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Summary: She had trusted him with her life, and he let her down. ChristopherAdriana.

Down a hall in an empty room

Bathed in darkness and blood

I lay

What's left of who I am

Her scent

Lingering…sweet perfume

Blinds my senses

And I gag

The softness of her hair

Against my hand

And I'm so lost

Without her

She had once believed in me

And we had kissed


Her eyes


Sinking pools of swirling sorrow

And I too

Died with her

Her skin soft

Against my cheek

And I'm lost, I'm lost again

Standing before me

A goddess

An angel

And I killed her

The light is so white

It engulfs my heart

And my soul screams

I cry

For her

What I did

To her

And she will never

Say my name again

And she will never

Kiss my lips again

Her dark eyes


Lashes fluttering

Gazing adoringly at me

Trusting me completely

And I tore her down

So here I am

On the floor

And I have no soul


I gave it to him

And he took her away

And now there's nothing

Left of me

My angel…

My sweet…

Flap your wings

And fly away from me

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