the ground then slapped her palms against the cold ground. "water style jutsu…"

A sheet of water shot from the ground slamming into Kamada. She was blown back but managed to land on her feet.

'You stupid girl. I'm going to have fun killing you," Kamada hissed. Hinata stood her ground, shifting into her fighting stance. "That's right. I don't have to hold back anymore. I have permission to kill you now," a wicked smile grazed her lips.

While Kamada spoke Hinata peered around her at the crumbling fortress. The large amount of chakra was creating a cyclone in the middle laid Naruto.

"out my way!!" Hinata cried out. Before Hinata could attack Kyodaiju, the snake summon came at Kamada. She buried her small katana into the snakes mouth but she was still knocked down. Sasuke landed behind Hinata and lifted her from the ground. "Hinata, no time."

Hinata knew what he meant, Kamada would have to wait. Every passing second the cyclone grew. The scroll tied to Hinatas bag pulsed more violently. They flew through the air to the breaking fortress. In the air Hinatas atokusare kako could see the large demon from the shijuu ippuu seal screaming in the middle of the cyclone.

"This is a Youkai ashidai seal. A demon transportation seal," Hinata whispered. "If that demon finishes eating Narutos soul it's over. Akuma has himself a vessel."

"How can we stop it?" Sasuke dropped down into the fortresses crumbling entrance. He sat her gently on the ground. Hinata ripped Narutos scroll from her back. The black scroll was warm under her fingers, "come on." They ran through the crumbling corridors. Rocks and dust fell from the ruined ceiling.

They entered the main room Naruto was being kept in. Red chakra swirled around the massive room suffocating Hinata and Sasuke. In the middle of the double seal was Naruto. The demon hovered over him sucking wisps of Narutos from his body. " Sasuke something isn't right," Hinata stated. Where was Akuma?

Her question was answered right away. A oni mask flashed in her face. Hinata was punched in her stomach. The force of the blow sent her flying back out the room. Akuma shifted, his foot connected with Sasukes jaw.

Hinata squirmed on her back. Was it possible to cause so much internal bleeding with a simple punch. Blood trickled from her parted lips. 'Sasuke…."

Akuma had a hold of both Sasukes wings. He swung Sasuke around with ease then let go. Sasuke broke through the walls. Tiny wisps of Narutos soul danced around Akuma, his invisible forcefield ate greedily at the wisp.

Hinata cried out, she rolled her bruised stomach. She started crawling toward the glowing scroll. There was a sharp tug at her hair, Akuma was crouching in front of her. His claws scratched at her scalp. "Why have you come? I don't want to have to kill you my little hime," he barked.

It felt like her hair was going to rip from her scalp. "Like I would let you kill the one I love," Hinata spat. Akuma chuckled, "so you will die together? How foolish."

Sasuke appeared behind Akuma, his chidori blade was drawn. Akuma spun and stopped the blade between his hands. "Hinata," Sasuke shouted.

She nodded, rising to her feet. Akumas forcefield blew Sasuke back. "Looks like I have to kill you first you little shit,' Akuma grit his teeth and stalked over to the fallen boy. Hinata ran to the scroll. She weep as Akuma pummeled Sasuke into the ground. She ripped the silvered detailed paper open.

The parchment rolled out across the room. Hinata looked down at the ink, formed into the seal she was sealing right infront of her.

Sasuke caught Akumas blood covered fist. Fire shot from his mouth torching the oni mask. Akuma jumped back. His clay mask shattered revealing his marked face.

Hinata touched the gash on her collarbone, with her blood covered fingers she formed a seal on the scroll. She rubbed her thumb across the old parchment. Blackness seeped from the scroll and started rolling to the youkai ashidai seal.

Pressure was falling on Sasuke breaking every bone, crushing his lungs. But he had to hold out, Hinata needed time. Akuma stood over him smirking. "Well little shit?" By mistake Sasuke smirked. Akuma caught it, "what are you smirking about?" His foot came down on Sasukes chest.

"You…" Akumas eyes fell on Hinata. She was focusing all her energy and chakra into the scroll. "Where did you…" Akuma was filled with rage. He disappeared from sight and appeared in front of her. His claws caught hold of her throat. He knocked her onto her back and started squeezing the life from her. "You why.."

Hinata looked straight into his neon eyes. She thrashed under him. She focused fishing through his mind with her eyes.

"Get out of my head," Akuma growled and slammed her head against the stone floor. Blood spilled from her head wound. Hinatas eyes rolled back, the silver veins crept back into her skin.

Akuma stood, angered at seeing the black smoke from the scroll eating at the Youkai ashidai seal. He would have to hurry now. Akuma walked into the red swirling cyclone.

"HINATA!!" Sasuke called over and over. With his broken body he couldn't move. For the first time ever Sasuke Uchiha felt helpless. As his friends body was being possessed he couldn't move. As Hinata laid there bleeding to death he was hopeless.

Akuma knelt over Naruto. His hand rested on Narutos whiskered cheek, his lips were inches from Narutos. He felt the red demon clasp his claws on Akumas back. Akuma slowly breathed his soul into Narutos lips.

Hinata was fighting to stay conscious. Her hazy vision could make out Akuma leaning over Naruto. The smoke from the scroll was eating at the seal so Akuma had to hurry. But Hinata would not let him finish.

She craved at the scroll, pain throbbed throughout her body. This was not over, she would not let it end like this. Tears pooled out her eyes and she struggled to stand. "Akki Imashime!!" Her cracked voice screamed. The scroll whipped around her, streams of silver mixed in with the red cyclone.

Akuma looked up as the demon on his back started howling. The demon was disintegrating. "You..LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!" He snarled. "But you're too late! He's still mine!!" The cloud of red, black and silver blocked Hinatas vision. Tears ran down her cheeks.


"Tired yet?" Kibas back pressed against Nejis. "What, are you?" Neji peered at the men surrounding them. His cold Hyuuga eyes placed fear in most of their hearts. "Nah! Why would I be tired?!" Sweat ran in Kiba eyes. Akamaru barked, he was beside them.

"That's not funny Akamaru," Kiba frowned. Right now he didn't know how they were going to get out of this. "look," Neji stared at the horizon. "What? I can't see anything."

"Over the horizon. Hi Mizu Kaze men…"

"Well I hope there's a lot of them."

Over the rocky ground HMK men marched. Rinji was riding his lizard summon in the front. With each step the lizards cheeks swelled. "What's that lizard doing?" Kibas eyebrows went up. "We've got to move!" Neji shouted.

Water shot from the lizards mouth creating a river. The water was rushing their way knocking down Kamadas man with ease.

"You boys looking for a way out," Hugo shot from the ground in front of them. "Commander?" Hugo grabbed hold of the two boys, Kiba held Akamaru. "Hold on," Hugos cerulean eyes flashed. Water crushed them. Hugo focused and the water around them created a massive air bubble.

Everyone was grasping for air, except Hugo who was use to this. "Listen up, you guys need to get out of here," Hugo warned. "We're not leaving Hinata," Neji said. "Don't worry about her. I'll get her. But for right now you three need to run for it. If Rinji finds you…execution without trial. He already made up his mind."

"That asshole," Kiba snarled. The side of the air bubble expanded creating a tunnel under the rushing water. The water above was lowering causing the tunnels instability. "Go now," Hugo pushed them in. One they were through the tunnel Hugo allowed the air bubble to disburse. Water slammed against the commander filling his lungs. He took slow steps toward the fortress.


"What…What's happening?" Hinata whimpered. She couldn't make anything out through the intense dark red fog. Hinata dropped to her knees holding the scroll to her chest. Was she too late? "Hinata," Sasuke laid a little ways away. His cursed form was fading.

On his pale large bruises were all over. Several of his ribs were broken. The skin on his cheek was ripped, blood streamed in his eyes. "Hinata run away," he called out.

"Sasuke, where are you?" Hinata tried to use her byakagun but she couldn't. She groped at the ground for him. "Run Hinata!"

"I'm not going to leave you or Naruto," Hinata shouted. A woman's giggles filled the room, bouncing off the walls. "You should listen to him." Gentle hands gripped Hinatas shoulders picking her from the ground.

Hinata stared into Kamadas crimson eyes. Her weak legs wobbled, Kamada wrapped her arm around Hinatas waist. Her other hand touched Hinatas head wound. Kamada glanced at her blood covered fingers and laughed. "Akuma did this?"

The fog was clearing, one figure stood in the distance. "Naruto," Hinata smiled. The figure was walking closer long hair blowing behind him. "N-Naruto," tears pooled from her eyes. Naruto appeared from the red mist. His eyes were closed. He was naked from the head down to his waist. His claws were long, the whiskers on his cheek darkened.

"Are you sure?" Kamada whispered in Hinatas ear. "Hinata that's not Naruto," Sasuke was struggling to get on his knees. "W-What?" Her bottom lip trembled. "It's not true!"

"Look closely Hinata," Sasuke glowered. "It's not him."

Naruto slowly opened his eyes. Through thick golden lashes green orbs look at Hinata. "N-No," Hinata whimpered. Kamada smiled, "all you've done, in vain." She dragged Hinata closer to "Naruto". Hinata tried to dig her feet into the ground. 'Naruto" grabbed Hinatas cheeks, his fingernails dug into her skin. "That's right Hyuuga. You've failed. So now what?" Akumas demonic voice came from Narutos mouth.

Hinata shook her head frantically. "Your precious Naruto is gone. The Kyuubi is mine," Akuma laughed. "you did have me worried only for a second." He snapped his fangs. The evil voice and presence coming from her loves body. Hinata felt her legs giving out. She was only standing with the help of Kamada.

"I guess I won't kill you. I can't," Akumas face came down to hers. His cold lips crushed hers. It felt nothing like Narutos kissing her. He pulled back, "Kamada kill the boy. Then bring the Hyuuga with you. I have things to deal with. Until next time Hinata-Hime."

Akuma/Naruto flew up through the fortress roof. "Again he wants you,: Kamada threw Hinata to the ground. "Fine I'll do as he says," Kamada walked around Hinatas crumbled form to Sasuke.

"N-Naruto…I was too late," Hinata cried. Kamada pulled her katana from her waist. She stood over Sasuke, "I guess this is pay back." She brought the blade down.

A blur appeared kicking Kamada across the room. Hinata looked up, "Hugo.." Hugo helped Sasuke up, "you two need to get out of here."

"And do what? We lost Naruto," Hinata tried to stand." "Don't give up. There's someone waiting for you at the Lightening country border. Someone who can help." Hinata wrapped her arm around Sasukes waist, he leaned against her. "I-It's too late. Akuma has Narutos body."

"Hinata every jutsu has a weakness, you just need to find it. There is a way to free Naruto."

Sasuke had a doubtful look on his face, Hinata was the verge of having a breakdown. "You again. I thought I killed," Kamada ran at Hugo. Hugo dodged her short katana. "Get out of here Hinata!"

Hinata nodded. They started limping toward the door. 'they're going too slow,' Hugo kicked at Kamada. His hands formed signs and he backflipped slapping his palm against the ground.

A blue lizard summon blocked Kamadas attack. "Take the other two now," Hugo ordered. Water formed a staff in his hands. The lizard summon slivered around Kamada and under Hinata and Sasuke.

'Hugo can't go against Kamada alone,' Sasuke held onto that lizard and Hinata. "Stop interfering!!" Kamadas katana broke through Hugos staff. Water splashed on his face along with his blood. "Kami Haku!! The top of Kamadas hair shot out cutting through his chest.

"HUGO!!!" Hinata screamed. "Stop! Go back!" But the summon continued to run away. "HUGO!!" Blood, so much blood came from his nose and mouth. The poison still ran through his veins numbing his body. "damn guess this is it,' Hugo felt the hair yanked violently from his body. He fell back.

"HUGO!!" He heard the screams fading in and out. Blood was clogging his nasal passage. Slowly his eyes close.


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