Naruto whistled cheerfully to himself as he trotted along one of the many streets of Konoha. He was off to see Sasuke again, just to pay him a visit, nothing out of the ordinary. Such a visit surely had nothing to do with a cunningly planned surprise attack on an old rival. What silly imaginations people had.

Sasuke's house was now in sight. Naruto sidled over to a nearby bush, at a horrid attempt to be discreet. If there was anything Naruto wasn't, it was discreet. Naruto dodged all opportunities to be viewed from the windows along the building. There was always the odd chance that Sasuke would glance out of his window, and even Naruto knew that his eye-smarting blond hair made him stand out in a crowd. Shrubbery made him stand out even more. Never mind the fact that he wore bright orange jumpsuits around the clock that just about screamed, 'AIM HERE!'.


Naruto flinched. He was about two and a half meters from the wall of Sasuke's home before the cry came. The voice belonged to Sasuke; there could be no doubt.

The profanities spilled forth from the once peaceful-looking building, the kindest of which even my loyal computer won't allow me to print. Naruto edged closer, wondering just how a person could do any of the things Sasuke's voice seemed to be suggesting. At least, all at once.

Peering into Sasuke's living room through the glass window, Naruto saw something truly remarkable. Temari, with a few pins in her mouth, walked around a much-reddened Sasuke. It seemed he had run out of air as he screamed indecent things to the sky. And-could it be?- he was wearing a French maid outfit. Although the sight was horrible, Naruto had to admit that Sasuke made a very pretty French maid. Why, the top fit him snugly enough to accent curves that usually only women had. Naruto had known Sasuke had a thin waistline, but this was a bit much. Temari yanked her pins from her mouth.

"Oh, quit complaining."

"But YOU said this was going to help me kill ITACHI! HOW IN HELL IS THIS HELPING ME KILL ITACHI???!!!!!"

"Stupid git. Your beauty will knock him dead. Now for the mascara. Look up and don't blink." Sasuke voiced more protests, but Temari's hold was too firm for escape. Gleefully he withdrew the camera he kept hidden in a secret place for occasions just like this.

"Hehehe. Flash turned off. Good. Aaaaaand-" Now that Sasuke's mascara was in place, the shot was a thousand times better than before. Despite the fact that Naruto had the flash turned off, nothing prevented the small click of the digital camera.

"Yo, Temari. Something just made a noise right outside the window." Shikamaru had come into the room.

Oh, shit! Naruto thought. I totally forgot they're going out now! God, that lazy-ass dope follows her around like a lovesick puppy- how could I have forgotten that?

Naruto raced off, no longer bothering to remain hidden from view. He was almost positive that every one of them had seen the flash of orange-and-yellow, but that didn't matter much anymore. It was MySpace time.

Contrary to popular belief, Naruto did have a MySpace account. Sure, he didn't use it often, but that didn't mean anything. He had real gold now- Sasuke crossdressing. Maybe he would send it to Sakura-chan, just for kicks and giggles. Sasuke's new arsenal of curses followed him.

Sasuke, in his immense embarrassment, fled from Konoha to Otogakure, where no one would laugh at him for being in a maid's outfit. After all, Kabuto had done it. And hadn't Orochimaru said that he, too, had worn girly clothing?

Naruto would regret the day that emo Sasuke went away, and would blame himself for Sasuke's department forevermore.