"I'm not going to choose" Sam said.

"Take Me!" Mary yelled.

"Mary no. Our boys need you!"

"He's not taking my son!"

"He will in the future! It doesn't matter!"

"Take me" She simply said.

"Fine I'll take you."

It dragged her up to the ceilling. "No!" Sam yelled.

Mary screamed as blood started dripping from her stomach.

"I'm taking the boy anyways!" It hissed.

Just then a shot was rung out. Mary fell from the ceilling. Sam turned around there was Dean holding a gun. Dean fired again at the creature until it took off.

"Dean its gone" Sam told him. Deam had tears coming down his face.

"Mommy!" Dean ran to her.

"Dean where'd you get that gun?" Mary rasped out.

"Dad told me where it was in case of an emergency."

Sam took the gun from the boy as sirens came up. "Your all alright!" Sam said.

Sam" Al said.

Just then the roof caught on fire. Sam reached for the baby. "Dean take your brother outside as fast as you can! Go!"

"Mommy!" He cried.

"I got her! Al follow him!"

AL left. Sam picked up Mary and carried her outside just as the house blew up. Sam placed Mary to a paramedic.

"She's been stabbed." Sam said.

"We got it from here"

"I can't believe you saved them" Al said.

"Told you I could. What happens to the family?"

"The boys grow up to be demon hunters at night workers by day. John hunts with them."


Al looked at the handlink. "I'm sorry Sam. She still dies."


"Some deaths aren't meant to be changed."

"So all of this was for nothing?"

"Not for nothing. You helped that family get closer. Her death drew them apart. This time it brings them together"

"How does she die?"

"The demon comes back again. There's no stopping it. Originally John died trying to go after it. He's what those kids have left They were meant to help people Sam. Just like you do."

"So I just made them have normal lives by day right?"

"Pretty much."

"I hate to say it."


"Never mind"

Dean came up holding Sam. "Is my daddy coming home?"

Sam looks at Al and Al nods. "Yeah kid. He's coming home." Then he leaps.

"Sam, your going to be late!" A girls voice yells.

'She knows my name?' Sam thought. Just then a pretty young woman walked in.

"Sam if you don't get a move on your going to be late for your interview."

"She's right Sammy. Can't mess this up." Dean said holding a bowl of ceral.

"Dean?" Sam asked shociked.

"You okay buddy?"

"Yeah it's just-"

"Sam let's go! I don't want you to mess this up. Gotta do good for your mom" John Winchester said stepping in the room.


Should there be a sequal? Please let me know. Hope you liked the ending.