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Title: Advocatus Diaboli
: Severus Snape, Sirius Black, Harry Potter (Black), Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa Malfoy, Remus Lupin, James Potter, Lily Potter, Julian Potter, Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, Alana Emerson, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Voldemort and Simoné Zabini
: Severus/Sirius
22 of 22
: Drama/Supernatural
Words per chapter
: 1,530
: AU, vampires, werewolves, slash, entire vampire and werewolf social structures, politics, dark themes, confrontations, OCs, seers, character death and whatever else comes to the mind of this demented author.
: Harry wasn't who people would believe; he's really a vampire prince. Yet, his life wasn't the same either. What can a young vampire do when he's faced with school, coronations and a dark lord who wants his people?
: Here is chapter 22, the final chapter to Advocatus Diaboli. Hope people have liked the story. Working on the notes to the next story, so look forward to Vampire Prince when it comes out.

Chapter 22

Harry groaned as he turned away from the person shaking him. It had been a week since Sirius had instituted the Binding Lockdown, not that it meant much to the boy in that moment. He was more concerned with getting sleep, since he hadn't had much before or after. The shaking continued as he tried to ignore it, not that he could. He finally sighed and turned over. He opened his eyes to look at the person that been shaking him. It was Sirius. He blinked a couple of times, wondering what his father wanted to wake him up in the middle of the night for.

He blinked once more, trying to clear his mind. Sirius pulled him up once he realized that Harry was awake. "Come on, we have something we need to go and do. It's important." Harry stared at Sirius. He wasn't sure what he was expected to do. He rubbed is eyes again, hopefully to see that it was all a dream and that Sirius had not just woken him up. Sadly, that was not the case. He groaned again, but got out of his warm bed and over to get dressed. He was muttering a few things under his breath, but Sirius ignored them all.

Sirius set a hand on Harry's shoulder as soon as he was finished dressing. The boy looked up at him, but Sirius' attention was focused ahead of them. He frowned and began to let Sirius lead him through the halls of the castle late at night. He kind of wondered what it was that happened to be so important.

They walked for ten minutes before entering a room Sirius had only been in once in eleven years. Harry had never been in the room, the door remaining locked at almost all times. He only knew what he had been told. Of course, that wasn't very much when one looked at it.

Harry looked at Sirius to get an answer as to what was happening. "Why are we here? I remember you telling me that this room was off limits, what with not being very well used and all that." He waited to see what his father had to say. Sirius looked at him in silence. He was obviously waiting for something to be told to him, not that he was aware of what it was.

Sirius let out a sigh and turned Harry towards him fully. He always thought it was a little weird when Harry looked over his shoulder in the manner that he was. "The lockdown, and a part of the reason that it is very rare to be done, sets forth an extra measure among the royal family. We have to perform a ritual to strengthen the family. I'm not sure that I can fully explain it…" He stalled, still unsure how to explain that particular situation. He wasn't use to having to do that anyway.

Harry looked Sirius in the eyes and frowned. He then realized what Sirius wanted. "You're…You're going to have us perform the Family Blood ritual, aren't you?" Sirius nodded at that. Harry began to chew on his lip. It was another ritual that was only done when there was no other choice. Severus walked into the room before Harry could say anything else. The man was wearing red robes, complimenting Sirius' purple ones. Harry noticed that he was not dressed appropriately, but that did not last for very long. Sirius walked over to a chair that sat in the corner. Picking up a pair of robes, he handed them to the young boy. Harry looked at the black material, letting it fall through his fingers. It was silk, but so much more as well. It felt like water flowing through his fingers, something he only thought existed in the books that he had read when he was much younger. Sirius gestured to him. Harry hesitantly put the black robes on over the clothes that he had changed into. He could feel it against his skin, which he found to be very odd. He looked back at Sirius after that was done.

Severus went and stood in one part of the circle that was in front of them. Sirius moved Harry into position almost right across from where he ended up standing. They formed an almost perfect triangle. Sirius looked at Severus. The man stood exactly where he had been told that he had to. "Are you sure you want to do this? It is possible to do the ritual between Harry and myself." Severus shook his head. Both Blacks knew it was because Severus felt it was his duty, plus he loved his family. He would not let them go through a ritual many thought was dangerous.

Sirius nodded and let out a slow breath. He began to chant words that they did not understand. These were things Harry knew he would have to be taught. It was all a part of his training to become a monarch, even though he was unlikely to have to do it like Sirius was. Sirius' hands began to glow. A light went from one hand to Harry and a light from the other went to Severus. The three were connected by this triangle of light.

Sirius' eyes were closed as he focused, the light slowly turning red from its previously white state. Harry only watched, trying to learn as much as he could. He could not distinctly hear the words, for Sirius spoke them too quickly. Harry felt something prickle his back, almost like he wanted to become a little defensive. He stayed still, knowing that this was a completely normal feeling for what was happening. Severus began to chant his own words. Harry frowned, wondering how it was that Severus knew what to say, yet he could not understand a single word that the duo spoke.

The red light continued to flash through them, but that did not stop Harry from watching. The red colour was turning to a deep purple, so deep that it could almost be mistaken for black. Sirius moved over to Severus, the lines of light changing. Severus began to move as well. The two met somewhere in the middle. Sirius leaned over, pushing Severus' head to the side. He plunged his fangs into Severus' neck. The man did not stop his chanting, the light around them swirling from purple to black before settling onto a soft cream colour.

Sirius pulled away. His chin was covered in some of the blood that had leaked out of the wound on Severus' neck. It was obvious that the two had something to drink earlier. Sirius returned to chanting. Severus repeated exactly what Sirius did, biting his husband's neck. The man continued to speak without a single interruption what was happening. The light repeated its motions of changing colour. It was intricate, drawing Harry's attention to the different colours swirling about them. He did not move as Severus pulled away from Sirius' neck.

The two turned towards Harry. The boy stood up straighter at the sight of them. He let out a slow breath as they kneeled down. They were aware that Harry was getting taller, but they were much taller compared to him. He let out a slow breath and waited for what the two would do. Sirius held out a wrist. Harry looked at it and then at the wounds on the necks. He nodded a moment later, having figured out what they wanted. He let out that slow breath that was building up in his chest again. Leaning in, he bit Sirius' wrist, drawing the blood that was being mixed with Severus'. He pulled back at the touch to his cheek from Sirius.

Severus' wrist replaced Sirius'. He bit the man's wrist as well. He felt his back begin to prickle some more. His hands were shaking a bit. Sirius held onto one of them. The moment he let go of Severus' wrist, the purple light flashed throughout the room, leaving a moment later. All three collapsed to the ground, though none of them were unconscious. The light left after a moment of brightness that none of them had expected.

Sirius wrapped his arms around Harry to keep him from hitting the hard ground. They all panted, the ritual done, the security of the family blood ritual now cast upon all of them. Sirius smiled at his son after he managed to catch his breath. He knew that there were a lot of things happening in Harry's mind. It was not something that he had expected to see his child do. "Well Harry, looks like you're going to have to wear your pendant all the time after all." He smirked at the fact that it was something Harry hated. He couldn't blame him. He thought the piece of jewellery was tacky. Harry groaned and set his head on his father's shoulder. He knew that they were all safe thanks to that ritual, but now he only had one thought left. What was going to happen to them, they were under a lockdown, but he would have to wait and see.

The End, Until Sequel

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