The Truth Is Out There

Dr. Sam Beckett hated leaps. He never knew who he was when he first got there and it always made him look like and idot. Like now.

"John, are you feeling okay?" A blonde woman asked him as he kept staring into a bathroom mirror.

"Yeah. I was just thinking." Sam answered.

"I better get the boys. See you downstairs." She kissed him on the cheek and left.

Sam went to close the bedroom door and looked around the room for some sort of hint to who he was. He found a bill slated to a John WInchester.

"Like the riffle." Al said popping up.

Sam jumped. "I hate it when you do that!"

"You know that guy in the waiting room's not freaking out like the other people do."

"Huh. I'm going to need some information Al"

Al looked at the handlink. "You are John Winchester married to Mary Winchester. You have two boys Dean and Sam."

"Why am I here?" wanting to get this leap over with. HE had a bad feeling.

"In 4 days Mary Winchester is found dead."


"John in the waiting room said he saw something in Sam's room. Apparently it killed Mary. He's been looking for the thing ever since."

"Thing?" Sam asked shocked.

"John said it was a demon which explains why he wasn't scared when he entered the waiting room. But the guy sounds like a wacko!" Al said.

"How am I supposed to save her?"

"Well it's a 69 to why you might be here. We don't know yet."

"That's not good enough Al. Talk to this John guy."

"Sam he creeps me out!" Al whined protesting.

"Al, if we don't find to why I'm really here I'll be stuck here forever!" Sam shouted.

"Okay. Cranky pants." Al vanished.

Sam opened the door and went downstairs. He heard noise coming from the kitchen.

Mary was cooking pancakes. There was already cups of juice at the table with Dean and Sam.

'Sam' Sam thought. 'Who would have ever guessed?'